Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 1 - We got here midnight and we stay at Herton Hotel Shinagawa. We actually purchase package from Airasiago, so we gonna stay here for 5 days. The room is small but cozy enough to sleep.

Day 2- Yeah Disney Sea !.. Y DisneySea and not Land ? Because as far as i know the one n only Disney Sea is at Tokyo hehe.. altho I am here only after its 10th anniversarry .This disneysea ticket is is inclusive with our hotel as we bought this package via AAgo. They also give us return train ticket. The hotel is just accross Shinagawa Seaside station,

Since the theme is SEA- all of the attraction is base on  ...well SEA ! They have American Waterfront, Mediterramean Harbor , Arabian Coast etc..

Since it is still winter around 8' celcius.. everyone is wearing snow cap with Disney theme! It makes me want too purchase one too ..huhu n the best things is every thing is design with Mickey'ears - eg stirrer!
We stay here till night ! Unfortunately when we there the fireworks between both theme DisneySea and Disneyland is cancel. However there is still fireworks from their live entertaiment show eg Fantasmic.

Reccomendation :

1. Cheap souvenir : cost : 0 Mickey Ear stirrer ( they provide it at restaurants) but please dont take zillions coz it will look funny once u been scanned in Airport hehe..n hey other people want to use that for real k !
2. Not to be miss show : Mickey " Be Magical -Here is the only place where Mickey speaks Japanese hookay! Dont worry u will still understand the show and it is entertaining.
3. Not to be miss food : There is few locations with flavored Pop Corn.. i choose black pepper , others are chocolate, caramel,strawberry,curry and milk tea ( masa nila nak try popcorn teh tarik kan) but i only try black pepper since the q is long for milk tea and we need to save our Yen for others lah!
4.Halal/alternate  reccomendation : we went to Zambini Brother as it is  Italian theme and we eat Risotto ..seafood risotto! (risotto is a rice base )

Route from shinagawa seaside : train : Rinkai Line
Shinagawa seaside - shinkiba (change to Keiyo Line /Mushashinno Line) - Maihama Station

After that u can take the disney train.. the windows is all with Mickey 's Ear signature ! Go and feel like a kid again!

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