Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 4 Tokyo tower n such

Day 4.

We are going to travel to the city.

First stop :Imperial palace .

This place is like a park and there is guard changing ceremony too.  The famous photo spot is Nijubashi bridge. This is among the best place to view Sakura/ Cherry Blossom (from mid to late March)

Route info : Stop at Sakuradamon (yurakucho line)

Second : Tokyo Tower

I want to visit Tokyo Tower so much because of Jdrama - "over time".
The only things in my mind  is it looks almost the same with Eifel except it is in red.
They have 2 levels, unfortunately /fortunately the special observatory which located at the peak is close. Therefore we only went to main observatory. There is radio show conducted at Tokyo Tower. From here u can see all of Tokyo surroundings and as far as mount Fuji if sky is clear.
There is also  new tower which is call Sky Tree. It will be open on May 2012 ! This will be the new attraction besides Tokwo Tower

mini window
The other unique attraction is the see through glass. So dont look down if you fear of height!
Large one

Over time ost I believe !.. i never believe that i will visit this tower ! this drama is 10 years ago ! ( besides Tokyo tower , this drama telah mempopularkan gambar mengambil belakang org..kerana itulah pandangan terakhir kita...chewah ayat.

Ok change to fangirl mode :
One week after we go back, guess who come n shoot some show at Tokyo Tower ? It is Seulong fr 2AM, with Taec n Khun from 2PM !! why you dont shoot this earlier ?? why why why... hmm anyway here is the clip fr Wander Trip /; Tokyo Tower.. ok no english subtitles but just look at their reaction at the see through glass.

Info : Ticket Price : Main Tower 820 yen
Nearest station : Akabanebashi
Souvenir : A lot of Tokyo Tower keychain  and magnet sold at ground floor. However i dont buy any the keychain is in pink/blue it almost look like i m visiting eifel..huhu..(eifel got the same souvenir like that ).. oh they also sell Akb48 and arashi stuff hehe

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