Saturday, 12 May 2012

The tokyo fate

 2010- Air Asia finally launch their route to Tokyo! So as usually there is launch sales ! My sis and I eager to purchase the tix. Well but then we are quite stumble when we know we need to apply visa...! So my extra advice to fellow malaysian who overstay...why u makes our life difficult ?and come back and work in Malaysia lah !

 hmm we just try our luck...yeay we finally able to purchase just few minutes after open sales total return tix of rm400 to tokyo !! the dates of travel will be on May 2011. Because it is spring !! but by that time no sakura.. coz other people already grab the sakura tix we just want to get some cheap tix.

Tips to get higher chance of sales tix:
1. Always plan your dates earlier. Makes alternate date. U dont want to browse web and calendar the same time.
2. Seriously dont buy the food now..skip and go to the payment page immediately
3. Login via member and add family member list so u save time rather typing their names.

11 March 2011.

I was in Matta Fair - it was friday, we dont have any hotel yet...Japan Travel Bureau really did amazing job with their Japan Avilion . I was collecting info and got my free hello kitty merc there. But nothing stand out and i was thinkin just to come back tomorrow.

I open the tv and (coz back then i dont have smart phone mah no twitter or fb) so tv only. Breaking news there is earthquake in Japan !! Oh my ! It is sad to see the news and i also wonder what will happen with my trip.The nuclear plan news , the sea just makes me paranoid altho Tokyo is far from the nuclear plant plus there is a memo from Malaysia embassy to deviate any plan if it not important.

Mas n AA announce they willing to refund or change date for people travel in April  i keep on following AA news and even email to AA to further the dates for May traveller. But they replied at that time is only for April. We finally want to give up our tickets..until we got news it has been extended to May !! yeeha,,.

It was exchange to credit shell so the 0 sale tickets pun tiba, yes we manage to buy the same price ticket for february 2012 ! pro tak pro dapat beli tiket rm400 gak.. haha.. i think it is just fate that we are going to Tokyo

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