Friday, 20 July 2012

4 seasons house - Love Rain

Updated entry 07 April 2013 for second visit -->  4 seasons house

Next trip is 4 seasons house - director Yoon Suk-Ho's four seasons’ dramas. Yoon Suk-Ho’s series [Autumn in my Heart], [Winter Sonata], [Summer Scent], and [Spring Waltz] set and props are here. The latest attraction is of course Love Rain.

my "take a break" drinks works!
We went there but got lost until we turn back and rest for  for drinks. There are a lot of cafe in Seoul.Before that  we already ask 1 Korean lady and she try to call the number, it is close. At cafe i try and ask the receptionist for confirmation but she has also don't know how to explain to us.I try to show her the website *which in Hangul and i can only see date 1 July..i ask whether it is close and reopen 1 July. She said yes...

Suddenly the boss come in..he can speak English. In fact,his family is at Sabah, Malaysia.

It turns out the cafe second branch is near the 4 seasons house.Yeay..! He willing to bring us there and as he going to the branch. He is very nice and even told us that his cafe give free refill.LOL Thanks mister. Everyone don't forget to visit Beans To Coffee and sir come vist sabah ok?

4 seasons house/Joon office
 Yes the place is close and i think it is for renovation. So i just take photo from outside. We also bum to 2 Thais Fan of Jang Geun Seuk. They also frustrated that the place is close. Just not our luck..

 Hana 's Garden and u can verify that in the video below.

Admission : 5000 won ( u need to call for reservation)  +82-2-3141-9027 (extension #1)
If u bought the mpass it has discount for four seasons house.

Guide :
Take subway line 6 to Sangsu Station, go out exit #2, and walk  towards Hongik Univ.(once you exit it should be on your left side but we go straight which lead us to the wrong way)  but  that depends on your body position lol..ok exit #2  choose route walkup  to the hill...sorry i should take note on the landmark, there are 2 beans to coffee cafe there (either cafe means you are close to 4 seasons house)

please check the latest entry i include photo guide to go to 4 seasons house     


  1. Replies
    1. hi amanda.. the place is on renovation during my visit and for me even that time it is beautiful.. so after renovate should be much better

  2. Can you give me direction from hongik univ to four season house? Thx :D

    1. sorry for the late reply..sorry i only knew from sangsu subway station exit no 2.. but that area is hongik university...