Friday, 19 October 2012

Korea Subway Myeongdong ,Itaewon, Gangnam,Hongdae

What is this ? This is Seoul subway... !!
I use free download Apps call: Jihachul for my use. No need wifi . it shows u nearest station and the fare /transfer 

Subway attraction :
Myeongdong - cds !!! u just need to stop at subway and as long u r in Myeongdong underground shopping u still can purchase cd!!
This is like heaven for Kpop fan. and u might buy for your self and your friends ! There are also a lot of cosmetic shop eg Its Skin, The Face Shop , Holika Holika, Skin Food
JJ Project - 6900 W, Big Bang 13,800 , WG  8300 W .cheap right because we dont need to pay any shipping/ import fee except flight ticket haha.

Seoul Mosque
Next is Itaewon Station: U can find halal food - Indian food / kebab here. Seoul Mosque is also located here. Nearest subway exit : 3 .. go up to the hill near fire station

Gangnam - went there b4 it become US favourite lol..
In June, Gangnam station has display Big Bang ad in middle of station.

I was searching for Samsung (samsung d-light )showroom (with the intention to purchase beautiful casing). Unfortunately they don't even have brochure in English and maybe because im foreign they dont really want to entertain me..(maybe becoz of language barrier) .  You can reach there ..hmm exit 8 i think. (i iz old)

Hongdae :
Hongdae is full of street musician. It is alive on night time.It is full of youths and student from nearby -Hongik University.  Oh there is also Mr Pizza branch here.
Famous Cafe : Hello Kitty, Nature Cafe

Hongdae busker

Dongdaemun(station dongdaemun)


 Here you can purchase a a lot of souvenir eg tshirt  and cute socks !


  1. may I ask how to get to Myeongdong Underground?? Which subway should I take? :3

    1. hi exit 8 --line 4 *navy blue line. btw siwon cafe is at myeongdong too if u like SJ.

    2. hi sorry just to long as u stop at myeongdong and the underground shops is there (dont exit the station )