Monday, 22 July 2013

Running Man Fan Meeting in Malaysia !!!

please note organizer update on 4th September 2013 :
" Dear fans, the Running Man fan meeting this 7th September 2013 will be postpone at a later date in December 2013. Currently, we're waiting for the Korean side management to reply us the exact date"

I am fan of Running Man .  
This variety show has never fail to makes me laugh! Running man is a good stress reliever!!
All of them has their own character and has perfect chemistry with each other.
I also visit some of Running Man location and Gary ‘s Restaurant when I was in Seoul.(refer to Running Man label at the end of page)

Malaysia fan base Runners  has  create a special fan event imitating the variety show  early of the 2013.

Our running man tag

we want to show RM team our beautiful KLCC

Well finally our pray has ben answered   and all rumours before this has become reality.
4 out of 7 running man team gonna be here in Malaysia on  7 September  2013 at KWC !!
/ Jom datang beramai-ramai 7 september 2013 di KWC dan bertemu dengan wakil Running Man :

1.Kim Jong Kook – The Tiger
2. Haha –Haroro the penguin
3. Ji Suk Jin – The Impala
4. Gary – The Monkey

I will not pass this chance to see them live so come on  !!

updated latest seat layout 13/8/2013 as below :

Some  additional info when you purchase the ticket :

Package : Premium
  • Hi5 & Autograph Session
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : VIP 469
  • Lucky draw – 20 fans to attend Press Conference
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 369
  • Limited Edition RM Paper bag
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 269
  • Limited Edition RM Postcard
  • Limited Edition RM Poster
Package : 169
  • Limited Edition RM Poster while stock last

 Please refer to the organiser Big Pocket Group fb  page   OR
or twitter : @BigPocketGroup  for more update on the event.

Lets hear the  Monday Couple bgm. As u see, since the event is on Saturday. Ji Hyo is not here and Gary is single !! Lol .so u should come if u want to be his Saturday Couple !!

 MV credit to the owner 
 Update MV promo for RM fan meeting in Malaysia :

See you .. Race Start !


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Olleh wifi in Seoul

It is easy to get wifi in seoul – every café for sure offer free Wi-Fi to u.  However there is other alternative ,if u need to get connected most of time go and purchase Olleh Wi-Fi prepaid.

You can purchase this at 7e, GS25 . It will covers area with olleh Wi-Fi logo most certainly in building and subways.The price is 3,300 won and valid for 24 hours. U just need to key in name,email and the numbers inside the coupon.

We found out in the Olleh website there is package for 4 days ( which u pay only 3 days coupon) but we have try asking few 7e and GS25 and show the screen cap  but staff still going to give us 4 days coupon instead this card package for 4days….. and they have this serious blur face. Hmmm its ok.

Oh beware , this olleh is somehow racist ? LOL . since u will use English setting it expect u to have English name. Your Asian name might not English enough for Olleh  – it will prompt u with “please insert English” !
So please create your own English name if that appear.Hehe. mine is Emily ( just a spontaneous name) and after that I can  surf , use kakao,twitter…etc 

For me, the most useful time is in subway (eg the one with 30 min +journey) if I don’t see twitter I might sleep and im the type who “lend me your shoulder to sleep on” cry…thank god that didn’t happen in Seoul ..oh almost, in the express bus going to MBC Damia. Hehe.

Plus by using this olleh, u will be blend to Seoul citizen in subway, young or old , Yorubun “all eyes on your Smarteu phone!”  
Urm that reminds me of “I hear your voice” episode which nobody read the free newspaper in subway anymore.  Cant wait for next episode. LJS saranghae !

p/s besides olleh  prepaid ,u can also  purchase sim card , rent a phone, rent wifi devices at Incheon airport.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Apgujeong rodeo subway and kpop ,kdrama attraction around it

Im bored and i come with this  places that i have went around Apgujeong Rodeo Subway.
Haha i just use Ms word for this. I already blog all of this attraction before so this is just like summary map.

For cafe -
1. TWTWB - Du Sel Brilliant Cafe( Apgujeong Rodeo exit 5) and De Chocolate Coffee (Cheongdam exit 9)
2.  Mango Six (Agd exact location)  it is located at the end of junction if u go to CS GYM
3. Zoo Cafe
4.Butterfinger Pancakes
5. Kona beans

1. SM just exit Apgujeong Rodeo ( this is the old SM building )
2. JYPE (walk or take a bus - your choice)
3.Cube (just next to Jype)
4.FNC walk from Jype

I think there is a lot of attraction offer here ... how i wish i could explore all the places.

Disclaimer : I'm sharing this as just a guide coz I'm surprise that actually we can walk from cs gym to mango six haha (the address and street name is different so we never knew it near /walkable to each other).
This is not the exact distance and  I'm not responsible if u get lost. lol
It is possible to walk all around this attractions but u will sweat a lot  or your stomach is full with all the drinks from cafes  !! otherwise take taxi or bus...ngee see the 2 blocks distance ?
By the way download - Naver map ( it has the bus stop name , subway schedule) it will be use able in Seoul.
My sis- atone use it (the result -discovery of CS Gym from Mango Six Nonhyeon !)

Friday, 12 July 2013

MBC Dramia - Gu Family Book Location

Gu Family book is one of my favorite drama and after i knew Miss Shoo from went to MBC Damia and got to see the  shooting , i think hey i must come here to.

Other drama  which film here is The Moon That Embraces The Sun . (unfortunately i don't watch this drama - although it has high rating and 2PM even do parody bout this drama. But back then i don't have high speed internet and now is too late ?? lol 

u can try the costume here


jewel in the palace altho i don't know why there RM sign there
There is another drama shooting and the staff ask me to keep quiet while walking on the drama set.

ok finally the set that i recognise :

Scene :  Kangchi  and  Yeo Wool 's dateu by the window
the stair which appear a lot in the drama

the battle between papa gumiho and son
martial art school

count the bean please
 By the way they still filming when i was there coz i meet the supporting actor and i saw Lee Seung Gi food support van

But i cant stay there too long . When i go to cafeteria i meet this supporting actors :

One of character is Ma Bong Chool acted by Jo Jae Yoon. hmm another actor im  not sure what is his name.But he is the one who translate and said to me "one more time please "  english ok ! (coz i ask another Korean visitor to help take the picture) . Anyway it wont be fun with out this villain and friends to Kangchi.
Both of u fighting !! Keep on acting !

Other info : 
1.U need to take subway , express bus , taxi / mini bus to come here
baegam fare : 4500 won

2. Entrance ticket is 7000 won 
3. U need to inform the ticket counter to call taxi for u (in order back to station ) 
*add 1000 won for call service
Direction : U can refer to miss shoo site or this one  from KTO which  i screencap( as there is no guranteed of wifi along the way )
While heading back I'm quite confuse on the the express bus, bus stop coz there is only local bus . Thankfully there is chatty girl who curious on this south east asia person and grandma who show me the correct place to wait ( just a lil bit infront of the local bus stop). I also asked 1 male adult, he try to help  but he has to ride bus.
Interestingly  the young and old one who assist me. Saranghae !
Anyway back to the drama. Ok i can still accept the ending. haha i dont think there will be sequel.
As closure let us listen to Choi Jin Hyuk version of " Best wishes to U "


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cafe ~ Minjunkay style




i need water after all that cafe LEGGO !

This photo is from Anan Seoul Travel book

"Junsu's Recommendation

Apgujeong / Sinsa Station

Home-roasted-coffee and music, which makes Junsu's soul soothe.

Junsu, - who likes coffee- told us a coffee shop with a relaxing atmosphere, saying "Just outside Exit No.5 at Sinsa Station!" in Japanese.
8-10 kinds of coffee beans are roasted by themselves and that is authentic.
In addition to the taste of coffee, Junsu's recommendation is the music.
"The sense of selection is great! I like to sit on the soft sofa being relaxed and listening to jazzy hip-hop music."

Americano, which is a standard coffee of Junsu /5,000w. Gelatin cheesecake /4,000w.
Junsu often sits on a window sofa. "

So we just follow his instruction , exit no 5 at Sinsa station :

ehem ehem "he always sits on a window sofa"

n of course we must drink what True Swag drink- Americano !

breakfast combo - americano + peanut butter toast
After your drink this  you feel "high , higher high im so fly "!!
YUM to the MEH !!

Reference :

Next , JUNKAY tweet this place in his twitter :

of course my sista gonna drag me here

Yup yup Junkay was here

But since we are out of time , cik atone only buy beverage here.
We take subway till Jamsil subway, and then we take bus however we miss the correct bus stop . In the end we take taxi to come here.

Reference :

LAST CAFE - Jun. K never publicise a  visit here but this cafe has some connection with him :
Coffee Person Kim Panda 커피펄쓴 김판다   

"KICK kara SNARE BOUNCE ureru like a PANDA"

We also take taxi from JYPE to come here before we know that is include in bus 143 route ( thru JYPE)

We ordered Patbingsu ( it has Panda on it ) but there is no photo of it -my Note is run out of battery.
I also ordered choc brownies and green tea . Thank god Note is still ALIVE  and i still can snap the brownie.

Alive Alive Alive
(U know what chu got to do Throw yo hands in the air if u feel it too)

mrs panda is ordering patbingsu

other info :  We went back to JYPE via bus 143 ( bus stop is in front of the cafe) .
Reference :

All cafes are interesting and i hope they sold out coz :


Thats all ! ZZA out ( that is Seacrest btw)

Butter Finger Pancakes -- Restaurant Edition

This restaurant was mentioned by 2PM in Anan Magazine Seoul Travel Book.
The magazine is in Kanji. Here is the translation from Junkaystreet : )

Da Menu

i ordered this !! Banana n' nut pancake
You can choose 1 of this items for your pancakes :
Syrup -  maple /honey
Compotes - Apple /Orange /pineapple /banana/ strawberry /blueberry /raspberry
 Butter - original /honey vanilla / i cant believe its not butter

In the end becoz there is 4 of us (Atone, Najwa , Tesh and me)  we can  try both maple and honey syrup and just swap with each other.
For my pancake - i choose honey + banana ( yes the pancake is already  with banana i want more banana -coz im going banana ??)  n for butter all of us choose "i cant believe its not butter" coz we are so curious bout the name. Well what i can say - the butter is so fine...the pancakes is delicious ! 

We ate this for lunch and im full. For drinks , i ordered warm water haha and it is not charge in our bill. Yeay ! ( but after that i drink cofioca) keke but at least i spare some Won.

Thank you Taec and Khun for your recommendation :)

Direction :
Subway : Apgujeong Rodeo Exit 5 , walk straight to KFC, turn left  .
This restaurant is opposite C4U , before LG building.

That Summer , The Winds Blow -Cafe Series ...

Yes i managed to visit this special De Chocolate Coffee cafe which appeared in the last episode. The one where Youngie brings everyone and they become disable for a day.
I thought that will be the same branch where they shoot all inside cafe scene, but doesn't look like it.
Well just because we cant find the partition between table with De choc coffee , oh well it is still worth it.

Pat bing su
Since it is summer we ordered blueberry pat bing su.(9300won)
Nearest subway  : Cheongdam exit 9 (walk around 5 minutes)

Second cafe related to the drama is Du Sel Brillant 듀셀브리앙 Restaurant 
This one we only take the exterior coz we already full , we cant take any more food/ drinks anymore.

Location : Apgujeong Rodeo station exit 4, walk straight around 7 minutes

oh btw Jo in Sung came to Malaysia last May and here some of his photos...haha ofcoz i will attend this !Thanks onehd
free cotton candy