Sunday, 13 October 2013

Magnum Cafe Singapore

Last time im at Singapore this pop up cafe just finish its operation at Clarke Quay. They announce that they will moving out to diff location. The new location is at Vivo City. Im finally here ! Lets eat Magnum like crazy!! !

You can choose any icecream from the menu or u can custom your own magnum for SGD 7
Untuk Muslim, sila baca menu dengan teliti kerana ada pilihan menu yang dihidangkan mengandungi alkohol eg. rum

Gold Finger SGD 11
The staff serve my gold finger with plain water.
For custom made  Magnum u can choose 3 toppings and add coating.

That is really chilli flakes !!
I think the adventerous would choose chilli flakes.. . and now i felt i should choose that one too...maybe they will come to Malaysia later.

Coating - milk choc / dark choc / white choc - choose 1

n your custom made Magnum is ready !

Rose petal + Dried cranberry + choc crunchies w dark choc as coating
Location : Vivo City , Singapore
Subway station : Harbourfront 

Its RAINing at MCM Singapore !

Woot Rain is back ... once i read in Rain gonna be in Singapore for MCM and AA flight is only RM49 --- i bought the ticket and the rest is history !
The MCM boutique is located at Tower 3.

Rain was also here and i saw him but since im short i dont have any good photo of him.
I went to the runaway show and this is my first time attending a fashion show.

Finally i can see him clearly ...Rain !
I like him since Full House and he is the one who makes me want to go to Korea first(as if i gonna meet him down the road lol ) . Rain will always have spot in my heart .

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Red Carpet i-city Malaysia

I've went to Madame Tussauds at Hong Kong and Bangkok so im really looking forward to visit this wax museum "Red Carpet " in i-city,Shah Alam , Malaysia.
The fun things about this wax museum is the opportunity to take photo with celebrity and you can also make your own pose depends on your preference. Hmm i can see for all male celebrity it will be a lot of skinship..hahaha

They have 100 wax exhibits here so here is just a glimpse of the stars
Ok they have few themes here - world leaders , singer, actor, athletes and world record achiever.

Prince William and Kate
So i decided to be Kate's bridesmaid lol

Yasser Arafat

Pope and Mother Theresa

Chow Yuen Fatt
Captain Jack
Beckham and Victoria
N suprisingly they have a lot of Korean star but somehow the wax look like eh?? (the staff  clarify to us who they are)

Song Hye Gyo
Yoon Eun Hye
Brad Pitt

Leonardo di Caprio

James Bond

Bill Gates

World record holder

The tallest and shortest

For Malaysian they have wax figure of - YM Tuanku Abd Rahman , Dato' Lee Chong Wei and Michelle Yeoh

Some wax figure are on spot but some are not, i hope the management will put the celeb name so that we also wont bother their staff asking "eh who is this ?"
They run a promo 2 to go starting this month. RM70 for 2 person (mykad) However the online ticketing is quite confusing. You just need to select one adult for 2 tickets but there is no clarification on that . I hope they can improve on this .
i enquire their facebook but after 2 days they still not answering my enquiry so please improve on that too.
Despite all that mgmt thingy i have good time here.

Online ticketing  :