Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Love From Another Star Location - Petite France

I love My Love From Another Star and i cant help notice that they shoot at Petite France.

It is feature in episode 15 and 16. This is where the crew left Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon finally confess his love to her.

Petite France is located downtown side of Seoul, Gapyeong. It is  French Theme Village and base on the character from novel Le Petite Prince,

Screencapture from the drama :

Petite France Village

Petite Prince statue

My own collection :

Petite Prince Statue..but back then no Manager

The entrance
View from outside
others previous drama featuring Petite France
Even if you are not Korean drama lover , the scenery of French Village itself is interesting.A lot of paintings, murals, art that we can observe as we are here in France. If you have extra budget u can overnight here. They have bakery and eateries here. I just read that for Muslim, they even provide you with prayer room.
Petite France is located near Nami Island, i recommend you to go here as well if you planning to go to Nami Island. You can also explore Gapyeong using the Gapyeong shuttle bus (5000won) ( which include Nami Island and Petite France stop).

Ticket Price : Adult 8000won
Operation Hour : 9:00 - 18:00
How to get here : If you from centre Seoul u can transit  to ITX train route to Cheongpyeong station and take the Gapyeong shuttle bus / taxi.

Others info :
Petite France Website :
KTO website              : 

I end with the drama official ost. My Destiny. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Event : Korea Grand Sale 2014

I have enjoy going to Korea during Visit Korea campaign. I received a lot of coupons and discount from KTO.

For 2014, it is still not too late, Korea Grand sale 2014 is still happening till mid of February !! Start packing your bag , go holiday.. and shop till you drop !!

You can redeem vouchers and check other promotion from this website .

For me, i will redeem this voucher :
Theme Park :
Everland : 40% off
Lotte World : 20% off

Free gift at Doota ! Plus  the Grand sale main event is located here at Dongdaemun. They have various promotion and activities here.

"Korea Grand Sale Event Center

  • Available from January 3 (Fri.) to January 16 (Sun.) 201, every day from 1:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Location: Square in front of Doota Shopping Mall in Dongdaemun, Seoul
  • Available languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
  • Available services: Theme of the Week event, giveaways, tourist information and interpretation, free internet access and Wi-Fi, cell phone charging, photo-zone, postcard service, etc."

3.Cafe discounts! I really want to visit Miss Lee cafe again.  You can read about my visit to Ms Lee cafe insadong from previous post. The Storyway also give a huge discount.
Oh this offer is valid through South Korea and not just limit to Seoul!

There is also discount if you want to watch Nanta, Jump performance during your visit. You can browse more discounts offer in the website.

For any other promotion besides this, you should always check KTO updates. If you are Malaysian, don't forget to "like" Korea Plaza KL page. ttps://
They organize a lot of activities here and it is FREE. You can also get a lot of information brochure if you make a visit to the KL HQ.