Friday, 24 March 2017

DAY6 concert in March

JYP first band - Day6 is releasing new single every month. They will also organise a concert at Hongdae every month. I went to this month concert.

If you are in Seoul early of the month, please go to their concert.
Check this calendar out:

You can buy the ticket here :
Venue: MUV hall
nearest subway: Hapjeong  Exit 3

My friend, Ani manage to get me a 100+ q ticket,  I am in front of the stage.Well, thank god coz if I got 300+ I am not sure how is my view since I am short.Jae is in front of me. However, do believe no matter you q  number is, you will be entertained with Day6 music.
Oh! 2PM Taecyeon was 1 one of the audience with me ( he seated upstair).

March is Sungjin's march therefore, they have like Show Me The Money Stage. Therefore all of them turning to hip hop star. I like the beat so much. I am having a cold that time but I really have a great time at the concert. They also reveal the March 's single " How can I say" before release.

They also have Starbucks card concept with a loyalty card. Lol. If you attend three concerts which mean you already have 3 stamps you can get some discount for the next one. If only I live in Korea I will go every month!

ticket and reward card

Jae is in front of me all the time but I don't manage to snap any good photo of him. Thank you for the shout out to the foreigner fan.

Most merchandise is sold out. Anyway, I think I am lucky with Day6, if it is involved with payment transaction lol.

recap :
1.I only buy few CDs and I manage to get into their fan sign (Congratulation Era).
2.In bangkok, I buy only 1 Thai Version CD and I won the group photo.(Daydream)
3.I bought 3 Daydream at Myeondong and 1 comes with Live card event! (the CD   is pass to Ani)
4. I organize a group Day6 March MD purchase and 1 buyer get Young K sign polaroid!
Although it is not directly to me it will pass through me lol

At the end of concert, everyone receives a copy of Day6  magazine March's edition

I hope Day6 become more famous and attract more local audiences. Foreign fan already know u guys, Billboard know u guys.

Day6 singles up to March :

January : I wait ( the perfect anime OST)

February: You were beautiful ( the ex song lol + continuation of Congratulations)

March :  How Can I Say ( which they also promotes at music shows) well I have to go back to Malaysia ..if not I will join the music show too.

Day6 fighting!

Heo Joon Jae 's house ( Legend of the blue sea)

Legend of the blue sea starring Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho is one of the dramas that tackles on reincarnations storyline. Afer that it is Goblin. I like Lee Min Ho character in this - Heo Joon Jae  can be playful and serious and everything is funny with Jun Ji Hyun

Anyway, the younger Heo Joon Jae is handsome too right? That is our Jinyoung from Got7.

The house is as per drama located nearby N-seoul / namsan Tower. (the exterior only)
Direction: Exit 4 Myeongdong  Go up up up towards the hill to the tower.

It is actually a  gallery.

Innisfree Cafe Myeondong

Innisfree is a cosmetic company but now they also have a cafe!

It is located at Myeondong, there are a lot of Innisfree branch there,but this cafe is opposite of Lotte Mall. You can also ask for the tourist police help for the direction

You can buy cosmetic and have brunch here. If you are a fan of Lee Min Ho, you can play the VR tour for free. All videos are base at Jeju ( their origin) and cringe companion of Lee Min Ho. hahaha of course you will feel happy after Lee Min Ho smiling at you, sit next to you in the car.

oppa !


Green tea tiramisu

My periscope:

A day in Gangnam : Got7 Gstarzone Apgujeong Rodeo

Got7 is now the new ambassador for Gstarzone , previously it was 2PM ( their senior).
It is located at Apgujeong Rodeo Subway.
Besides taking photos with  Got7 standee (the whole group + solo member) you can do a good deed by donating to charity.

I don't have a lot of photos but here is the video from my periscope:

I also went to  Jinyoung's stage greeting one day before at CGV apgujeong

I stay at Mapo, I take train at Hongdae. There is Jackson birthday's ad.
28 March. Happy Birthday Jackson, take care and be healthy!

Of course I went to JYPe too

oh and Highlight (previously Beast) office (around us) also just next to JYPe

reporting on Jyp Nation :
There is Somi's birthday ad too at Hongdae

while 2pm conquering
Express Bus Terminal , Junho and Chansung

Twice Mina's ad at the Cheongdam Prima Hotel bus stop

all this is in Gangnam. I also went to Kakao store at Gangnam ( Gangnam station)

Got7 is back with new music, please support Got7 's Never Ever.
Congrats on winning all the music show so far.

Here some unboxing of the final flight log, flight log arrival.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Promo : Percuma Trolley Bag atau Multipurpose Sports digital video camera

Kalau takde credit card lagi atau berniat nak tambah card ( eg Kad Kredit Airasia yang sesuai untuk kaki travel)

Citibank sekarang ada promosi untuk dapat percuma Condotti Trolley Bag 20' atau Multipurpose Sport digital video camera.

Terms and condition:
1) Apply using this referral link
2) Spend rm1500 within 60 days upon card activation

Kalau dalam hati cakap macam ni "Haish aku mana belanja sampai rm1500 ?" ( rm750 dalam sebulan ..sila apply kalau mmg belanja bulanan mmg akan capai amoun Rm1500 dalam 60 hari / 2bulan  contohnya :
1. Swipe untuk minyak kereta dalam 60 hari tu
2. Swipe untuk grocery dalam 60 hari
3. Swipe untuk bill telefon / makan kat restaurant ( paparich rm20 pun bole swipe)
4. swipe untuk insurans kereta /service  kereta within 60 hari pakai kad ( ni dah kautim cukup kut)

Sambil2 swipe, dapat free gift pastu  dapat kumpul point sekali.( kalau kad kredit Air Asia bole kumpul point convert ke Big points plak dan redeem tiket Air Asia) begitula alkisahnya tp make sure pakai link kat atas untuk apply sebab ada referral code. Sekian terima kasih kawan2

 Kad Kredit Citibank AirAsia

General requirement:
 Umur : Sekurang-kurangnya 21 tahun
 Income : Rm24000 p.a (Gaji sekurang2nya rm2000 sebulan ) untuk Kad Gold Citibank AirAsia


Friday, 17 March 2017

Goblin's drama location in Seoul

Nothing beat the feeling of going to your favourite drama location. However, due to limited time, I only manage to go to this locations only.

All of the guidance and screencap of this location is credit to

1)  Yongdap bridge
You have to change train to go this station if you are from Hongdae or Ewha.

Direction: Exit 2 Yongdap Station
We met 2pm's Japanese fan here. We are supposed to attend 2pm's concert too but one of the member;Junkay got injured therefore the concert is cancelled. *Speedy recovery Junkay ! Love you*
Therefore the original concert trip becomes drama trip.

hehe just a parody

2) Miniso

sold out  even the pen sold out

Direction :
Subway : Jamsil 
Lotte World Mall , Level 4 
You can also find Hard Rock Cafe and Kakao Store inside the mall. 

all the product placement is sold here but all cheap item sold out lol. Mr Buckwheat is sold out too only the grim reaper ( but since LDW don't cuddle him that much ok pass hahaha.

red scarf as prop

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3. Graffiti tunnel at Sinchon
Subway : Sinchon Gyeongui Line,
This tunnel is near to the station. The only issue is the frequency of the train to this station. It is almost 30 min and when we went there it does not even follow the schedule. The funny thing we also met a Korean girl who asks us the foreigners "is this going to Seoul Station?"  in Hangul LOL 

4)Goblin's mansion ( Part of Deoksung Women's University)
Anguk Station Exit 4 , it is just next to palace and you can see the rooftop.
However, the university's guard does not allow me to enter the university ( X'ing his hand lol) Therefore I only walk inside the palace ( free entrance) . I am not sure if there are any other entrances to here. Please comment here if you know.

Photo from other website: Credit http://global.binus

The only view  I can get from the palace:

Actually there are many other places to go in Anguk eg Eun Tak high school, the alley where Sunny and Wang Yeo kissed and the street which Eun Tak and Kim Shin first encounter  ( i even bring my black umbrella to parody lol)

however I am sick that day and short of time as I need to go to day6 concert  (Yup you don't read that wrong  but  day6's music is my remedy lol ) Besides having a cold I made a mistake of wearing 2 layer of uniqlo's heattech. it is so efficient that it makes me more uncomfortable coz it is too hot. I thought  as I am having a cold i need to wear 2 layers in this -1 weather but trust me 1 heattech is enough.

By the way , I love their OST packaging too. There are 2 lenticular covers. It comes with photobook and special mini moving photobook