Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Halal Guys Itaewon

"The Halal Guys" is the nearest I can be to get the New York feels. Lol. Don't be afraid as per their name they are using halal meat ( they even answer my enquiry via twitter @zalehaabidin directly) It took me almost 1 year to visit this store. Halal ye, kedai makanan Middle east yang popular dari New York. 

Location: Itaewon Subway exit 2 ( 2-3 minutes walk) They are on the 2nd floor.

The hype is so real that this franchise had a long queue with local during their launch. You can check the photos when you going upstair to the store.

Full platter 10,000 won.
I read that they are going to open their 2nd branch at Gangnam area. All the best Halal Guys!

Day6 July Concert

I went to Day6 July concert to release stress after I have submitted my dissertation. All stress is relieved because of Day6 great performance! ( only that my lecturer still text me to do the correction, sobs)

This time they performed at Yes24 live hall  ( previous months was in Hongdae but  July's one is in Gwangnaru). It is bigger and they have seating section on the first floor. yeay coz this noona  really need to sit lol. My friend Ani manages to beat all odds and got us the first row on the first floor.

They have great merchandise this month and we start q'ing around 9.30 am. ( they open at 1 pm) Since it is summer, everyone is equipped with USB fan, cap, and mineral water.  Thank god there was only short drizzle in middle of q'ing because I don't want my shoes and bag to be wet ( even though we have umbrella)

The q is  already started at 9.30am

the Day6's member badge ( each buyer can only buy max 5)
We manage to buy all the goods that we want around 2.30pm. Locker is provided ( 500won x 2).

during encore

The view from our seat is amazing.Plus I do think the standing section is too crowded.The staff even hands out water to the audience to avoid any fan fainting. The stage opening is awesome with the use of the stage light. Well, I don't have fan cam as it is not allowed. Anyway, lucky me 2PM Jun. K and Twice also attended that day concert. They are on the same row with me but at the right section of 1st floor. They are enjoying the concert too. Key and actress Nam Ji Hyun attended the 2nd day concert. They have been known promoting Day6's song on Instagram.
the guest 
They sang the songs from the previous albums, Jan -July release  +Sunrise ( see I got Live day card too  ) and August release  What Can I do. Too bad I was expecting I won the lucky draw ( free July concert ticket , meet and greet ( lol) . As I can cut cost of the concert ticket if I won the Sunrise event card ( I agree with Wooyoung the ticket is expensive ahaha but it is worth it) .Back to the concert ,the best thing is all myday singing together before Day6 encore. The fan chant is great for all other song too.  For member special stage I think I like Jae ,Sungjin , Young K- Bueno the most. Overall,  it is a great show as always!

oh i like the MV the most ( everyone can act it seems lol)

Everyone who buys the good received 1 clear fan. After concert is finished, the staff hands out the Day6 magazine.