Sunday, 17 September 2017

Day6 Live Day 2017

Nothing beats the feeling that as if you win something. So I have the live day card which only available to the lucky buyer of Sunrise. As I never attend this event,  here I am in Seoul again for 2 days. Plus I have some discount from airbnb might just use it as well.
You can get the discount of RM105 /USD 26 by registering using this When you register and actually stay I will get  Rm60 / USD 15 off for on future booking. 

Live day requirement :
1) Must have the card from Day6 Sunrise

2) Register at Day6 fans ( follow the format provided). Day6 notice always comes in Korean and English, therefore don't forget to scroll down.  You need to handwritten your name and d.o.b on the card your selves.
3) Wait for the final notice which will list out your name. You still cant attend if your name is not on the list. Tips: send the application as early as possible. As for this time the website was down on the last day.( although they extend it, one of my friend who applied after original time but within extended time is still not on the list) the application is 300+ but the final list was only 260pax

On the event day.
You need to take your seat number. It is by luck as you need to choose it from the box that they prepared. I got row J8 ( ofcourse the best seat is A, B, C) . This year they even included another rule for Live Day besides video and photo, there will be no audio streaming too ( no mixlr).
The staff will paste your seat sticker onto your cloth.

I just hang out outside and lucky us  we saw them arrived  at the location. I took a photo and video but was not sure this is still within the rules or not.  ( It is outside I guess is ok and I am being paronoid lol)  Day6 was wearing school uniform from their mv.)
Cheap slow mo vid feat WonPil, Dowoon and Young K + grass cameo.( I saw Jae and Sungjin  too but I stop recording coz I am too scared haha) but obviously, everyone behind me is taking photos and video.

After Live day end.

Summary of Live day ( based on my cheap hangugo)
1. They play games of JegiChagi. Everyone needs to choose 1 gift and inside there will be ball, small ball or the real JegiChagi ( Sungjin and Jae)  Jae able to score the highest and he became the head of the class./ the MC. Jae happy to be the winner but sighing when he needs to be the mc lol
2. The outdoor setting reminds me of Got7 fan meeting.
3. They play acrostic poem of Day6 and Myday.
4. Speed quiz which they divided into 2 teams ( Dowoon + Sungjin)  ( Wonpil + Young K)
Dowoon is enjoying his yaja time as he can call Sungjin by his name and use informal word form. I still cant believe that he cant guess Skateboard -=even when Sungjin gesture correctly and pinpoint Jae. Maknaedeul. The speed quiz words are including leader, maknae, roommates, California.This segment is won by Wonpil and Young K.
5. Music quiz which we audience can also join and guess the song. They only play the first few seconds of the song. All songs are within JYPe. eg Wonder Girls, Suzy, Got7 ( including Beggin of my knee) , Miss A and JYP himself. Wonpil is fast. His team won.
5. Behind the scene of V live. You should have seen the video already as they sang Yeposso and I loved you.Sungjin has to multi-task by giving the microphone to Jae, and the guitar and himself. Dowoon pretends to be the cameraman as he is holding the phone. ( yes they are using normal smartphone attach to the selfie stick). Here is the vlive link
6. It ends with Hitouch after Q and A session. I wish Jae Happy Birthday in advance during my  HiTouch turn.I hope they perform more songs tho. They only sang 4 songs ( not full). They could do a special cover too exclusive for Live day attendees.(but I do understand they are busy, i am just throwing out some ideas) The whole fan meeting is 2 hours. If you are not staying in Korea I recommend you to go the everyday6 concert for the music experience. The Live day is it is more to interaction side with day6.

My thought:  I like if they do group photo instead of hitouch.  At least we have a proof of shot and photo as a memory to treasure. since it is 260 pax, so with a group of 10 it is just 26 times ? lol . Or maybe a souvenir such as bookmark / cupcake/ drinks with Day6 label ( we can keep the cover or sticker). They did take a group photo but I look like a dot. lol
Anyway, it is still a fun evening with Day6 and they are awesome as always.

For Muslim, if you want to avoid touching them there are few tricks by not being rude and still express your love ( actually a Muslim cant have skinship /holding hands with the opposite gender if they are not your husband/wife or family member) but every decision made depends on the person himself/herself .
1. Do a finger hearts
2. Just wave bye bye
3. Form a  small heart with your both hands
4. Upgraded version and thick skin is required -
a)Use your finger to draw a heart shape
b) Shooting gesture with both hands * not Gashina move lol
c) Play the rock paper scissors
d) Do a Jihoon Wanna One " Nae Maeum Seoge Jeojang - Saving you in my heart" imagine doing that 5 times  hahaha.

I don't think I am brave enough for number 4. Do share with me if anyone out there able to do that and what is the idol reaction. lol. Disclaimer: it does not mean I am a holy good person here. I also have hi touch others Idol inc Day6 before. It is just I am getting older so I think twice of my every action now. ( but still not enough to quit fangirling lol)

I still can't believe that Everyday6 is going to end soon. I hope the best for Day6. Day6 Fighting!

INK Incheon Kpop Concert 2017 ( Wanna One , Sunmi, Highlight)

Ong Seung Woo in actor mode
I managed to get the free ticket of  INK Incheon Kpop Concert 2017 by applying to their website. They gave the free ticket to the foreigner and the foreigner section is at the Ground Floor.
We just need to show some receipt that we have a tour in Incheon. ( I went to Songdo and show the Dal.Komm receipt). However, it depends on your luck as my sister also apply the same thing and she got a free ticket and free Incheon tour.  I may have applied a little bit late thus the quota has been fulfilled.

The full lineup : 
Wanna One, Red Velvet, GFRIEND, Highlight, T-ARA, DIA, VICTON, MOMOLAND, TheEastLight, MYTEEN, Samuel, ONF, Weki Meki, LABOUM, Sunmi, Minzy, Lee Gikwang, B.A.P, VIXX LR, A-JAX & Lovelyz

Once we arrived at the venue, the outside stadium is full with unofficial merchandise of Wanna One. 

The stadium are full with supporting banners :

Once we are in, a female DJ, playing some English song remix and kpop songs to warm up the audience.

To our surprise, Wanna One is the opening act with Nayana.
Omg the chaos, all crowd is going crazy, everyone is standing so I can only look at the screen instead of the stage. Thank God, I got to see them directly on the stage during Energetic and Burn it up.( able to record fancam too) after staff ask others to sit down. Wanna One is the public favorite now. Reminds me of Exo during Growl Era. Ong also appears on a short clip to promote Incheon. I hope after he graduates from Wanna One he can be an actor instead of an Idol. I mean like his senior Seo Kang joon. 


Wanna One Fancam   : 
The decent one is Energetic, while the second one is the real obstacles of viewing Wanna One. Lol
If the video is not showing on Mobile platform, here is the link : Energetic  Burn it Up + Energetic Intro
You can hear the crowd fan chant and sing along to the song.

I waited for Sunmi to perform Gashina.Our precious Wonder Girls sunbaenim. lol. Plus the Gun dance choreo is the bomb now! Everyone is screaming during that part. She also gave an English shout out to the foreigner in the pre opening.
If the video is not showing on Mobile platform, here is the link Sunmi's English , Gashina

The nation producer cheering is showing every time when there is a singer from Produce 101 season 1 and 2. Eg Dia, Weki Meki, Samuel , Eastlight appear on screen. I also enjoy the senior singer stage as I know the song. I am happy that TARA sang Lovey Dovey and Rolly Polly. Highlight with Beautiful Night . ( the crowd also happy to sing along to all of the old songs). For the first time, I also heard a loud male voice fan chant for Lovelyz.  

The 3rd level audience was great too as they change their lightstick to green during BAP, Red during red Velvet and coordinate " Hi <3 Light" during Highlight.  In short,  this overall concert using Ong's word it is cheongmal, jinjja, wanjeon , daebak , heol , real happy experience :)


This concert was shown live via SBS. For South East Asia fan, you can catch this concert via One TV, Malaysia Schedule will be via Astro 393 on 24 September 3pm.

Upcoming Concert in October 2017 :

1)Korea Music Festival (KMF)
Date:1 October 2017 
Location: Gocheok Sky Dome Korea 
Lineup: Exo-CbX, Red Velvet, NCt127, Winner, BlackPink, Twice , Btob, B1A4,Apink, EXID, Highlight, Gfriend, F.T Island, Sunmi, Nuest ( organize might add more)

You can buy the ticket HERE if there is no free ticket allocation or you miss out the redemption. Inclusive of foreigner zone + Seoul tour pass.

2) Busan Oneasia Festival BOF 2017 ( Opening and Award)
Date:  22 October 2017
Location: Busan Asiad Main Stadium
Lineup: Apink, Astro , BAP, GOT7, SF9, NU'EST W, Momoland, BlackPink, iKON, GFriend, Sechskies, Wanna One ( Yeay for Got7 and Minhyun reunion with Nuest)
BOF Closing ( BOF Award) 31 October 2017
Line up : TBA

You can buy the ticket HERE if there is no free ticket allocation or you miss out the redemption.

Alternatively,  this concert is open all year around . hahaha the experience concert by SMTOWN
EXO, Shinee, TVXQ etc.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Seoul Sky / Lotte World Tower

Credit : Lotte World Tower Observatory Seoul Sky)

N Seoul Tower has a competition now. Besides the classic Namsan / N-Seoul Tower you can also visit the latest attraction in Jamsil which is the Seoul Sky / Lotte World Tower. They have the Fireworks festival in April.

Subway : Jamsil 
Other attraction nearby : Lotte World Mall, Lotte World and Seochon Lake
Entrance fee: 27000 won
Official website: Seoul Sky

I went to this tower around 6pm to ensure that I can see the day and night view from the tower.
When I was q'ing to take the lift, they have special led which showcasing the traditional palace ceiling.

The Lotte world and Seochon Lake. ( it will be pretty during Spring  due to Cherry Blossom)

There are 2 sections of the transparent floor. One is open and the other one is with 1 staff guiding the crowd. You need to q follow the staff instruction. The will cover the floor first and ask you to count 1,2,3.and of course, you will look down automatically! It is kind of terrifying. ( I don't recommend this for people who afraid of height) . As the auntie next to me needs to hold her husband hands to walk out from the floor. This last only like few minutes and they will cover the floor back . ( to let others experience the same thing that you did). However, you can still take photo of the transparent floor at the other side of the tower ( no staff )

They have cafes, restaurant, Sky terrace so you will keep going up to the tower.

It is a foggy but yeay I can still spot the N-Seoul tower here.

Almost dark, you can see the lights.

At night 

The tower from  Yes24 live hall lol. ( when I went to day6)  

Here is a vlog from other traveler :

Gyeongbokgung Palace Night tour

The palace is open for night tour for certain time only.  It will be from April to September 2017. There are 2 places that available for night tour which is which Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung Palace.

It is best to visit the place at night during Summer as you can avoid the sun's heat.

You can get free entrance if you are wearing hanboks.

Ticket fee : 3000 won ( Gyeongbokgung Palace)
Station  : Gyeongbokgung Exit 4

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Coex Prayer room / Surau Coex Seoul

If you are sightseeing Gangnam area, you can go to Coex and perform your prayer. The prayer room is inside the exhibition hall. Level 3.

However there is no wudhu ' facility inside,  therefore you need to go to the toilet nearby.

Bahasa Melayu versi daebaking ( lol)

Kalau dah pergi melawat Smtown tu , janganla lupa solat plak. Syukur sikit dpt fly tak kena block sebab ptptn.

Dalam ni takde tempat wudhu' amikla dekat toilet berdekatan janganla merecik2 sgt airnya. Untuk perempuan ada 1je telekung, yang lain tu baju panjang je. Sekian

slippers are provided

Turn right
There is a mall below the convention center. (Starfield)

I don't go to the restaurant but there is 1 halal restaurant inside the Coex. Kervan ( Turkish restaurant)

Starfield Coex Mall Branch 서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 513 코엑스몰 지하1층 H105 

513 Yeongdong-daero, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Selatan

Besides the convention is Smtown:
You can also go to the Coex Aquarium too.
Subway : Samseong  ( Green Line)
Credit : Seoul beats

dal.komm Cafe Songdo ( Descendants of the Sun + Goblin location)

The real life Captain Yoo and Moyeon is getting married in October. Song Hye Gyo and Song Joongki , congratulations on your wedding! . To congratulate their marriage I went to the Descendants of The Sun drama location which is dal.komm cafe at Songdo, Incheon.

However, it seems Goblin shot here too ? All Goblin and Dots merchandise available here.ah yes the Hanok village Hotel  is also nearby here. The one where Eun Tak and Goblin went for a date.

They collaborated with Kpop singer too

Songdo, Incheon is also known as home of the Song triplets ( another Song) and Lee Dong Gook ( Daebak's family) . Please check my previous posts ( 2015) on the park.

Address :
23-5 Songdo 2(i)-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
From Incheon Airport:
Nearest subway : Central Park  ( 15 min walks)  but it is more than 1 hour and cost you 4050 or
take bus number 6707b at Platform 4b ( 7000won) 30 minutes , freq: every 30 minutes. Stop at Orakai Hotel and just walk to the cafe around 5minutes. In fact, if you look at your right, after the first stop ( Korea Coast Guard) you can see the cafe.

You can also join special package for more comprehensive drama tour kdrama  provided by Trazy for eazy breazy tour with a guide.

The park :

Midnight in Seoul Cafe ( 2am Jo Kwon )

This is a cereal based cafe owned by 2am Kwon. You can choose your own cereal/milk ( low fat/strawberry/chocolate) plus any toppings. There are also ready sets available.

The cafe tagline is " shit happens" lol but yes when shits happened, you feel better when you eat something sweet. Depending on your luck and Kwon's schedule you might be served by him himself.

This is "honey honey" set:

sorry no salad here

Lucky me, I got to met Kwon  :)
This cafe had been visited by Got7 , BTS , 2pm Taecyeon as they are friends with Kwon.

Address :

63-16 Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

I took bus number 240  from JYP ( Bus stop: Hotel Prima)  and stop at Gangnam Eunji Hospital . 6 minutes walk to the cafe. 
On the way back i took bus number 145 to Apgujeong Rodeo station  from the nearest bus stop at the cafe ( sorry cant recall the name) Might be Horim Art Center.

Or you can take taxi from Hakdong / Apgujeong station.