Saturday, 7 July 2012

Korea..wee AAX premium seat..optiontown

A month before going to Seoul,  i received an email from airasia . They offer option to upgrade to premium seat. The seat where is more comfortable and can be adjusted to sleeping position.
This offer is from Optiontown.

I even ask En Azran whether this site is valid partner of AAx.. yes it is. Ofcourse u need to pay to upgrade.The fee is in USD..convert to RM is aroud rm150 per seat.. so i just said to myself..just give a try since they will refund if our request been decline. Plus my flight is on 11:30pm...perfect timing to sleep isn't it?  (kul - incheon - 6 hours flight)

 I google about this to see whether people really got upgraded.. some yes. Some not..
The only bothering part is you can only know about the seat status up till 4 hours before flight. But I also think it depends on the sale of premium seat itself.. if no one purchase then only they will release to upgrader hence the timing is at max 4 hour before flight.

We check our status at the counter …drum rolls ….yes we have been upgraded! The staff direct us to the PREMIUM counter. So my story is successful one!. But once we r at the counter, the premium staff recheck again.. I swear once it is confirm, the staff attitude is change .. I mean from no so friendly to friendly like  “ooo untungla dapat premium”senyum senyum…hmm ok..
Benefit of the premium seat upgrade :
·         -20kg baggage
·         -Inflight food

So we got into the airplane the premium seat are only 12 seats. Loving the space part, the sleeping position and the best part : it has plug point!
My phone is dying and I got to charge it up in the sky.. style! How cool is that..
(sorry never been in business class/ so this premium excite me) kalau business lgla jakun kut.
comfy pillow..lullaby

Around 12midnight the stewardess ask us what to eat( who eat at midnight) I don’t care it is free mah.. so I choose my fav nasi sis choose pizza.however in the end we can ask them to serve later. So I eat my nasi lemak approaching 5am ( treat it like breakfast..)
The  seat is comfortable and adjustable with blanket. Yes I can sleep because it can be adjust like a bed..oo I like the blanket..tebal !
adjustable button n the comfy blanket..plug point is between seat

Since premium seat is infront of the plane ofcourse your are going to be the first one who exit from the aeroplane.

I think im quite lucky as I purchase the tix during sale and I got upgrade just by adding rm150. My cost is totally below rm600 for this seat.But when I return im back to normal seat…

Anyway choose premium if u want more comfortable seat :) 

Fly to seoul !! boom boom boom from 2pm


  1. WOW Girl!! Nice to hear your experience. I experienced almost the same <3

  2. thank you..we are the lucky one !

  3. Hi :). Which hostel you stay in Seoul yeah? Am travelling next Jan'13. Thanks :)

  4. hi i stay at hey backpackers 2 at hongdae..
    my friends stay at itaewon ( more halal food) price is more less same , share bathroom.

  5. Interesting experience.. Optiontown really works.. ;) I am also interesting using the same service so can you help me more about there terms and policies. Or do I have to contact AirAsiax to communicate with them..??

    1. Usually when you already purchase aax ticket,u will receive optiontown email. You can direct purchase using the link provided. There is no terms and condition you may choose to upgrade depends on your choice. The only setback is that you can only know whether your request is successful on the same day of your flight...if your unsuccessful it might be too late to add on baggage n meal (online discounted price). I guess -luck also has major factor on this. .my first req upgrade to premium is success,second time my request is unsuccessful and i only rcvd hotseat. However they did refund to me the amt i paid for premium within 1 week.