Saturday, 18 May 2019

Jus2 in Singapore / Got7 is coming back

Almost a year after Bangkok's Eyes on you Tour , I met 3 out of 7 in Singapore for Jus2 final showcase in Singapore. This happened because you don't go to my country boys! 
The staff is quite strict about the photos so I only have few fancams.

I won hi-touch pass and has to exchange for the band by 3pm. The Zepp Big box Singapore is just beside a mall and the nearest mrt is Jurong East. Just use Goole Maps for guidance. In addition, Zepp also provides a video guide.

Most of the item sold out already when I arrived. The t-shirts also sold out before the show started.

Mark is the guest MC for Singapore!

We play games but the audience keeps on saying Eyyy on each Jb reaction until JB also Eyy us back. The question is silly tho such as JB favorite world, when did Yugyeom wet his toothbrush...but yeah just for fun,  They also play the stare game challenge with  ahgase. Of course they purposely lose to Ahgase.  Idk why JB got extra bgm with Careless Whisper.  JB  is very confident that day and keep on saying coz" Im Sexy" hahaha.

Focus on Me

The soulfully sunrise

Go Higher - Jus2 and Mark

JB end ment

The surprise in the end..they are back as 7!


I was throwing out fingers hears instead of hitouch but the staff keep on asking me to show my hand lol so I just walk pass JB with a smile and "kwenchana" . Maknae Yugyeom  saw my finger hearts and return it...aww . Sweet dongseng.

Dont forget 20 May Got7 will  keep you spinning with the new title track ! Here is the Eclipse teaser.
Wrote by JB with lyric from JYP !

They will also start their world tour...Malaysia is not there as always LOL. but there is "and more " at the video promo so see you guys again ( if you coming to Malaysia)

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Jewel Changi Airport , Terminal 4 and Halal food Terminal M

The latest attraction at Changi Airport is the Jewel Changi Airport. The airport alone can be a tourist spot. They have this indoor waterfall and garden. Great sources for your Instagram!

Jewel also open many first stores in Singapore.  This includes the Pokemon  Centre ( first in South East Asia and outside Japan)  and Shake Shack ( non halal). Jewel Airport is walkable from Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. From Terminal 4 u need to take the 24 hours free shuttle bus to Terminal 2.

I arrived before 10am and you still need to q. They have special Captain Pikachu plushy exclusive for Singapore.

You can hear the Pika Pika

Tips: always pay using SGD dollar instead of your home currency if you use a credit /debit card.
The home currency is usually higher. For instance, the exchange option is RM89 but I choose to pay in SGD  for Captain Pikachu. Big Pay stated they have the best exchange and It was rm85 here. save me rm4

If you haven't register, use this referral code UEHM1T4R4N and we both will be rewarded rm10. It is the best for frequent AirAsia user as processing fee will be waived and there is a discount when you pre-book your meal and luggage.

The pokemon centre is 2 floors above Shake Shack thus I can see people queuing.
Interesting trivia: the only halal Shake Shack is in Turkey. ( for this time being). But afraid not, u can still get your halal food just at Terminal 3. A newly open food centre name Terminal M. Terminal M provides  Korean, Chinese and Japan cuisine.
The concept is the same as the airport, order and refer the led board to pick up your food. The store listed are Cafe Papa, Hanssik, Yu Long Quan and Ten Ya
The speciality for Chinese food was Xia Long Bao salted egg or chilli crab. ( unfortunately, it was not available when I was there) . Payable via card only ( master and visa ). I used Big Pay Mastercard there ( refer screenshot above)

my ramyeon Buddae Jigae (army)
Besides this Terminal M, there are another halal food stores on the same floor selling other cuisines too if the listed is not up to your palate.

Terminal 4
My first time at Terminal 4 since AirAsia moves here. It still looks brand new and you can even skip the manual immigration upon exiting if you already scan your fingerprints when you enter Singapore.

automated gates

All prayer room in all Changi Terminals is after security ( immigration). Upon passing immigration there are a lot of sofas and plug points at Terminal 4. It is very comfortable. I even have a good nap before boarding my plane back to KL.

By the way, Captain Pickachu is not for me. It is cute that I want if for myself tho. I signed up with Jetspree and assist others who want to buy item avail only at a certain country. You may check Jetspree whether you have the interest to order or you are the traveller yourself. I got rewarded rm20 for this purchase. Thanks!
Register here if you are a traveller too :
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I love you 3000 - Iron Man & Avengers fan travel location suggestion

I always on Team Stark / Team Iron Man from the start.  You can imagine how devastated I an after watching Avengers: Endgame.  To relive the moment here are some places where we can reminisce moment with our beloved Iron Man.

1. Disneyland Hong Kong
Their latest attraction is "Iron Man Experience" it comes with Stark Expo and a 4d rides.

Here is Got7 riding the rides and meeting Iron Man in Hong Kong

by the way Got7 will release a new song on 20 May. please check it out too hehe

Tickets to Disneyland  : Hong-kong-disneyland-resort-hong-kong

If you are a Malaysian, public holiday is coming for Eid this June. If you just take a leave on Friday, you will have a 5 days break. Klook is releasing promo code for this Raya.

8% off ( App only) Key in WAHRAYA8 for 8% discount ( minimum purchase RM800)
5% off all device, Key in WAHRAYA5 for 5%  discount ( no minimum purchase)

Purchase by 9th June

2)Madame Tussaud Hong Kong
You can meet the Iron Man here lol ( only for photo)

Discounted Tickets to Madame Tussaud HK :Madame-tussauds-hong-kong/

3) Madame Tussaud Singapore
Marvel 4d Experience.
The whole 4d experience with the Avengers team.!!! The story is about the Avengers team against Loki.
Madame Tussaud is located at Sentosa same island with Universal Studio Singapore

Video :

Discounted ticket to Madame Tussaud  SG : Madame-tussauds-singapore/
Original price rm128, discounted tiket price RM 72

Japan -
If you are travelling to Japan, dont forget to go to Don Quijote and grab this Coke Avengers version.

They have other Marvel merchandise too, but here is the cheap one with No sugar lol


Dont miss out to Daiso. Imagine with 1000 won ( 1 usd / rm 3.70) you can get this cute Marvel theme merchandise. I read the most expensive is 6000 won.

If you are not travelling to Korea or Japan, you may also place your order using Jetspree service.  For the traveller, you can assist others to purchase and get some reward for it. ( must use own money first and the payment will be reimbursed back). Register and check out Jetspree :

Marvel Run In Malaysia ( 7 September 2019)

  • Themed around 'Choose Your Mark', the race will focus on four Marvel superheroes: Black PantherCaptain AmericaCaptain Marvel and Thor
  • Book your place here Marvel-run-malaysia-2019-kuala-lumpur/

Monday, 1 April 2019

Park Bo Gum Malaysia Good Day Asia Tour

Last Saturday I went to Park Bo Gum Good Day Asia Tour in KL. Well in 2016 the theme was Happy Day!. This time it is Good Day!  I bought the ticket last minute as I don't win any contest at all  lol and  I need to see Bogum! It is worth it.

He started the fan meeting with Day6 's I like you. ( as a myday I really appreciate this cover)

He is happy it is the same venue, the same MC ( Owen) and the same translator. They talk about the first fan meeting and the best scene from Encounter drama.keeps keep on emphasizing Malaysia is the first location for the last tour when the mc asked about Malaysia.  Lucky  fanboy got to take aselfie and a girl got a scarf from Bogum (  they need to reenact scenes from Encounter)

After that he made an exclusive diffuser for a lucky fan. At one time he is too focus , he never look up and ignore Owen, haha. Owen asked him to sing a little bit so he hums and in the end, he randomly sang DNA. With that only 1 word, all army present scream enthusiastically. He said u like BTS ? lol ( i know u r best friend with them, Bogum) He then revealed few gifts such as shoes, shirts ( from Malaysia fan meeting in 2016) , posters and polaroid !  Lucky me I got signed poster !

He sang his osts perfectly. He also performed public friendly songs from IU, Cho Yong Pil, JYP  ( i almost shout the "everybody party " part ( as true JYPnation fan). All songs come with English subs and some part we can sing together.

The encore stage is dance cover from Twice and Seventeen. As you may see from the fancam, I also want to do the dance along with him lol.

The biggest surprise of the night of course when he plays the piano and serenade Belaian Jiwa...mmg dibelai2 jiwa ni ! Sampaikan trending "Ahmad Bogum" disebabkan persembahannya yang mmg terbaik sebutan bahasanya mcm orang Melayu!. He chose the song because of the warmth lyric.

Pot Innuendo pun siap repost fancam Bogum di IG. . Ahmad Izham Omar pun cakap amazing !
Tapi yang lucunya Bogum kata saya nak dengar suara awak nyanyi lepas persembahan me mmg ramai yang nyanyi tapi kami lebih prefer dengar suara dia haha ( dia pun tak dengar sangat kut suara kami dr pentas)

Ini adalah kali ke3 Bogum datang ke Malaysia termasukla satu kali dia tolong promosikan produk Samsung di Pavilion.

Bogum remain humble, every attendee got to hi-touch him ( some fan meeting only limit to VIP seat). I managed to said "Dasi Mannayo and he reply in English - See u Again ( same meaning) lol.

Ottoke? I cant not attend this guy event even I have to cut some allowance. He is so sweet. Thank you Bogum. It is a very very very good day !

p/s i guess i really need to upgrade my phone hahaha

Saturday, 23 March 2019

S.E.A Aquarium and Dolphin Island

Selepas makan di Ocean Restaurant kami pergi melawat S.E.A Aquarium. Memang besar dan menarik. Ada juga Dolphin Island. Tetapi sebenarnya Dolphin Island ni  boleh masuk berasingan dengan S.E.A Aquarium.

Bukan sahaja giant aquarium tp mereka ada seksyen ikan jerung, ikan -ikan kecil, katak serta batu karang

semangat nasionalisme ke

Tiket : atau boleh dapatkan harga promosi di klook Sea-aquarium-singapore

Dolphin Island

Tetiba ternampak booth ni dalam S.E.A Aquarium... dahla tak payah berenang dapat sentuh dophin yang disukai pula!
Siap buat promosi selalu harganya SGD70 , sekarang promosi SGD 30...terusla kami terpujuk. tp  ada trick dia jeng jeng jeng....ko kena letak segala bag , telefon dalam locker sbb mereka yang akan tangkap gambar. Ok fine boleh je.

Selepas taklimat keselamatan . ( more to keselamatan dolphin) eg jangan pegang fin dia.Kami pun dibawa ke pool.
Kumpulan kami ( 1 kumpulan 5 orang) dpt Dolphin betina bernama Singa.

Apabila singa eh Dolphin bernama singa berenang di hadapan kami boleh sentuh sisinya. Lembut je body dia. Kami juga diajar atonomi dolphin , mulut,pusat genital, cara lompatan semua dia terangkan. Selalunya more to suruh singa percikkan air kat kami haha. Tapi still kering yang dinyatakan Risau juga kalau ni untuk keuntungan sahaja tp trainer kami kata Dolphin mereka sihat, terjaga makan ikan fresh dan umur mereka lebih panjang di sini. Lebih pada pusat jagaan.

Okla dalam 20 minit kami berinteraksi dengan dolphin. Selepas itu mereka offer gambar2 sessi tadi. Paling murah $SGD 100 hahaha lepas tu kalau nak semua gambar up lagi harganya.
Anyway sebab i datang dengan kakaks merekalah yang beli I snap je gmbr mereka beli mana nak jumpa dolphinkan? bukannya ada kat Sungai Klang.

main subject yang lompat tu

English : You can enter just by paying SGD 30  for touching the dolphin without getting wet. However if you want to purchase the photo of you and the dolphin interactive session, it starts from SGD 100. There is also an observer only entrance too.

More info :

Ocean Restaurant Resort World Sentosa

kami yang sibuk tangkap gambar tu

Kami juga dapat voucher makanan yang boleh dipakai di restoren kelolaan Resort World Sentosa. Selepas analisis restoren ni yang paling sesuai sebab ianya seafood restaurant dan ada menu vegatarian juga. Takde pork serve in the menu ( tapi tak taula kalau masa tu je takde) jadi sila check dari masa ke masa.

ada 4 course  atau 3 course menu, tp yang paling unik tentulah kerana suasananya. Makan sambil melihat akuarium yang besar.

Ink squid bread ni mmg lembut

bila ko makan ikan sambil tengok ikan ...huhuhu

ada 2 pilihan pencuci and orang.. sapa yang suka manis sila pilih Red coz orange limau dia masam lol

Harga set lunch  4 course :SGD 82 
Harga set lunch 3 course : SGD 72
Dress code: Smart Casual
Waktu Lunch : 11:30 am- 2:30pm
Waktu dinner : 6pm -10pm
website :

Tank Akuarium tu sebenarnya berkongsi kawasan dengan S.E.A Aquarium. Ha jangan tak tau boleh juga tidur dengan memandang akuarium namanya Ocean Suites ( juga akuarium yang sama ) ada 11 bilik sahaja. tp maaf cakapla harga semalam sahaja boleh cecah SGD 1800 hahaha...

ataupun yang murah sikit dari itu lol : Beach Villa

click gambar di bawah  untuk lihat harga

Memang pengalaman unik tambah-tambah lagi dengan suasana damai dan tenang melihat ikan berenang.