Sunday, 22 July 2012

N Seoul Tower Locks of Love - Teddy Bear Museum

I watched amazing race tv show and one of the task when they go to Seoul is to open the N seoul Tower.It has so many locks. This also include from kdrama - Boys Over Flower where Jandi and JunPyo dates for first time at the cable car.

imagine Jandi and Junpyo in here
Located at Namsan park , we take subway from myeongdong st. and lucky there was a shuttle bus to cable car. ( there is also elevator provided at namsan tunnel)

it took just few minutes to go to Nseoul tower.

After that u go can go to the lock of love area or purchase ticket to both observation tower and teddy bear museum or either one.
Nseoul tower
Here it is lock from all over the world and language :
i love u
aku cinta padamu
wo ai ni

Teddy Bear museum :
Joseon era

A lot of Teddy Bears from different theme :range from Joseon to the current era are place here. The main museum is located at Jeju but since Jeju is far- just vist Seoul Museum. From Kdrama view Goong / Princess Hour bears are here.,yes they shoot at Jeju but it has is own segment in here. I was looking for Naughty Kiss bear drama but none here.

blue house bear

Prince Hours / Goong bears    
Goong / Princess Hour
The Cast
Missed the boys,,, Yoon Eun Hye latest drama that i follow was  Lie To Me. But Song Ji Hyo  i watch her every she keep on running. (get it ? in running man ) lol

We went back still using the free shuttle bus to Chumero Station nearby the cable car station.

Cable car : return 6300w
Teddy Bear museum : 8000w
Recommendation - to save money bring your own lock from home.
Nice souvenir - Teddy Bear magnet

Rooftop prince drama location - namsan park is nearby but my schedule is tight and i prefer less walking or hiking lol.

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