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25 Nov 2011 is memorable to hottest in Malaysia  as 2pm finally here! It is the last stop for 2011. Anyway during KL stop Mrs Horvejkul, Nichan and Cherreen come here to support Nichkhun.
Well we met them. Mrs Horvejkul is so nice and since she come here , we just said we might also come to Bangkok for the next stop!

So here is the result :a Bangkok Trip... lucky for AA Flyday offer ,i manage to get ard rm300 return.

So there are 6 of us.. Eton,Mili, Timah ,Ani, Lumos n me. But they go ahead 1 day as I cant apply leave that day. ( it is quite unplanned but I will be jealous if I don’t go ) haha and plus they flyday offer is just in time.
I arrives at night the immigration q is so long…  We stay at Miami Hotel near Nana BTS station.
D-day – yes we plan to go Madam Tusaud first to see Khun… What a fun day ! it is full of 2pm cameo!
Morning -we wait for BTS – the first train is 2pm train..we are so excited that we don’t even hop on the train as we are busy taking photo of that Oppo oppa ad!
Madam Tusaud -We purchase all ticket via online the price is different for local and nonlocal. We got discount for photo printing and guide book.  Inside there are Thais Royal Family, famous politician including Dr Mahathir (I was shock as I don’t think it made in the news that Dr m has wax figure n proud too). 
Others are Hollywood star, Thais singer, Atheletes, but of course the only reason we come here is for Khun.

We also purchase some food before the concert start,  once we enter tada we saw Eversense  and Brands and Samsung. We are giggling over this and take photo like crazy!The eversense ad is also playing inside BTS.We can detect a hottest in  BTS if they also smiling looking at the ad !


Time to go to Stadium , Lumos  manage to find a cab who give a ride for not 5 but 6 passangers. Haha not sure how but we manage to fit our thin body ( ehem I think i thin)  at the back.

mili sorry i cut u off ..keke

Ofkoz at stadium it will be a lot more 2PM! Around that stadium a lot of  booth selling 2pm stuff.i also bought some.(official merch and unofficial merc) .Oh  each of us sit on different section, depends on our budget and preference (standing or seating) for me I still in budget mode(I just back fr Japan)  with the help of my sis Eton she purchase a 2000b tix via online. My seat is far from stage but as long as im here lol.
While waiting for gate to be open , others are already q at their section.I saw some hottest  taking photo with is Nichan! I manage to take a selca with Nichan..and I also ask him to sign my Galaxy Note( as if im creating invention here sign with Notes so berlagak one) he seem surprise at first but he still do it, but the sign is so simple that I ask whether is it really his sign ..haha sorry he replied “aha yes this is my signature”  the battery is so low at that time but it survives to save the signature.

 ehem where do i see those smiley...?? haha siblings.
Still q’ing I saw Mrs Horvejkul and Cherreen was there too with a few people around them. I guess all of them are Nichkhun family. So I talk to Cherreen and told her  I met her last time in KL and told her bout Bangkok  trip and here I am. She ask whether im alone ..? I said others are already q’ing to their seat..each has different budget lol…I also ask bout any  nice place to go tomorrow before our flight back ?Cherreen ask her cousin next to her and come out with JJ market.(actually we already plan to go there ) kk anyway nice meeting u again.

oh my sis made this : it is Nichkhun in Thai. Homemade headband lg..nak order ?

The concert start with the same set list in Hands Up Asia Tour KL. One special song was include of course !since it is the hometown of Nichkhun- he sing a Thai song –“low soo gun fung” original by  Bird Thongchai . All audience sing a long to that ..i want to join too but I dunno the lyrics so I just wave my light stick.Same as in KL we have so much fun.My sis manage to pass panda to Junsu and Mili made Junho look at her camera!Thai Hottest also manage to complete successful project.We went back to bts via bus.

 fan cam credit to the owner - electricity and low soo gun fung

this is my view

The next day we went to JJ market or Chatuchak u can buy a lot of thing here. From food to clothes, tshirt and others.Manage to buy souvenir there.

must try coconut icecream

This is my first time in Bangkok and my first time attending concert outside Malaysia. I may come again (depends on AA sale) n i will explore other tourist site. Oh ya, funny thing is we also sometime mistaken as Thai until we speak English huhu..

Tips :
1.MBK , Siam Paragon, Siam discovery is near to each other.
2. MBK gives u a welcome drink. Other mall also give u coupon,u  just need to show your passport.
3. I like Mbk the most because thet have free luggage storage , a mussola/surau and option of Halal food at Yana Restaurant and in their food court .Address:MBK 5th Floor, Tokyu Side,
Bangkok 10330 Thailand
4. Own a cimb account? Withdraw from Cimb Thai without any charges ! wee!!. (u need to activate this function at msia n u must have moneyla  if not how to withdraw??  hehe )

 Khobkhunka !

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