Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia

Happy new year !

Start new year recapping places that i went last November. Oh is the new theme parks open in Malaysia  but it is located 3-4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. But if u stay in Singapore it just takes bout 30 minutes lol (depends on your immigration check point lol)
2 themes park - Hello Kitty - the first outside Japan and Legoland the first in Asia too. (Others are Windsor and California)

It is school holiday and i decide to go with my niece and sister.

Hello Kitty
Entrance - Rm50

Besides Hello Kitty there also The Little Big Club in the same building and you can buy ticket package (2 theme parks for price of RM85. Hmm but i like Hello Kitty so i only go there.

They give you passport and they have various activity inside.Each activity will be stamp out becoz u can only enter once ! They have Hello Kitty Home  where you have Kitty room, dining, hall etc, Do check the schedule for Hello Kitty and Daniel appearance.
Other activity includes,puzzle solving, baking (read decorating biscuit ) , nail polish , necklace making, makeup  and games. The puzzle at hello kitty maze is the most attractive thing as you need to pay attention. If u can guess the hint and rearrange the puzzle word u will received certificate for completing the puzzle
here are some photo not so many photo becoz battery r dying...

cute bath tub
hello kitty home
Poor Daniel
in front of maze
spinning cup
huge cat!

the cert

paint the cookies /baking

They also sell Hello Kitty souvenir inclusive the imported one.
The cafe also provide Hello Kitty waffle , but when we got there Hello Kitty is at the end of its operation hour so no waffle for us.

Other info :
Operation Hour / Waktu operasi : Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm / close on Tuesday except Public Holiday
Website : http://www.hellokittymalaysia.com/ticket/2-park-pass/

view at the gazebo


  1. Despite the place was packed like sardines, we had a memorable trip to the Hello Kitty Town Malaysia

    1. LOL sardines..anyway glad u still has memorable trip there :)