Saturday, 7 September 2013

KLCC / Petronas Twin Towers

Klcc here i come!

My session is on 9:30 am and each visitor will received this colour tag.
You need to be at least 10 minutes earlier. Staff will brief you before they escort you to the bridge.

tower 1 and tower 2 ~view from sky bridge

suria klcc and the park
After that they will escort you to the highest level -level 86. They are 88 floors but the upper 2 floor is function as mechanical floor.

Hi Tower 1 and we could see KL Tower too!
City view

the outstanding istana budaya 

Petronas Twin Tower has been the tallest tower in the world in 1998. If I'm not mistaken it is remain the highest TWIN TOWER till today. This tower is the landmark of Malaysia. You have not been to Malaysia if u don't take picture in front of this tower famously known as KLCC. (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)
Each tower is built by different company to encourage competition.(i learnt that in Nat Geo show) lol

Anyway i also remember The Amazing Race 3 (US ) feature KLCC as the destination and I'm  watching like crazy  when they show Malaysia flag (Jalur Gemilang ) as the next destination from Switzerland (they have to guess the country) like  Wow they coming to Malaysia !! n Zach the one who knows the answers(he is the winner btw) Good job hehe!

How to get tickets :
Well you can only purchase tickets through counter, so u need to come VERY VERY EARLY for same day visit before the ticket sold out !
or u can just come twice to KLCC , and purchase advance ticket for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.(they allow this) 
Price : Adult RM 80  - MYkad - RM25

More info :


  1. Mahalnya nak naik jambatan..huhu

  2. Leh dpt rm25 lah ye nk try lah :-)

  3. Foreigner tourist to KLCC. Dont forget to redeem your tourist previllege at customer service Suria KLCC for more discounts if u planning to do some shopping !

  4. As salam.. kali pertama jengok blog ni. Mmg best sbb tgh osg angan2 nk p korea!! Harap dpt membantu yeee :-p

    1. uhuhu aah banyak post pasal korea....mesti fan kdrama gak ni kan ..harap2 impian tu terlaksana :)

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