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Monday, 28 December 2015

EG Sim card korea travel

I have been using EG Sim card last January 2015, i pick up the sim card at Incheon.
You can download the EG apps, and topup the amount you want to use. You need to purchase the voice function first before transferring it to data

I think this is the best simcard for:

1) someone who need to be connected 24 hours and anywhere around Korea- no problem with coverage
2) For fan girl or someone who visit Korea more than once due to work etc..or korea maniac like me haha.   you dont need to return this sim card.  You can keep using the same simcard and number,for the next visit.

After January , i went to Seoul in September 2015 and i can just top up the balance using the apps and pay via credit card. The range is from 100mb -5gb.
For me  500mb for 11,000 is sufficient for 3-4 days travel as we use hotel/guesthouse wifi too, once i touch down the airport i can start use Mobile data.
In November 2015, i went to Busan , and i just top op another 11,000.No problem with coverage. It is cheaper than roaming.

So far im satisfy with this sim card

More info :

Simcard EG ni sesuai untuk orang yang selalu pergi Korea. Simcard ni tidak perlu dipulangkan . oleh itu kita boleh ulang semula guna pakai simcard yang sama (no. yang sama juga) untuk trip ke Korea seterusnya.
Untuk 500mb (11,000) boleh tahan 3-4 hari (nak tgk UTube pakaila guesthouse/hotel  wifi ) tp ni untuk kalau nak tgk map / translate / dan update social media real time oklah lol
Lebih murah dari aktifkan roaming yang mungkin rm30 sehari untuk data.

Dah pakai semasa melawat Seoul dan Busan, tiada problem coverage.

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