Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The tale of JYPE adventure n cameo by JB

Im so excited to go to JYPE with my zillion gifts. It is Nichkhun birthday... keke so i bring his birthday present too..

Anyway it is suppose to be  the same day that i went to Kona beans ... but i couldn't find JYPE and it is kinda late.So the plan was push to the next day.

This time we stop at Cheongdam exit 7.. so i just ask the pedestrian. She told us to go straight and go right to the alley ok... nope, nope sign of jype .all are different alphabets buildings.. so i ask another person ..lucky the girls understand -i was in the wrong side of the road... i need to go straight and across the street. Ok now straight...The main landmark for JYPE is Dunkin Donut .This is where all fangirl order their drink while waiting for oppars.

the new i first ?
So here i am walking ...bam .. on my right side stated JYP in blue color... but no ,there is no Dunkin Donut.. but yes there is a cafe besides this building.

It cross my mind that :
1.They  lied about Dunkin Donut opposite JYPE ??
2. Is this cafe acquire Dunkin Donut ?

lol to the mind drama

Thank god the cafe worker speaks english and clarify this is JYPE new building or quote his word "less famous guys "  their trainee lol. He also show me way to  the main building .. i just need to across big road to get the right alley. yeay thanks and i hope the less famous guy will be famous and your cafe will be the new place for fan to hangout !

Finally i can see giant Wonder Girl banner .. Yeah!! and of course Dunkin Donut. So we stay there got some iced coffee and a banana donut. The cashier is nice she even cut the donut into half.
Touch down
The store decoration is full of JYPE artiste and 2pm ofcourse.

While strolling there and fangirling..Suddenly there's noise and the other girls  is looking at this mpv... i saw someone got out and i just saw the hair... it looks like Woo.. is it ? I ask the other girl she said yes.Then few girls left after they waving the "hair"
Quite blur but dat is precious JB without the pink sometimes orange highlight

But then the other mpv came ..and my g.note is on standby... omg it was JB... !! i like him so much in Dream High 2.. and of course everyone love Bounce!
BTW he actually lower down his mpv's window so he can talk to the opposite person (in other car) if not i wouldn't see his face.
Shock..i just wave there in silence.. lol.. (becoz i don't want to interupt his conversation with the other guy) ..

I went to JYPE door to take photo but then i realise this is the perfect timing to pass Khun 's gift. So i went back to Dunkin to take the gift. ..(back and forth like a boss) There are few girls in front there which i suspect is the staff but they denied that .Then another guy coming in to JB mpv (only can see the back becoz it too fast but i heard they calling Jin Young.. oh it is Junior. so after i compile all this puzzle of whos' who i think the hair i saw earlier is  Junior not Woo. ( sobs sobs i only see hair and the back of Jr.)

Anyway manage to pass Khun's gift to handsome staff there. I dont use the exact sentence just " Nichkhun birthday , Nichkhun birthday" he seems understand and go back inside to put my bag.
Ok mission accomplished.. seing JB live is icing on the cake ! keke.  Anyway the bag is actually inclusive of Woo gift fr my colleague , and JB too . I gave khun Starbuck charm and a book -stay calm series hope he read that through this challenging time. For JB - a cute teddy bear.

inside Dunkin

Although im lost i got to see 2 jype building now everbody whisper "JYP" !
Strategic location!

Since i met jB here is bounce!

It is around 8-9pm that time and i thing they just back fr music show. On our way back we saw cube cafe near the corner. We dont spend too much time there as we already drink coffee at Dunkin.They have a lot of Beast ,Gna,4 minutes item for display.