Sunday, 6 January 2013

Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

We stay at Tune Hotel . Tune Hotel Danga Bay  has shuttle service co - (odyssey) to Universal Studio Singapore. The price is RM25 return .Depart at 7:30am - n u back to Tune at 7:30pm.
Since we already here for Legoland and Hello Kitty , why dont we just add another theme park in the itinerary!

Oh brag time - manage to book Tune for 2 nights at rm75 during their sales! ! RM75 dua malan tu...jimat wei ( no aircond(fan only) and tv of course) If u want to watch tv just stay at homelah. Huhu

 Ok start our journey,  around 3 buses and we run thru immigration . Remember to listen to the staff for the platform. Bus we will wait for us once we finish clear our pasport at Malaysia immigration. Oh ya for new passport holder , u need to bring ic coz apparently the new passport need to be verify with ic. I dont bring my ic (i still use old pasport) n my niece ic ( just becoz some1 told me if anything happen- u dont need to make another ic)   . So when the immigration ask where is her ic...ops sorry i dont bring it. He said next time please bring it coz he need to verify...with the new pasport. ok sir will do will do. Thank you

Of course i also purchase this at Matta fair and received complimentary meal voucher of $10. the price is cheaper but i cant remember it now .( note to myself thats y u should write the blog after u just come back..duh !)

far far away
When we arrive there it is still not open yet . My sis purchase her tix at the venue and she using maybank card, she received a land yard and complimentary to Maritime Museum.

It is my 3rd time here, but 1st for my sis and niece. I am the unofficial tour guide !
The theme park consist of Hollywood, Sci Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar, New York,Far Far Away and The Lost World.

Of course my favorite will be the 4d shrek(still tickle me every time) and my sis n niece also laughing all over Donkey sneezing and spiders crawling.

My 13 years old niece keep on asking to ride the alien vs human roller coaster ?? what what ... no no no ... i have ride roller coaster at Everland... no way im gonna ride this one where your feet left hanging... n i ask her have u ride rollercoaster?? She said no... uh ok no wonder she is curios. She dont have that trauma im having //lol . Just to please her, we ride Enchanted Airways ( at least no 180,360  degree spin. Oh yes she is happy to ride that.

Alien vs Human

Lunch - good thing in USS is they provide restaurant which certify halal by MUIS. Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura . We eat at Goldilocks !
They sell fried chicken with combo papa bear for combo and baby bear for kiddo (comes with toy). We use our meal coupon and top up a little.

Next our target is Transformer The 3d Rides. 40 min q. But once u ride it , satisfaction guaranteed. ( I just afraid of falling but this is a fast car..super fast car/robot) .

Transformer - Autobots
Overall we almost do / visit the games and do check the schedule for character Puss in da boots , Alex  n Gang fr Madagascar.

New Attraction :
1. Sesame street  ( i gotta meet cookie monster)  !

New convenience for Muslim visitor :
Surau  - surau provided at the sci fi city.. At the roller coaster  tracks. Thanks USS.

Before we go back , we eat dinner at Madagascar - Marty's Casa Del Wild . This one provides asian food so satay is in the menu.

 Till we meet again USS! ( till u have new attraction) 

P.s - please make sure u have enough SGD dollar in hand i f u wanna use cash. There is forex provided at Universal Studio Store at Hollywood section but way too expensive.

Website :

Friday, 4 January 2013

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland the first Lego theme park in asia is finally here at Johor. Yup yup far fr Kuala Lumpur but near to Singapore.. But if u take flight from KL it only takes 1hour !

Open in September 2012, this park is full of attractions. It is huge and Lego Hotel is on process to be complete. ( uhh i wanna check that out)

Someone who grows up with Lego will find this  theme park appealing . The parks has roller coaster, mini station for kids,lego miniature if famous building, giant lego model everywhere and 4d movie. Of course u can get the latest Lego model here at The Big Shop.

The normal ticket for adult is RM140. But i manage to purchase at Matta fair ( open tix) with only RM98. They also sell season pass but i live faraway from Johor.

Do check the schedule for 4d movie. They have different movie each session.
Kids also can get car driving license and drive boat at Lego City
If u tired go and board Lego train that goes choo choo around the theme park. They also has view tower  so you can have bird eye view on the theme park.

Here are the photos :
Ready to get wet ?
View tower
4d movie
Lego Castle
Pizzeria RM50  for Adult and  kid combo + add on

Lego inside Lego Train
Lego model at Surau
Rapid bus

Miniland Angkor Wat


Giraffe close up

Each section has its own souvenir shop . But the largest one would be The Big Shop near entrance. I spend alot of time coz i don't know which item to purchase and i need to make sure i don't over budget ! The souvenir is quite pricey but since u couldn't get it fr anywhere else so the price is quite worth it ?? hmm
I want to purchase Lego Vw but during my visit it is already out of stock. So i bought Starwars Keychain, Harry Potter and  Empire State Building .

Souvenir to bring home

Other details :
Surau is located at entrance and Imagination section
Restaurant is located at each section for diff type of food eg Burger / Pizza and Seafood
Official website :

P/s 2am come for concert at PGRM and organizer has ask what we ( the fan want 2am to do in Malaysia n choose song to sing) Since i just back from Legoland so i randomly choose ask them to go to Legoland.
Funny thing they chose my entry and Seulong is the one read it !!
But they just photoshop the photo lol... but still Seulong read it ! and i gave Seulong the Harry Potter keychain :) There are fan gift box at the concert venue. i was so shock at that time, i dont record or take photo when i was already in the hall..bummer.
I enjoyed the concert so much!

 photo Fr: Kavenyou twitter 

Oh completed my Empire State Building !

n some drama i made

Harry Potter n Darth Varder " hang"ing out ar Empire State Building *not empire strikes back tho.hehe ok lame

Hangin out..gedit ?

n add with my shell lego Ferrari collection.. who need superpower when u have the Ferrari

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia

Happy new year !

Start new year recapping places that i went last November. Oh is the new theme parks open in Malaysia  but it is located 3-4 hours from Kuala Lumpur. But if u stay in Singapore it just takes bout 30 minutes lol (depends on your immigration check point lol)
2 themes park - Hello Kitty - the first outside Japan and Legoland the first in Asia too. (Others are Windsor and California)

It is school holiday and i decide to go with my niece and sister.

Hello Kitty
Entrance - Rm50

Besides Hello Kitty there also The Little Big Club in the same building and you can buy ticket package (2 theme parks for price of RM85. Hmm but i like Hello Kitty so i only go there.

They give you passport and they have various activity inside.Each activity will be stamp out becoz u can only enter once ! They have Hello Kitty Home  where you have Kitty room, dining, hall etc, Do check the schedule for Hello Kitty and Daniel appearance.
Other activity includes,puzzle solving, baking (read decorating biscuit ) , nail polish , necklace making, makeup  and games. The puzzle at hello kitty maze is the most attractive thing as you need to pay attention. If u can guess the hint and rearrange the puzzle word u will received certificate for completing the puzzle
here are some photo not so many photo becoz battery r dying...

cute bath tub
hello kitty home
Poor Daniel
in front of maze
spinning cup
huge cat!

the cert

paint the cookies /baking

They also sell Hello Kitty souvenir inclusive the imported one.
The cafe also provide Hello Kitty waffle , but when we got there Hello Kitty is at the end of its operation hour so no waffle for us.

Other info :
Operation Hour / Waktu operasi : Monday - Sunday 10am - 6pm / close on Tuesday except Public Holiday
Website :

view at the gazebo