Sunday, 12 January 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

Doraemon are here in Malaysia !! yea no need to go to Japan.

Since Doraemon is part of my childhood , of course i wont miss this expo. I have read the comics and watch the tv show. I always hope i have Doraemon to help me if im in trouble.

You need ticket to enter the expo. RM25 for adult and RM15 for children

The history

no need to count it will be 100 here

photo spot

You can take photo at Nobita's room with the help of pro photographer  and purchase the photo

You can purchase souvenirs before the arcade and at the exit. No ticket needed if u just want to buy souvenir and some doraemon cuisine at cafe.


Dorayaki - RM6
2 memory breads - RM5
White Cappuchino - RM 5.90

white cappuchino (the only beverage) and dorayaki !

memory bread ingredients

limited edition stamp


magnet inclusive doraemon - miley hehe
limited ed t n go card  (sell at cashier counter)
More info :

Follow LINE : Doraemon Malaysia
Website :

If u happen to be in Kuala Lumpur and a Doraemon fan come and visit the is a small expo but if u take photo with all 100 then the rm25 is worth it..

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi

My friends and i bought a special package offered by Colmar Tropicale during Matta Fair . 2d 1 night superior room ~Rm214 .This include breakfast, entrance to Colmar .
Once u arrive u need to pay the entrance fee for rm12/person.  They will refund this during check out.
The good thing on weekday check in  is our room is ready when we arrive there about 11am.

The bathroom is a bit rusty but oklah...

The view is magnificient it does look like your are "holidaying"  in France.

Dining :
The food as expected is over price . Few restaurants offer pasta, oriental cuisine, breads .
Since we are in French mood so we need to eat western food

The food taste just ok to me but my friends doesn't like her Spicy Vongole.

Activities that you can enjoy during your visit :
You can use the shuttle bus provided to go to this attractions, but you have to follow the schedule provided

Animal Park ( entrance RM3)
They have rabbits and deer here.You can buy their food to feed them. During our visit the staff is giving special food which is bread.. he ask us to help him.. wow the deer like it so much, they keep following me!
The staff is knowledgeable and explain us the difference on the species and how to hold the rabbit..
No, you cant hold the rabbit using it ears ! He said many were influence by the way magician pull out the rabbit from should hold them like a baby / cat.

Horse trail - Rm20 for 10 minutes. Since i never ride a horse so im willing to try. Not bad. You just have to seat on it while the guardian walk you around with the horse so it is safe.
eh not this one

On evening , we went to eat some pastry from the bakery shop

After that i play some games at the arcade and my friend make appointment for spa treatment next door.

You can also :
Feed the swans. They have both , white and black swan

The next day we decide to drive ourself to Japanese Village. Just because we dont like waiting.

you can wear Kimono here (RM20)

the souvenir shop
We thought the voucher we received during check in  is the coupon for the tea ceremony, but the auntie there state,  it is entrance ticket to Japanese village. She said a lot of people misundertand that. We dont know because nobody check for our ticket once we arrive hmm no tea for us.

Next to it, is the Botanical Garden

Tips :
1.Buy mineral water before you come here to save some RM , bring instant noodle incase you get hungry at night .

2.prepare yourself for this stair (Japanese Village entrance) bring mineral water

3. Our voucher is valid on weekdays ( exclusive school holiday) n surplus chargeable on friday, we check in on Monday , no performance schedule on Monday.We thought we can catch the Tuesday show but unfortunately they put up a notice ~ "no performance today"

4. Wear light clothing, bring cardigan just in case. It is colder in night . However in noon i dont think u need one.
morning mist ~view from our room

5.The breakfast is next to wishing well. They have french toast and nasi goreng and lotsa cake and bread ala french style.

wishing well
6.The cheapest restaurant will be the oriental /local food restaurant near the viewing tower. At least some price is below rm20

I really enjoy my visit malaysia 2014  by visiting France and Japan in 2d1n...hehe

Other info :

this look like Forks ehem edward cullen
he lost his hands~boo