Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day 4 Roppongi , Ginza

Day 4 -

Next we go to Roppongi..just to visit HRC plus there is also Don Quijote store there ( it sells item in discount price)..

After that - Ginza!
Ginza is kind of high end place but we went there for this :

Sony Building

Info : Act as showroom for latest Sony products
Entrance : Free
How to get there : Exit B9 of Ginza station
Nope cant buy the products make for Japan's market as they have different spesification but they do have Sony product sell for outside Japan market. The product is Made in Malaysia.. haha so better beli kat Malaysia . Murah sikit.
One of the Gadget. Since it Sony , they also display Sony Artiste cd.. which include 2pm n 2am. Since 2am just launch their new cd, we want to purchase it but it is only for display. The sales women print us a map and show us the actual cd shop at Ginza.

At the same time CNBlue just launch their tour and album "where you are" so i grab one as souvenir to my sis. The shop is quite famous as there is signature by IU, 2pm, n all other artiste but no photo allowed.

Here at Ginza, there is Special Hello Kitty store- Questina . You can purchase Hello Kitty made custom for Japan than the usual Hello Kitty which made from China..( yang ader kat Daiso tu)

The price ..hmm fanatic fan wouldn't mind it.
 This building is just accros the Sony Building

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