Thursday, 17 May 2012


Day 5 -Odaiba

Odaiba it the new attraction in Tokyo. Actually that day is Japan Holiday ( Federation day) and we only plan to go to Odaiba when we saw the brochure at Subway station but i already read bout Toyota showroom at odaiba in internet.Odaiba look new and sophisticated !

Lotsa of attraction there .

You can  choose Rinkai line stop and stop at Tokyo Teleport Station for this attraction :

1) Fuji Television

The building is so unique . U can also see their recording but depends on their schedule. There is merchandise store at ground floor. The admittance is free except for the observation floor ( 500 yen)

Open 10:00 - 18:00 . Close on Monday

Across the building is :

2) Statue of Liberty
It is replica but still look beautiful.. You can also vie Rainbow bridge here

3) Aqua City Mall
You can stop by for lunch here!
When we browse the directory we want to try omelet shop but suddenly we saw Indonesia Restaurant! The name is SuraBaya
Masuk sajer " Berapa orang ?" tiga ! yeay i understand u lol ! ofkoz since Malaysia n Indonesia food is sort of the same so we pretty happy bout it. We choose to eat nasi w sambal udang . Ayam tak amikla coz takder simbol halal huhu.  The taste is walla ! enak sekali ! Mekasih ya

There is also Giant Sky Wheel there if you want to capture Odaiba from there.

4) Mega Web - All Toyota lovers should visit here.
All type of car old and new is here. And it is free admission. You can even try to testdrive this car with valid international driving license / Japan driving license of course. So with that i can only try the simulator and keep coming in and out lexus , hybrid like a boss!

Other attraction :
1. Free shuttle bus provided
2.Sony Explorascience
3.Panasonic Center Tokyo
4.Museum Maritime Science
5. Tokyo water science museum
Alternate stop : Aomi station on Yurikamome Line ( for all attraction above)

After that we back to hotel and go to 100 yen shop- shopping ! but for tourist we  been charge of 105 yen. but still worth it as there are unique item sold there . You can purchase at this shop or Daiso for souvenir hehe.

Oh yes, i also send article to Berita Minggu  about this Japan trip..apparently not good enuffla since they dont publish it huhu.. ini versi BM saya

"Odaiba adalah salah satu bandar baru yang patut dikunjungi  Di sini terdapat replica “Statue of Liberty “ dan Jambatan Rainbow.  Malahan kita juga boleh berkunjung ke  Stesen Fuji Tv yang terdapat disini. Bangunan  Stesen Fuji amat unik dengan bebola tergantung di tengah –tengah bangunan. Di dalam bangunan ini anda juga  boleh melihat rakaman (jika ada rakaman) dan pelbagai pameran drama atau filem yang diterbitkan oleh Fuji Tv. Anda juga boleh membeli  cenderamata di sana.
                Untuk peminat kereta Toyota pastikan anda melawat bilik pameran Toyota Megawebb di Odaiba. Anda juga diberi peluang untuk pandu uji kereta  Toyota secara percuma jika anda mempunyai lesen antarabangsa atau  lesen memandu dari Jepun. Semua model  kereta Toyota dipamerkan di sini , terdapat juga mesin simulasi keselamatan serta ruang kanak kanak di sediakan. Ruang pembelajaran dan maklumat kereta hybrid juga adalah salah satu tarikan di sini."

 sangat skema... lol..

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