Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 3
Today is a MUST visit place ! Mount Fuji !!!
We purchase package from Japan Tourism. There are options to return to Tokyo via Shinkasen  (Bullet Train)  or Bus from Hakone. Since I only had experience with Ktm Komuter I choose shinkasen although there is big variance of RM with bus ! It also come with lunch option.We pay around rm600+ .There is pickup point provided at Hotel at Shinagawa Prince Hotel.

We got there  on the dot 8:05am..altho in map is like 15 mins it took more than that..this is because we need to exchange station from private line to Jr line ( macam Putra tukar ke KTM) im so worried if we miss the pickup service as u knowlah Japanese they are punctual ! which is in their culture n it is good. Oh the time difference from Malaysia is 1 hour . So u may want to set your alarm to Japan zone. Eg Malaysia 7am Tokyo is 8am

We have our own tour guide , he keep us awake with Japan culture,Japan history which can be a lullaby to our ears hehe..There are tourists from UK,US, Germany, China and Malaysia which is us! Amazingly we thought hmm we are in the same bus with our once ‘penjajah’Uk n jepun  n now we sit comfortably in a bus to view Mount Fuji!.

Nothing could describe my feeling once I saw Mount Fuji from the bus.Subhanallah so beautiful! All tourist on the bus..keep on snap snap snap photo of this magnificent view!

Since Mount Fuji is at high level area of course we can expect snow ! Altho it just a sisa salji  ..our guide told us yesterday the snow fall and he also worry we cant go up to 5th station n if only weather permitted u can see Mount Fuji.Alhamdulillah the sky is clear.

5th station

Oh back to that  snow ..being jakun- ofkozlah we take picture we that snow.. takder kat Malaysia kan.We also met with Chinese couple from Penang (start fr Airport) n exchange to take photo of each other. Satu Malaysia kan..hehe. Thanks lovely couple ( lupa nama ) sorry.

pile of snow

Since the weather permitted, we are able to go up to 5th station . The temperature was +1 celcius!!! Freezing to the death ( drama sangat) haha.
After 5th station next stop is hotel- lunch.. yahoo !We still can see Mount Fuji here! Vegetarian lunchn with icecream.. kelas you winter sedap oo makan aiskrim tp dalam bangunanlah hehe

vege lunch

lake arashi
Next , cruise on Lake Arashi.. Hakone ,beautiful … the lake is believe come from eruption 100 years ago…
We hop on to Mt. Komagatake ropeway. Our guide informs us the other side of Mount Fuji from here so we snap snap snap again. We basically go around Mount Fuji and believe me Mount Fuji photos are more than our photo. I quote my fav uncle from UK to his wife as his wife keep on snapping Fuji “oh, here is Mount Fuji again” lol

After we come down only our guide inform us that during earthquake. the cable car was not functioning n tourist who was up at the mountain..takes 5 hours to come down! And pregnant ladies were taken by Helicopter to Tokyo. Yelah bgtau awal2 tak maunye kitaorang naik!
view fr cable car tp mt Komagatake
view fr Komagatake
Yeay next is the Shinkasen…! wow impressive ! The two hour bus ride now become around only  40 minutes! It is comfortable, fast n clean. The train stop at Tokyo station but via Shinagawa station. So we safely go back to our hotel from Shinagawa. Thanks to mr Henry who send us off and really make sure we stop at the right station.

Info :
1.Jtb is located at Level 16, AMODA Building, Jalan Imbi,55100 Kuala Lumpur  
2.Shinagawa Prince Hotel (for pickup service) is located opposite Shinagawa Station
3. Oh! Mount Fuji is not all the year cover with snow (betuikan semua pikir mount fuji ader snowkan atas tu sepanjang masa) .if u dont believe me , i challenge you to google image now "Fuji summer view"  like Fuji is naked without that snow haha. I   ask Mr Henry bout it, he said only in winter (sound like laughing). ( what to do i come from non4seasons country)  
4.There are large fish at Lake Arashi.
5. Tea and unique jewellery box is the main item ar Hakone if u interested.

Route info :
Shinagawa seaside ( rinkai line) --> Oimachi ( Jr line ) --> Shinagawa ( Jr line)

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