Saturday, 12 May 2012

Applying visa to Japan

Updated info : 2013 "the Government of Japan has decided that from July 1, nationals of Malaysia in possession of ordinary IC passports meeting ICAO standards (with ICAO’s IC passport symbol on the front cover) who wish to enter Japan for short-term stay will no longer be encouraged to obtain a visa as noted above and will be able to visit Japan without one."

Reference  :

Ok next- visa application !
Better do it by yourself , u can save RM50
Application form n sample :

  • Please note that you need to use white background photo for this application.
  • You need to have employment cert. so baik2la dengan HR anda
  • You have to verify  your savings account. I heard that if you apply for Japan Visa u need rm to save money . What i understand is u need to have at least enough amount to stay in Japan for few days and tickets to go back Malaysia. No one to confirm the minimum amount but as what i read and i pass is RM6000 to apply Japan visa in savings.Is ok apply first later that money is for hotel and expenses. Maka silalah simpan lebih kurang rm6000 untuk permohonan visa anda.
  • this savings can be from Asb/n , bank accts or even Tabung Haji (eh tabung haji elok pegi hajila jangan kacau)
  • Visa application takes 3 days to be completed. 
  • Put n/a in whatever fill unrelated instead of left it blank.
  • Once you are in Japan Embassy , no phone are allowed so u need to  left it at security post. Come early in the morning. oh the embassy have free limitied parking but there is a per entry parking of rm3 around 5 min walking.
  • For reference in the visa application form- since we dont book any package i put Malaysia Embassy as my reference hehe. Here is the address 20-16, Nanreidai-cho
  • I also learn we need to email our details of trip to Malaysia embassy at least via email . They will request your contact details and your emergency contact person (just in case) unwanted thing happen
  • once approved u will given permission  to stay in Japan for 15 days. 
  • To increase your chances approval please attached your return air ticket just to make sure that you will be back.


  1. terima kasih untuk entry ni..

    susah btul nak gi jepun ni, mcm2 request dari embassy diorang... tapi anda sungguh bertuah.. berjaya juga anda menjejakkan kaki ke sana... tahniah!