Saturday, 23 June 2012

the anime ..Yaesu street and doraemon

Finally its our last dat at Japan.. it is Valentine day

I choose to go to anime street.. no meaning if u go to japan and u dont buy anything related to doraemon... it is easy to go there just go to tokyo station and search for Yaesu exit.

there are pokemon, doraemon, naruto, ultraman and many more !
got my doraemon socks here !

I went to Uniqlo and bought some shirt just because Uniqlo is from japan but still the the shirt is made in china.. lucky for me the is sales for Harry Potter tshirts so i manage to buy for only rm20+ ringgi ..yeah!

after that we just stroll our way to airport we even take a cab to the airport coach hub coz we are tired.  Tokyo i hope to visit u again or maybe osaka during cherry blossom. :)

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