Sunday, 8 July 2012

Budget traveller 101 - Seoul, South Korea

1. Discount coupons 
2010 - 2012 is  Visit Korea Year so they provide a lot of discounts . Please go here :

2.Use KR pass if you want to travel around South Korea eg Yeosu.
This pass is only for foreigner.. we can use it to ride KTX.. I have compare this when i go to Yeosu and it sure has a lot of saving.

Free shuttle bus to busan :

3.Free stuff . If you print this you can exchange for doota goodie bag at dongdaemun

all mine hehe: there are also coupons in here.

4. Mpass - depends on your travel plan,the pass is up to 20 trips subway per day. It will be worth it if you use subways frequent in a day for the whole trip. If it is just a short ride better if u use t-money (like touch and go ) fare pay by tmoney is cheaper than cash ticket. You can also add money for its t-money function for taxi and bus if u opt for mpass. *not valid for airport express


t-money card

5. Always check with your local KTO office. For malaysia, currently they offer discount to everland and folk village till August 2012 . they will also provide you with maps and other thing.

6. Opt for guesthouse instead hotel. A lot cheaper. But bear in mind you need to bring all your essential -eg towel, toothpaste etc.. n depends on room u may or may not have your own private bathroom.(share bathroom)

7.Lastly buy flight ticket during sale.So make sure u alert on every announcement :)

so selamat berjalan kalau ada lagi tempat murah silalah bagitau.


  1. Wow, thanks for all the tips. We found a really cheap guesthouse close to gimpo airport (about 3 subway stops from there). Unfortunately we are traveling in March 2013 and probably most of the coupons wont be useful anymore. I was wondering if you posted your itinerary in your blog?. We are traveling 13 days and I would like to take a peek at yours if that is ok with you.

    1. hi ..may i know where are u from?
      yes the voucher only valid til end of this year... but usually early on the year, South Korea will organize the Grand Sale ..hmm but im not sure whether it will held till March..
      my itinerary is base on the sequence of the ..itaewon- yeosu- seoul. n i only went for 5 days ( still cant cover the actual itinerary ) 13 days r a lots make sure you went to music show too !! im so jealous of u right now..hehe..
      i think firstly,u just list out place u wanna go.. n then compare it with subway map.. so u will know which place u can cover in 1 day.
      btw i think your guesthouse is quite far.. if i to compare with gimpo~central seoul - eg hongdae /myeongdong... like 45 minutes ~ 1 hour so the daily mpass should be more useful/cheaper to u.
      which place that u dying to go in Korea ???

  2. Hi there, me and my wife are planning either a 6 or 11 days trip DIY travel to south korea, is it wise to stay just in one hotel or move as we like it? we would like to travel on a budget but wanted to spend all our time to explore south korea

    is it better with a 6 or 11 days trip? can you share your first itinerary when getting to south korea?


    1. sorry but im not an expert.i only went several state of s.korea.i think first u need to define you want to go around south korea or seoul only?seoul is enough to cover in 5 days..u can just stay in 1 place as seoul subway is connected to many of tourism place..but if your intention to visit seoul,busan,jeju 11 days is enough n u have to move around. U can go to busan - a sea port city via ktx (fast train) and then go to jeju via ferry from busan.(they are close to each other). Even i still dont have a chance to go to busan.huhu. .u can refer to korea tourism website for more info.