Sunday, 8 July 2012

Full House Memory Lane

I am Cloud/ Rain fan because of Full House. I already knew Song Hye Gyo from Autumn In my Heart. Ironically when i first tune to this drama i said " the hero is not so handsome" lol but Rain charms really grow in me. If you ask me now who is the most handsome man in world. Duh it is Rain ! He change the definition and perception of handsome! Single eye lid is handsome! Plus he is talented- he can sing and act!Im also happy that Song Hye Gyo able to move from mello cry drama to happy fun mood drama.

Ok back to to Full House location. I got info from blogs but most accurate info will be from KTO. I know that Full House is at Incheon.It is not that far from Incheon International Airport but  u need to take fery. So i reccomend u girls to go here once u land in Seoul.U can keep you bag there as there is store to keep your bag.Cant recall the store name but we pay 9000w per bag.

Here is the direction from Incheon Airport. (provided by KTO)

1. Incheon Airport-->Sammok Pier
Taxi: about 20min (estimated taxi fare: 10,000 won).
Bus: Take Bus 303 from Incheon Airport (Gate 2A,  9A or 13A) and get off at Poonglim Apartment Bus Stop. Transfer to Bus 710 and get off at Sammok Dock.

2. Sammok Dock -> Sindo Island -> Sido Island (where Full House set is)
Ferry Info:
* Sammok Dock -> Sindo Island
 Schedule: 07:10-18:10 (departs at 1 hr intervals), 19:30
* Sindo Island -> Sammok Dock
Schedule: 07:30-18:30 (departs at 1 hr intervals), 20:40
* Travel time: 10 min / Round-trip Ticket:  3,600 won
* From Sindo Island, you can take a local bus to Sido.

Thanks Kto Hq and KTO KL for the info

We take taxi to Sammok Pier as my Hangul is limited i dont think im capable to change bus at the right place. We take taxi and the fare is 17000w.
We arrive early morning at Sammok Pier. It was silent that i thought  it is wrong place and "omg what am i doing here". But put the negative thought away as once we saw the ferry - the staff already knew we are going to Sindo ( coz obviouly we look so foreigner) Like Sindo ? he show us to go upstair. The ferry is for car and lorry too.

Kto Kl already inform us it takes only 10 minutes to Sindo Island. But once we arrived there no one except car depart to that pier. So i think this is not Sindo Island . Wrong !!! it is Sindo Island and now our ferry is going to the next Island. Staff ahjussi saw us and ask Sindo ? He said something in Korea and ask us in body language to stay. Ok we need to wait till the ferry return back to Sindo which took like almost 1 hour...sobs sobs.

Finally we are here...Sindo! We saw a bus and ask for Sido. The bus fare is 1000w .
But the bus only go to the nearest bus stop and we need to walk around 1.3 km . I think we can also rent bicycle there (near bus stop) but we choose to walk.
Alert ! if you never exercise ,dont  choose to walk , take taxi at Sindo Pier coz oh boy it will be so tiring and painful haha.

So we walk we walk we walk and we can see Full House yeah !
We need to pay ticket around 3000w and ahjussi told us to take a look around the house. The house of Han Ji Eun and Lee Young Jae

Oh i even brought 2 aprons in order to be in character kekeke. So here we are :

Full House

Han Ji Eun i want my breakfast!

You sure remember living room scene where Rain sings three bears and Ji Eun need to clean the wall and stair. At first only us were there until tourist from Japan come along. Well the more the merrier!

young jae hides here

Ji Eun kept her ring here
Ji eun bed
the big young jae poster is replace with this in his room
Young jae bed, beware of ghost outside !

wedding photo and their schedule

view from second floor like they always did

Ji eun always wait here and that is her bike

aja aja fighting
Ji eun sleep here lol
Poor rain they should change this
the path
the true couple
Rain jog here
hehe their apron is nicer

I will miss this house..

The house is clean.But the condition of the house could be better. u can see from outside it is quite old and rusty?? Anyway this drama is one of hallyu factor and i can replay this drama again and again.
So we went back ..still walking and we pay the ferry ticket at (at Sindo Pier - 4000w). We wait for bus . It also heartwarming that there is ahjussi who ask us where to when he cant speak english
and he insist us to take the same bus wioth him after we said airport. Then another ahjussi who can speak english help and with the driver .We need to change to other bus (it is near Woonglim Apt) fare is 1000w and we arrive at airport safely. We pick up our bag and went to guesthouse.

oh we must listen to three bears :


  1. hurmmm... nampak gayanya mereka tak jaga lokasi penggambaran citer full house ni...

    dah la masuk ada entry fee... tu pun x di cat baru pun rumah tu... gambar rain kat luar tu pun dah nak hampir lusuh...

    buaian kayu kat luar tu pun diorang tak cat minyak... kesian rumah full house...

    pegi tak rumah sad love story?

  2. tulah sedih gak..yg tu tak pegi sebab tak tgk citer
    citer full house tgk banyak kali pun boleh :)

  3. How long we can reach to full house? Does it need long time? Because I have flight at evening (5pm) but I wanna go there before I take my flight at Incheon.

  4. Sorry for late reply.... the ferry takes only 10 minutes as i state there but we missed it. and u can save time by renting taxi there to full house. so if u go early morning im sure u can go there and still catch your flight :) aja aja fighting !

  5. Salam... PLease email me
    I am going nuts baca your entry ni. I want to go there too... Byk mende nak tanya... Please email me, kay? Will be waiting... :)