Friday, 27 July 2012

Kona Beans, SM and Hello Kitty Cafe

Besides 2pm , I also like Super Junior .. . There is one particular member of super junior that i like which is ----> Kyuhyun !

The voice - i like his voice.. ! I also went to SS3 concert here in KL!

Anyway, so i went to Kona Bean Branch that is operate by Kyuhyun , Sungmin and Leeteuk mother 's.

We take subway to Apgujeong st. With reference from Cik Mili blog and others we manage to come here. If u lost make sure u ask bout the police station because it is located across street with the Kona Bean junction.

Proud sons in the house
our drinks
We ordered mocha and oreo . There are a lot of Kyu, Sungmin and Teuk  photo inside here. Oh btw sometimes this guys come and help here. So no suprise with number of of girls inside..hehe  u need to order drink ...they already put some sign "everyone should order a drink" fangirling for free lol..besides it is a cafe! which require u to drink..duh!
Tq Choha because of Rooftop Price , i know that this thing is like a buzzer when your drink is ready !                            
I also pass Kyuhyun a Steve Job comic hope he enjoy it.


 Message from elf !                                             
I manage to stay only few minutes coz  i have a lot of places to go. Gladly take photo with Sungmin omma/cafe owner.. She is nice . I also give them a klcc miniature hope they keep it :) ( ala jalan2 cari makan)
U can see fan gather infront there

Next  stop -the main road..keep on walking and u can see SM building!SM is  company of Super Junior, Snsd , Shinee  etc  here is one interesting fact. Opposite SM is a kdrama location. You will recognize this if u watch Fashion King-Boutique belong to Gayoung's evil auntie. ( dont remind me of the ending tho)
Fashion King location
March 2013 update :


By the way , now u can stop  at a  new subway  station call Apgujeong Rodeo the exit is infront of Galleria  ( same line with SM)

Kona Bean 2013
Err no sign of my klcc haha but i ordered Goguma latte here. It is sweet but still consumable.
Rasa macamkuih gelang  tp dalam bentuk minuman.
Oh yes, i met Sungmin omma again :) 
Goguma latte


fan gift

Hello Kitty Cafe ---

I was in a rush since i promise to meet my teacher here. Sorry sorry Eric because im still late.. lol
Anyway i ask him to meet at Hello Kitty Cafe . It is located at Hongdae.The cafe is sooooooooooo cute!! You will always expect that only hot latte will have the latte design ... but here since summer i ordered ice latte! guess what it still has the hello kitty on it ! yummeh

iced latte


Female cat only keke
Eric take this photo . thanks :)

Male cat only

Guide : Hongik University Exit 9. Find tony moly and u are near the cafe.

Thanks Eric for the treats. Err should i upload his photo too ? keke my teacher is a workaholic korean . he dont even watch running man. lol. 


  1. Envy with you ><
    You can took a picture with my mother in law u,u
    Very very very envy xD

    1. haha u can take photo with her too..they are friendly :)

    2. Really? :)
      btw, may I know where are you from? ^^

  2. hai just wondering how to go to smtown
    and is it halal to drink at the cafe

    1. SM has new building the old building has become training centre. However i have not yet go to the new one. Although from what i read is only like 10 minutes away from the old one.

      The drinks that i choose is a simple coffee like mocha/coffee base drink it is not liquor.

  3. hy ,, im curious how u get there ,, may we can chat by email ..

    1. hi Desi, which place u wanna go ...? SM already shift to new building i m not sure..Kona beans nearest subway is Apgujeong exit 2. (walk towards police station 5-8 minutes) the police station is on your left opposite the small alley (your right) to Kona beans. ADDRESS: 13 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil (640-9 Sinsa-dong) Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. I hope thats help.

  4. I always fan of korean muvee, i wish i can go there

    1. you can go to Seoul can do it