Thursday, 19 July 2012

Yeosu Expo . Travel by your own ;)

I never thought i will visit an expo ...but i did visit an international expo and it is located at South Korea !
c the big o?

Yeosu expo start from 05.12.2012 ~ 08.12.2012 and coincidentally  my vacation to Korea falls within that range.CNN has list this expo as must visit so i have included this expo in the itinerary. The main theme is "The Living Ocean and Coast "

My first impression is it is massive and amazing.. ! A lot of country participate in this expo !

You can go to Yeosu by bus, train and aeroplane. After considering time and our budget ,we decided to go to Yeosu via KTX. We using the KR pass saver for this trip. In order to have one day full visit  we take train from Seoul Station at 5:10 am and we will go back to Seoul at 9:50 pm

The KTX depart on time and it is convenience. If u bring your earphone u can listen to songs provided in the train. It is the latest song they play from Big Bang, CNBLUE to OST of Rooftop Prince and Love Rain. It is also has nice view looking at the paddy field outside the window.Read the guide book as you can also charge your phone here

We arive at 8:20.. I also bought the Yeosu ticket via online and need  to redeem it at counter. It is weekdays and people already queueing.

Once you enter you will see interactive screen on the ceiling. There is a photo collage appear in the screen and sometimes in form of whale :)

The first thing that we go is the international pavilion. Went to Japan Pavilion it interesting where their story is about a boy and tsunami and the relation between tree and sea. We also went to Thailand Pavilion. They gave us fridge magnet and there is mermaid in there is use of 4d style in the pavilion.

Next is Singapore pavilion, of course since we are from South East Asia the staff ask bout us. They also the one who inform us regarding Malaysia week. lol we miss the launch , They also has propose using sea and process the waste instead of land.

For lunch we went to of course Malaysia Pavilion , they perform some traditional dance and they also sell nasi Lemak(Halal) and teh Tarik. The price is not the same but this is import wei ! and it taste delicious. Malaysia Pavilion showcase the 1 malaysia theme and malaysia beautiful coast , flora and fauna,. They also let us pray there. Thank guys.. erk do u want part time haha just because they stay in Korea till August! A must visit to others ( bias much ? lol)

After lunch we went to Indonesia,Australia , Philippines . Each country has their own unique presentation on the theme.

Dugong story
I also went to this pavilion where they focus on dugong.. ! dugong is so cute speaking in Korean language!
korea pavilion
Korea Pavilion as host is also has turn their pavilion as big aquarium.. the image is amazing! there is also some dancing /game during presentation.

Germany.. u may not won euro 2012... First we amaze that suddenly the screen is split into doors! this is a must for u - student !

The big hype of the aquarium also make us queue there.. the attraction is the white beluga and the tunnel where  u can see eel,fish swim across u.

Time envy us so much ( totally cant finish touring the expo in one day)

Oh wifi is provided in each pavilion! I also saw a lot of Jung Ji Hoon there.. i mean there is a lot of army officer!and i think i saw one like rain!! and by end of week he really perform there.. what if the one i saw is really rain ??? pffftfftftf 
r u there Jeong Ji Hoon?
2pm also perform here and even did a guerrila interview.Along the expo you can take photo with the expo mascot Yeony (blue) and Suny (red)

There is a lot kpop concert held there. here is the list. I reccomend to spend a night here if you watching a night concert.

Coming soon : 21 July 2012 - Super Junior and CNBLUE
                         28 July 2012 - Rain
                          4 August -  FT Island

There is also Lotte Duty Free shop here. Currently they will give free Jang Geun Seuk clear folder if u spend atleast 1USD.Of course there one of their rep is : none other than 2pm.

Other than auarium, we have the opportunity to watvh Jump theatre there. See no need to go to Seoul! They are hillarious!!

Oh because we purchase return tix at 9:50 pm so we are unable to watch the Big O performance.So watch herela !

Overall we enjoy Yeosu and ahjumma and ahjussi is so nice they like to greet us and even offer us sweets. Thanks Saranghae !! This one of memory than i will recap with a smile - i have visited Yeosu Expo (which i arrange all bymyself) and if i come again i will go to other attractions in Yeosu.

Info on korail pass :
info on Yeosu Expo :

KTX to seoul
Go to yeosu - open till August !  Bye - bye


  1. Assalamualaikum, sy nak tanye pasal korail pass tu.let say sy amik utk 3days use, masa nk nek ktx tu kene reserve ker caner? ke pakai naik jer tunjukkan korail pass tu. sy nak ke busan. hope to hear from you soon. kamsahamnida.

    1. Waalaikumusalam.. dekat stesen seoul or kat airport ader kiosk KTX -kena bg reservation number n bagi date bila nak pakai.. dia akan print terus ticket. selamat bercuti!