Sunday, 18 November 2012

Singapore Movie Trip

Bought the AA flyday offer to Singapore.. ya i know we can reach Singapore by bus... but this one is 1 hour journey only!!So this trip is with my 2 sistas n Cik Tim,

We suppose to stay at Claremont but unfortunately my name is not in the list. Booked the hotel via AAGO but their cst service is up to 6pm. I look at my watch  its 6:10pm... wow now we have to sleep at other hotel. Thank god, my sis used to stay at nearby hotel and we check in there ..have to swipe lah...

Hmmm kebetulan kebetulan ke.. 7 something is screening at Singapore... do u know who is one of the actor ? Its Nichkhun fr 2pm !!  kyaaa!

Took Mrt to to to Plaza Singapura and we search for Mcd! I give extra marks for their MRT since they have enough facilities for OKU.ok back to Mcd-Time to taste any other dessert which is not offer in Malaysia. This look yummeh.

First time watching movie outside Malaysia :)

GTH is production house of "Hello Stranger " - where 2 stranger meet at korea n the heroine is crazy for kdrama (not the male of course) It is very entertaining movie so i have high expectation for 7 Something too.
7 Something has 3 different love stories that comes like every 7 years..first is teenager and its addiction to utube, instagram, fb,what ever social network  ...we could relate on that is funnier when we laugh at our self (like oh i did the same too)
Second story is about couple actor who have fall in love during their movie shooting. The director wanna do the sequel but since they have bad breakup the heroine must now persuade the hero to act with her.  It is fun when the story inside story is about  a boyband singer fall in love with rockstar!! but got stranded in island and fall in love.
Third movie is a about marathon and age gap ?? lol the heroine meet Nichkhun ( hero in this segment) at Park ( hmm maybe i should copy that). Well he encourage and persuade her to train and do marathon together..sneaky u.  The heroine actually is having a tough time to let go her late husband. But this story really inspire like u can do everything no matter how hard its get.
Overall this movie is not to be miss!!

The next day

We plan to go to Marina Bay ( still via MRT) and went Gardens By the Bay. It is beautiful! We also went to science museum and  choose both exhibit Harry Potter and Andy Warhol.
Harry Potter exhibit showcase all original items and props of the movie inclusive the clothes wore by Emma Watson, Daniel , the red head lol n koff koff Robert Patinson. The bad things --> u cant take photo inside there.Curik2 pun takut coz suma tak tangkap even by phone.
 There are tons of potential souvenir eg wand, shirt (inclusive muggle shirt) u just need to remind yourself it is in SGD!!
Andy Warhol is a very creative person. He create a lot of packaging and fashion for others.

So we end up eat inside the mall. Oh after calling AAgo cs which they admit the mistake we finally able to checkin to the hotel. Seems they upgrade the room??? as we have 2 double bed now.

For dinner we went to Orchard Road! n eat nasi Ayam!! .. after that we went back to Garden by the bay just to take some nite view photo. We also went to the Merlion. the nice photo is captured by dlsr but not mine lol  belong to my sis :)

mbs and marina bay
mbs nite view
garden by the bay :)


That is our short trip to Singapore. Ill be back ! but i really like this Thai movie... so here it is : so south east asia..malaysia watching thailand movie in singapore :)

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