Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nami Island - Winter Sonata

Trip to Korea would not be complete if u don't visit Nami Island. .. This year Mark the 10th year of  this drama premiering in Malaysia. The first hallyu come from this drama and now kdrama still going strong with another hallyu effect from kpop.

This is the longest journey of all like 1 hour +... i remember we take subway(coz we stay at hongdae) and have to transfer to Gapyeong. This line is operates by Korail so it is a normal train.. During transfer , we kinda ride on to an express train... so  we need a different ticket.But if u use the normal one , no need  pay different ticket (daily pass perspective)

At Gapyeong - take a cab. It is just few km away. After that u can buy the ticket entrance to island at the counter.
Nami Island is a man made island. Nevertheless it is still beautiful.

The ferry is full of flags from all over the world. ( including Malaysia)

The famous photo shot location will be the green trees. It is said that  the most beautiful scenery here is during autumn.

Summer Sonata

Kang Jung Sang and   Yoo Jin. I remembered i cried so hard while watching this drama sobs sobs.

Winter Sonata Bicycle

Interestingly there  is musolla and a halal restaurant in this island.

Dosirak - lunch box
The restaurant is at your left from Musolla. It has halal sign :)

Once u ordered ,staff will heat the food on stove. U will also received a pair of glove -U need to shake this while it is still hot till it perfectly blend... perfect soundtrack will be a line JJ project's Bounce ! "shake it shake it for me"

Kimci pancake

It is delicious!! We also add kimchi pancake but after that we couldnt finish it. It is large !

The Island also has its   recreation activities which u can try here.

Btw last month.. i got so lucky .. I got free ticket to Seoul from Dato' Tony Fernandes ..(i follow him in twitter ) which mean i may come again to Nami Island.. !! Thanks Dato... Thanks Air Asia X.

Last but no least ,For memory sake.. a decade of romance . - My memory RYU

Update - March 2013 -- end of winter ~ almost spring view

u will be welcome by this snow sculpture

nice lamp

they also has merlion here

they prepare this along the route-heaven !
lunch halal cafe
dosirak -pack lunch 5000w  and fishcake soup (jed 's add on) cant remember the price

another sculpture - coz the snow is still not melting...

the trees :

no more green leaves

this time the ferry is with Malaysia flag
we use the shuttle bus for tourist  after visiting Petite France ,the bus fare is 5000w valid for one day and it has various tourist spot inclusive Nami Island and Petite France

Updated October 2013. Im travelling with Poto Travel :
I agreed Nami Island is so beautiful in autumn. They have a lot of Ginko trees which turns to yellow.

You can see from far the trees is "yellowish"      


Winter Sonata route is still in green coz pine trees doesnt change color


  1. nami island got halal restaurant?? good!!!

    1. becoz they prepare dosirak..please order it once u visit nami island