Sunday, 21 October 2012

Everland and Folk Villlage

Thanks to KTO we got special discount ! The package inclusive Everland and Folk Village tour in one day.
The Meeting point is at Lotte Hotel. There are 5 of us including a family from US.
My first memory of Everland Kdrama is - Jang Na Ra where she works as mascot here~My Love Patzi. The current will be Lee Dong Wook , Kim Sun Ah - Scent of A Woman

Everland attractions : Highest wood rollercoaster , Liger ( Mix breed of lion and tiger) haunted house, rose gardens, 4 seasons garden, n lotsa of games. (oh next to Everland is Cabi) but i dont have enough time or money to go there.n i cant swim. The latest attraction is Horror Maze.. but no 2pm or suji can make me go there...if u see the 2pm n suji video ..scary!! not even want to put it here

The entrance
The wooden rollercoaster-believe me i have ride that n not goin for second time

Flower garden
Safari - n the animal counts
Liger *lion mix with tiger      

Hmmm no thanks

U can ride this ..not scary hehe staff boleh cakap bm "ok satu dua tiga!"
Back to old days hehe love Jang Na Ra .y she still look like this ?i so envy her

Korean Folk Village

Apparently this location has been use to shoot historical drama . Including Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
 But i dont watch this drama.  yes im lame. no good internet and the remote is not control by me alone when it is on air. However i did watch Jewel In the Palace (also shoot in here)

They perform salmunori here ... it is a farmer celebration .. It always amaze me when they include bboy dance in the salmunori.. fusion yo !

us with the artist.. Jessica the tour guide said here - the most handsome n capture this photo for us :)

With the U.S family on tour with us peace yo !
Oh 1 interesting about this US family is: everyone want to take photo with them. They are cute... i even wonder if they are celeb but then they also wonder bout that...n including our tour guide.. seriously fr everland until folk village..Korean will ask to take photo with them..Hi gurls if u happen to read this.. u should come to malaysia too!

So it is a village...some history abount ondols (heat system) Type of houses - according to the class etc.

 Meet some familiar faces : 

Im sorry but your great2 grandchilden has become Kang Ma Ru...he is Joong Ki ^^

U get punish here..ouch (babap pongkok dia) lol  

Wheat field

Kimchi storage

Oh last no least regarding the salmunori,i would like to compliment BAP on  No Mercy when they include Salmunori tools inside music and performance. That is great .. !!!

At min 2:58 :)

After that we went back to Lotte Mall .. tehee my fav guys on the wall so must take photo lor..

You know it is love when u dont care your face is  showin in the photo or not :)

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