Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Boa Travel House / Halal Dosirak

Aku memilih untuk menginap di Boa Guest House kerana terbaca di website KTO mereka menawarkan makanan Korea yang Halal. Mereka juga di dalam list restoren di website " Have Halal Will Travel " Sementelah  berjalan bersama ayah , harapnya senangla untuk mendapat makanan halal. Lagipun lokasi mereka memang strategik di Hongdae , salah satu stesen ke Incheon sesuai untuk flight awal pagi bila pulang nanti .(Nama stesen : Hongik University)

Kebetulan Boa  membuat kuiz di Facebook dan dapatla 10% diskaun. Tapi rasanya lepas tolak 10% diskaun tu lebih kurg sama je dengan harga Agoda. Cuma tambahan dpt extra t-money hadiah untuk pemenang. Kami juga perlu bayar 10,000 deposit untuk kad access. Wang akan dipulangkan upon check out.

Muslim friendly
Mereka menyediakan kabinet khas utensil untuk muslim dan juga surau di rooftoop. Bilik berdua agak kecil untuk solat, untuk keselesaan boleh pergi ke Surau (rooftop).

For muslim only


Halal Dosirak
Masa aku pergi ( bulan April) ,pesanan perlu dibuat sekurang2nya sehari sebelum. Yang tak syok kita perlu ikut timing mereka...option waktu cuma dari pukul 12noon hingga 3pm. Ini bermaksud sama ada kami perlu keluar berjalan selepas pickup dosirak  atau keluar berjalan dan balik sebelum pukui 3pm. Sebab nak merasa , kami pun berjalan awal pagi dan kemudian balik ke Guest house pukul 1pm.

Alhamdullillah  latest follow up halal kitchen sekarang beroperasi dari 12noon- 9pm dan telah pun di renovate..tidak perlu order in advance. Bebas sikit untuk pilih timing. Bagusla kerana mereka nampak potential halal market .Untuk yang tak stay di Boa pun boleh order makanan halal dan singgah untuk solat di sini.
Untuk lebih lanjut boleh refer website mereka : http://www.boatravelhouse.com/
FB Halal Dosirak  : https://www.facebook.com/halalkoreanfood

Pelanggan yang menginap di Boa akan dpt  10% off diskaun dari harga asal.  Saya pilih Chicken Dosirak , Jajangmyeon (black bean noddles)  dan  untuk makan malam Kimbap (simpan dlm peti ais)

Chicken Dosirak


Kena pula hari yang order tu " Black Day" 14 April . Kononya hari untuk orang single yang tidak menyambut Valentine Day dan "White Day". Kronologinya Valentine Day , 14 Februari  hari kekasih (hari bagi hadiah), Di Korea ,14 march - white day hari lelaki memberi perempuan (GF /crush) hadiah so 14 April hari org single lawannya Black Day . So hari ni dicelebrate dengan makan Jajangnyeon yang hitam warnanya. Yang lucu tu aku yang ingatkan host ( yang tolong masakkkan  Jajangmyeon  kat dapur) hari ni Black Day. Tapi sebenanya sebab utama aku order Jajangmyeon tu sebab makanan China- Korea ni mmg susah nak dpt yang halal.

Tp as conclusion semua hari hari yang takde cuti ni adalah helah biznes je nak carik untung. Lagi satu dorg ada Pepero Day  ( 11 November) hari hadiah pepero untuk kekasih sebab pepero tu bentuk dia kan lurus sama mcm angka 11.(biznes gak tu)  Kalau di jepun di panggil Pocky Day hari hadiahkan snek Pocky ( kat malaysia dulu Rocky tp skang dah back to origin Pocky) setbek kita tak buat hari2 mencarik untung ni hahaha.

Untuk Boa, insyaAllah next time kalaulah pi Seoul lagi..kalau..n dapat harga murah bolehlah stay lagi. free promo lagi tau.

Song Joong Ki and descendants of the sun craze

Back in 2013, I did blog about Joongki  coz I really like Kang Maru , his character in Innocent Man / Nice guy.  I love his acting so much , I cant believe he is the same  Joongki that i know from Running Man.  I am amaze with his acting ability. He is already famous back then but then he went for the mandatory military service....so Lee Jong Suk fill in the place hahah but this this year he is back to dramaland. Omg Captain Yoo is the best...Now he is become more famous than ever after the drama hit the highest rating in Korea and China.

I manage to catch the last 2 episodes of Dots in Seoul. Perfect timing when I  bought the ticket almost 8 months in advance.In conclusion i am one of the contributor of 34% rating for the last 2 episodes. hehe

Ep 15- omg i cry like crazy even it is without eng subs. I really hate the writer..how could she take down Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo ??
Ep 16 - Thank god they are not dead..lol  i stay at guest house and i believe my next room is also watching dots coz we both laugh during " Captain Yoo ghost " scene ..."Sunbae , calm down , behind you....the late Captain Yoo"  hahaha
KTO post  about Seorae restaurant via their social media regarding Kang Mo Yeon and Yoo Si Jin standee . I have come prepare with my camouflage scarf a week before the trip hahaha #captainYoo team. Man, I even drag my father to the store , well he is an ex soldier too so why not ? lol
However the staff said "no  no standee" when i ask him (with my limited hangul ) so i only manage to capture this banner.

It turns out, they have to remove it due to copyright issue. Mean KBS.This is the exact location where Captain Yoo and Sergeant Seo drinks non stop.

Oh I also saw this banner at Hoegi station. Korail A train route include to  Gangwon do , the set of"Uruk" and the power plant (Samtan Art Mine). They are reconstructing the set in order to promote Gangwon-do . cant wait !

On the same day, I tweeted KTO about this and KTO inform me I should go to KBS for the standee.
I went alone this time and manage to fulfil my wish of a photo with Captain Yoo .

Oh someone also stole SJK standee here (the one that he tie Dr Kang's shoes).....that is how crazy people become due to Captain Yoo awesomeness.
Plus Nandaemun is selling army t-shirt, pants etc..everyone wanna be a soldier

I asked one ahjussi to took photo of me, lol he also took one using his phone. He must be amused seeing a foreigner with the camouflage scarf. Or maybe he is proud that this drama is famous and manages to attract foreigner. ( i hope it is not because i am one of potential suspect  for the missing standee) ...coz how do i fit a real life size standee into a plane....??  must be local then haha.

I do think they should also put Dr Kang standee...coz I like her too. My fav actress since Full House. I ship her with Rain back then, since Rain have KTH now...ok SHK u can marry SJK lol.

Good thing KBS is located at Yeuido so i also get to view the beautiful Cherry Blosssom.
Location : KBS ( nearby Radio Studio)
Nearest subway : National Assembly

I studied marketing before so somehow i am alert when there is product placement in the drama.
I even took picture of the  store that sell the red ginseng ( Lieutenant Myung Joo's gift to Captain Yoo). It is just a poster ...tsk. This is at cable car to N-Seoul tower. If i have extra time, I will also go to  Dal komm cafe , well just because

I try to buy ticket for SJK fan meeting in Bangkok , well it is sold out within few minutes.....hopefully he will continue his fan meeting tour to KL or SG.

SJK is endorsing so many brands such as Domino's Pizza , Baskin Robins the biggest of course being Korea Tourism spokesperson. He is also  Doota Duty Free spokesperson , the mall created special exhibition for Descendants of the sun. They recreated mini Uruk and medicube. I wanna go ! I hope the exhibition is on long term.

Credit :The fact

Oh when i was in Seoul, i also googled blossom Entertainment address . Ofcourse i wont meet SJK but if he is concidently there  why not hahaha plus i always take photo of JYP building , so taking photo of building is normal. I show the address to taxi driver  but he said he wont go, 2 taxi driver denied me... the 2nd driver said it is just nearby (from Google map i still need 20min walk from Subway). Then i met a very kind taxi ahjussi, he key in the addresss into GPS... i said the address is actor's agency, i just wanna take photo after that, i want to go to hotel he said ok , ok "araso" * all this in basic terrible hangul * i said sorry i only know few hangul.. he said no no "kwenchana", However when we reach there, we cant find any signage with Blossom Entertainment. He try to call the number stated but there is no answer. He also step down from the taxi to look for the signage.By that time i need to check out, so i just inform him to drive me back to the hotel. I guess the website is not update coz i also read a blog that the agency is nearby Yeoksam (mine is Cheongdam). Thank you uncle.I guess i should ask hotel staff first (they can verify the address in hangul) and take taxi direct from the hotel (they wont turn down request)

Here is my previous post ,which i keep on seeing him on ad all over Seoul. I bet this time it is triple the amount. Btw both (SHK and SJK) used to be Laneige spokepersons back in 2013.


Monday, 27 June 2016

Yellow Cafe Hyundai Outlet - Banana Uyu cafe

Banana Uyu are the most wanted drinks and it is MUST to purchase by everyone who visits Korea. They finally open a cafe called Yellow Cafe . This cafe is located at Level Basement 2, Hyundai City Outlet. It is just next to Doota Mall.
You can order banana uyu ice cream , latte and such. Please refer to the menu below.
From the menu it is all Yellow ( banana ) related , you wont find the normal banana uyu here though. The normal one please purchase it at 7-e

Well i got greedy , i order Banana Greentea latte ( which taste is a bit weird but still consumeable) and Banana Soft Ice Cream.

It is a small cafe so seat migh be limited. You can also purchase keychain, mug and fragrance as souvenir here.

a special wood craft of banana uyu bottle at the entrance
Nearest subway : Dongdaemun Culture and History Park station

You can also go to Lotte Fitin , next to DDP for K-live Hologram if you are Kpop fan. Besides YG Hologram content , they are adding Jype singers such as 2pm, Wonder Girls and Got7  . Doota Mall and Hyundai Outlet is just accross DDP.

Plus at night , DDP  is such a beauty.
4 attractions in one visit.

Map location :

Friday, 24 June 2016

Seoul Spring 2016 and DMZ tour

Ok sekarang dah musim panas dah tapi nak throwback Trip musim bunga  bulan April yang lalu.
Nak dijadikan cerita, beli tiket ke Seoul one way sahaja masa sales semata2 nak tgk bunga cherry blossom ni . beli  date 11 April sekali semua Cherry Blossom festival habis 10 April. tapi takpe bunga masih ada lagi waktu tu.

Disebabkan dpt baucer hotel dari KTO ( terima kasih KTO) dapatlah duduk hotel Ritz Carlton 2 malam. So sebab jarang duk hotel 4* kan ajakla ayah sekali nak bagi dia merasa ke Seoul.

Day 1
Flight 8am- sampai  Incheon 3pm -imigresen ,bag 4 dah rugi separuh hari  (sebab tula tiket murah)
Naik bas airport  jalan jem sampai hotel dalam 6pm.
Malam melawat Banpo Bridge (naik cab sebab bersama senior citizen)


Dmz tour (pickup di Ritz Carlton) . Disebabkan ayah bekas,kita pun buat tour tema askar . Kena plak masa ni Descendants of the sun (Dots) tgh tayang i pun berminatlah jugak haha.
Untuk DMZ tour kena book dengan mana2 agent , trip individu tidak dibenarkan. Masa pegi matta fair dpt quotation dr Sally Tour. Per person 36,000 won  (half day).
Bayar cash on the bus dan bercampur dengan semua foreigner yang lain.  Untuk melawat DMZ kita hanya akan meninjau sempadan Korea Utara di observatory, tetapi kalau berminat menjejak kaki ke Korea utara dan melihat askar Korea Utara dan Selatan berada di 1 tempat sila ambil pakej Panmunjeom JSA. Boleh combine DMZ + JSA untuk 1 hari tour. Dmz bermaksud Demilitarized Zone , kawasan di bawah UN bersempadan dengan Korea Utara dan Korea Selatan. Kesemua pelawat hendaklah membawa passport , seorang askar akan menaiki bas untuk memeriksa passport , semua pelawat hendaklah menanggalkan topi dan cermin mata hitam. Bunyi tense sgt kan...waktu askar tu naik bas , nak je cakap "salute "ala drama dots tapi nanti kena halau plak sebab tak serius haha so "dankyol" /salute dalam hati jelah

DMZ tour akan melawat tunnel ke3 yang digali Korea Utara. Agak dalam ,kalau tidak fit turun terowong sikitjelah. Penat. Peserta akan diberi topi keselamatan kuning ala engineer sebab makin lama makin rendah terowong so  peserta tinggi or omputeh mmg kena tunduk kalau taknak terhantuk kepala. Kami pergi separuh terowong je  ( tiada gambar sebab kamera n fon kena simpan dlm locker) aku plak jenis lurus n mengikut peraturan kan... heyy gmbr askar pun tour guide tak bagi tangkap ..dia kata dari atas bas bolehla tp itu pun jangan sampai dorg perasan.

Half day tour : Hotel pick up - Imjingak Park - The Bridge of Freedom - The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel - DMZ Theater/Exhibition Hall - Dora Observatory - Dorasan Station - Unification Village (pass by) - Amethyst/Ginseng Center - Arrive at City Hall/Itaewon
(must bring passport, no cap and sunglass during passport verification )
website : http://www.seoulcitytourinkorea.com/

The tracks is ready but at the moment there is no service to Pyeongyang so this sign is a symbolic wish
Boleh juga menaiki tren Korail untuk pakej DMZ tp ianya hanya berhenti di Stesen Dorasan .

no photo beyond the yellow line

Boleh observe kawasan Korea utara , lucu juga mendengar cerita kedua dua pihak utara dan selatan berlawan membina tugu bendera di kawsan DMZ ( berlawan-lawan membuktikan tugu negara siapa yang lagi tinggi) company Korea selatan juga ada membuka kilang di kawasan DMZ dan pekerja Korea utara boleh dtg untuk bekerja. Company akan bayar cash dan juga menghadiahkan Choco Pie kepada mereka.Disebabkan choco pie tiada di Korea Utara,,ada yang seludup dan jual di black market. Tapi untuk masa ni operasi kilang ini telah pun diberhentikan kerana hubungan yang kembali tegang . Sebab itula dalam dots, Captain Yoo bagi Officer Ahn choco pie walau macam tak logik je kan hahaha


Habis tour kami diturunkan di Itaewon , terus kami solat Zohor dan lunch di Eid.

Melawat War memorial ( tema tenterakan) berdekatan Itaewon . naik cab 3400 won..fare start dr 3000won (penat mendaki masjid naikla cab)
 Nearest subway : Samgakji

sebelum pulang ke hotel melawat taman berdekatan Jamsil

Seokchonhosu Lake

Nearest subway : Jamsil ( lotte world)
kelopak jatuh ke tanah pun cantik

Balik hotel tgk dots lagi lol (rating 34% kan , kbs asik ulang tayang je)

Day 3 Check out hotel,pindah ke realiti marhaen ke Boa guest house.( will write separate post later)

Melawat nandaemun , myeongdong, istana Gyeongbukgung (warga emas 65 tahun ke atas percuma)

Dots craze all over nandaemun

Coffee uyu

Pagi sempat buat solo trip sebab dah kat Gangnam , tak sahle kalau tak pi favorite company JYPE, The street , sempat bg hadiah pada Khun (Nutella customized to Khun's name. Pukui 9 tak bukak lagi tp staff bagi masuk tangkap gmbr.


CNBlue infront of FNC

Malam - melawat Yellow cafe  hasil produk Company Binggare yang terkenal dengan Banana Milk / banana uyu di Hyundai Mall.(will write separate post later)

Day 4- N-Seoul tower
Naik cab ke cabel car. Warga emas berumur lebih 65 tahun akan diberi diskaun untuk tiket cable car.
ofcourse peminat drama tau ini lokasi My Love From the star , beria Cheon Song Yi nak letak lock kat sini.  Lagi satu cable car untuk scene Boys over flower, Gu Junpyo dan Jandi date di sini.

dah kurang dah cherry blossom
Ayah kata ni tempat drama aku bukan bimbo hahaha

tulip pun ada

Day 5

Balik malaysia sudah. Dekat Incheon  Airport ada kedai halal (Nimat). Terletak di Food Empire - nearby gate 118.  Kami order nan share 2 org

9500 won , large portion enough for 2 pax/ Nimat halal restaurant Incheon Airport
Overall ada juga tempat tak terpergi , ada tiket korail free tp sebab kekangan masa dan tgk ayahanda pun dah penat naik subway semua ni,takpela maybe next time.Tapi yang penting  dapat tgk cherry blossom.