Friday, 30 December 2016

Got7 Flight Log :Turbulence Fan Meeting

Got7 is back in Malaysia for a fan meeting.  This is the most expensive fan meeting ticket i have ever purchased.sobs  They are so famous now in comparison to when they are here for A filming. I don't go to the ticket launch as it is too crowded plus I'm ok with any seat. Well the organizer marketing still works on me, I bought the VVIP tix on line just because of the photo op chance. I need to have a photo with Got7 for memory after supporting them since the first day of their debut + JJP.

Am I that lucky? of course not. Sigh   I only get into hello session.

The venue -Mega Star Arena is not that strategic and there is limited parking space.  Thus on the same day I took my first UBER from my office ( noona gotta work to support this kinda life)
urm im rushing to redeem the tix,  I forgot to key in Uber promo for first time user....
Here enter this Uber invitation code so we both can get some discount for your first trip and my next trip LOL random :  ZALEHAZ7UE 

Anyway back to GOT7 , they play games and of course perform most of the song from the latest album. oh ya, every tix holder , will get one Flight Log Turbulence.( as if I don't have one) however the secret fan meeting chance is already ended when we get the cd. I am not chosen too.

hello MarkJin
 Highlights :

1. Every member pick on Youngjae post it during QnA and request session, therefore Youngjae gotta to do everything in the request including rapping .Although i do think Jackson is bluffing on the American dance  hahaha.
2. JB singing snippet of his duet with Ayeon-Just once

Hey + American dance

3. What is in the box session. 2 teams : Old boys and Young boys to which Jinyoung complaint in english, " I am in the middle " but BamBam said you are old so hence he is in the Old boys team.
They have to guess either it is starfruit or dragon fruit which BamBam can guess easily "I am from Thailand" This is in contrast to Old boys team who just jokingly said starfruit hahaha which is correct. Wait why i am writing this when i record the game lol...Watch Jinyoung  joking and his reaction" jinjja?"   pardon me and my non explosive Note 3 quality :

other game : balloon

I dont have any fancam of any performance, but I did record  Got7 message to Malaysia agase. It is 7 min long.
"We filmed our mv here, Malaysia always has a place in our heart (Tuan, 2016) " aww thanks Mark.

Although they don't mention Malaysia FM in their SNS I want to believe that Got7 have a great time with us too.

4. ofcourse hard carry hey ! and the fanchant. ( i attend DMC festival + KBS Grand sale festival so this is my 3rd hard carry experience and  i made a progress on the fanchant haha )

5. hello session - TIPS: ask your friend to record the session ( I forgot to ask anyone to record mine ) Since the tix is too expensive  + bad timing : my agase sisters during A era don't attend this FM. Although I know other fellow agase but it just not occur to me at that time that this will be a precious memory too. anyone has full fan cam of the session?

Jackson is the first in line so i show him my finger heart  instead, he return me with a heart too .Aww He must been tired thanks Jackson. I only manage to call him " Leng chai" before I proceed to Youngjae which I call his name and then Leado, BamBam, Hit The stage , Markiepooh and when I want to call Jinyoung I already past him hahaha ( coz the staff is rushing us)  but I saw him nodding to my finger hearts.

We received our signed posters one our way out which we suspected it is fake. As why on the earth Jinyoung  still want to sign as JR ?  IME and ThreeAnglesPro  (sound like the angel but this is a devilish act) you owe us explanation on this.

Anyway I have  great time with Got7. Got7 fighting, gatbushim !

catch the following fan meeting at this date and location. Malaysia is nonskipship stop ( that is just how we are) , do expect a lot of fanservices and skinship in USA (hopefully other location too )

GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence

January 6 -  Taiwan  ( Happy birthday JB)
January 15 - Macau
January 21 - Miami
January 22 - Washington
January 25 - Chicago
January 27 - Houston , TX
January 29 - LA ( Mark's Crib)
February , 5 - Got7 love Igot7 3rd Fanmeeting in Seoul


Thursday, 29 December 2016

Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting

Park Bo Gum in Malay attire ( in process)

The first stop for Park Bo Gum fan meeting is in Kuala Lumpur. It was held on 10 December at KLCC.. 
Lucky my friend, Mili won 2 pair of tix and we manage to meet this handsome and talented  actor.

He sang, danced and even cooked for fan.

the stage -since it is December we get the Christmas theme

Yes chef !
I love the personalizing touch of this fan meeting. He took some photos of Malaysia 's landmark eg Dataran Merdeka , KLCC and try our famous Satay.

at klcc , drinking coconut juice 

He is so kind, he even play extra bingo for us.

He manage to complete T bingo
Bogum stated that T Bingo means Terima Kasih (Thank You) but no we are more creative than you T is TT ( Twice' song) . He is shock to hear that, as expected of Music Bank MC, he dance TT for a few seconds  up to Nomuhae,

The highlight is when his granted one fan wish to see him in our traditional cloth - baju melayu. He look so handsome in purple Baju Melayu. He finish the fan meeting singing his own OST My Person ( Nae Saram) from Love in the moonlight

After fan meeting , it is a good bye session ,everyone has a chance to said goodbye to Bogum. It is 2000 pax, imagine how tiring it was.

To add on another of his good personality , he even thank the MC - Owen in Twitter, in full English. Perfect gentleman !

I watched his drama before his rose to stardom eg Cantabile Tomorrow. Trivia he is the younger Lee Seo Jin in Wonderful Days ( i watch that weekend drama because of Taec haha). Cant wait to see you on your next project.

Fan in Asia, please don't miss out his other fan meeting in Hong Kong,  Indonesia (13 January) , Bangkok  (11 February), Singapore ( 18 February).

Park Bo Gum fighting !

We will miss you

We received a door gift from Maybelline, poster and postcard which contain Bogum personal's message.

< Bogum, Bogum sayang noona tak ? Tak tipu dia yang cakap sendiri

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and Hallyu wave

2pm nichkhun

I think this is the only Madame Tusauds with K-drama / Kpop wax figure.
Their latest addition is Suzy from Miss A, named as the nation first love.

She is Bae, Bae Suji

n my favorite actor Lee Jong Suk and Kim Soo Hyun ( i believe Joongki will be following soon)

others TVXQ and Siwon from Super Junior

This madame Tussauds is located at Victoria Peak , same building with Hard Rock Cafe. You can take the tram to come here.

Old heartrob, Rob @Edward Cullen

Disneyland Hong Kong and Iron Man Experience

This is my third time coming to Disneyland Hong Kong. I am so surprised when I saw Iron Man attraction in the park! Omg he is my favorite Avengers! I believe this is world exclusive, only available in Hong Kong Disneyland!

  At the moment only the merchandise store is open.

The Iron Man experience will be open to public on 11 January 2017, you can refer all the details  at

Other than that I am loving the Christmas Theme.

Besides the firework, they also have Christmas illumination including snow !!
You can take the train to fantasyland and back to the city hall.

just because lol


Makanan Halal dan Surau di Disneyland Hong Kong.
Satu-satunya Disneyland yang ada ketika ini yang menyediakan ruang solat dan restoren halal.
Dahulu ruang solat ialah di City Hall tapi kini Disneyland HK menyediakan bilik yang selesa lengkap dengan tempat wudhu'. Bilik  ini tiada tempat lelaki dan perempuan maka sila kongsi. Namun ruang wudhuk diletakkan tirai untuk menjaga aurat ( buat research gak dorg- bagus)

Makanan halal terdapat di Explorer Club ( no.35 dalam map ) surau bersebelahan dengan Toilet di Expoler Club ( Halal food and prayer room is available at Explorer Club / refer map no.35).

Saya makan Kari Jepun sebab kat tokyo tak jumpa tempat halal nak makan kari jepun. Beza Kari Jepun dengan Kari India ialah Kari Jepun letak coklat masakan. ( saya pun belajar dari Eric dari rancangan 3 meals hahaha) menangis gak nak bayar dekat rm60( tp portion banyak)
Tips* untuk penjimatan boleh beli kids meal *  dtg dengan dessert pulaktu. Murah sikit compare dengan makanan dewasa . Dah beli  makan baru terpikirkan.

pintu masuk surau

Ada 2 tempat amik wudhuk ,speselkan? , urm jangan plak membuang / salin lampin kat sini

sebelah dengan toilet
mesim atm  standard chartered pun ada kalau nak kuar duit

Saya pergi juga mainstreet makan waffle, last time makan waffle Mickey kali ni makan Darth Vader ( sesame katanya) Dekat mainstreet ni ada sticker kata halal untuk meat tp tak nampak plak dorg jual sosej.mungkin dah habis stok. Sebab waffle  ada pan sendiri n waffle pakai tepung so judgement saya bolehla makan.

haha tak kental langsung Darth vader ada telinga mickey
Sekian nampaknya kena gak melawat lagi sebab Iron man tu.....