Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My top 3 Air Asia inflight meal !

My syoksendiri chart of AA 's meal :
   The amount of chicken..walla !
      Rating : 4/5

No. 2

Bukhara chicken briyani combo


Yummy spice!

Rating 4.5 /5

n drumroll!!! my fav of all the time is:

No 1 : Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

Anytime , Anywhere nasi lemak tetap menjadi pujaan hatiku! Sedap sehingga kalau pergi  penang pun baru duduk,dapat nasi..pilot cakap masa untuk mendarat masih tak habis makan lagi!

Rating 5/5

Special mention :

1. Suitable for vegetarian :

Vege fried rice combo :

This is yummy! My mum like it since she doesnt eat chicken.
 Rating : 3/5

2. Satay

Hey im malaysian sure like this one!
Rating :3/5

3.Not your average drink - MAT KELAPA


Yummy but u may have some spill over if u dont put the straw strategically.
Rating : 3/5

4. Western taste :

Suitable for morning flight and when you dont want to eat Nasi Lemak
Rating : 2.7/5


I''m not sure why AA stop selling this but it I like it. Imagine in the cool breezy flight and suddenly u 've been serve this hot roti canai ..walaweh !

* by the way this only base on my preference and i only fly like twice a sure others have try many meals than me.

Anyway i always prebook and if i dont, my fav meal will be the instant noodle !
So what is your favorite ?

kpop influence in Japan

Kpop is big in Tokyo.. when i was there CNBLUE just release their Japanese album "Where You Are" They are performing in Osaka if it is Tokyo i might has attend their showcase hehe.

The first promo ad that i notice is for ONEDAY - (2PM +  2PM) on Hanako magazine cover. It was put in middle of Subway.


I also saw Jang Geun Seuk everywhere here. I read he even endorse bread here. Well he is Asia 's prince sama as his twitter id :)


Other than that i saw Kim Hyun Joong and Tower record also gives 10% discount when i was at Tokyo. All of their album is counted to Oricon Chart. I read because the market is bigger , all singer willing to learn Japan Language and release album here.

i heart this - my precious 2pm

Saturday, 23 June 2012

the anime ..Yaesu street and doraemon

Finally its our last dat at Japan.. it is Valentine day

I choose to go to anime street.. no meaning if u go to japan and u dont buy anything related to doraemon... it is easy to go there just go to tokyo station and search for Yaesu exit.

there are pokemon, doraemon, naruto, ultraman and many more !
got my doraemon socks here !

I went to Uniqlo and bought some shirt just because Uniqlo is from japan but still the the shirt is made in china.. lucky for me the is sales for Harry Potter tshirts so i manage to buy for only rm20+ ringgi ..yeah!

after that we just stroll our way to airport we even take a cab to the airport coach hub coz we are tired.  Tokyo i hope to visit u again or maybe osaka during cherry blossom. :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Harajuku Shibuya Shinjuku Ikebukero

Today we check out from Hearton Hotel and change to budget hotel- Sakura chain hotel located at Ikebukero ! 

At first we a little bit lost since the train took too long time to arrive..but the JR staff is always helpful and although they are not influence in english , they have format form which include train schedule and platform number.

This Sakura hotel provide traditional Japanese room ..yes i need to feel how Nobita live lol.

After that we went to Harajuku ! Every sunday teen will gather here and wear their cosplay...note :there is daiso here ! hehe  We also eat our lunch here . The restaurant is using vege oil as told by our friend who stay at Japan once.but i seriously cant recall the name.but that is the only fastfood restaurant. I eat prawn burger.

Today we take JR pass 730 yen (using all JR services). First stop : the famous dog in Japan is : drum roll... Hachiko....!  I remember i cry watching the movie . It is located at Shibuya station. The famous busy crossing is also here. There is also mall selling Blue Burberry here.(only avail in japan)
We also went to camera chain retail store here... so many camera n instax film !
After that , Shinjuku..well the first Isetan is here and Kinokunya ! Bought some postcard at Kinokuniya so that i'll receive a mail from Japan once at home !

the first isetan
Main kinokuniya
i like !!
I also  went to Tower record and bought 2pm dvd , Seven cd and Infinite hehe ( because they run kpop promo and discount for 10%)

Lunch time - we decided to go to the mosque . Camii mosque. We need to exchange train here and Alhamdullilah i print the directions from website and manage to get there. The mosque is with Turkish design and we also met mix family of japanese and turkish!  The mosque is magnificiently beautiful !

Camii Mosque Tokyo
Station :Yoyogi Uehara  (Odakyu Line) we add money here (since it is not under JR) from shinjuku.
We ask for Halal restaurant if any, the husband call and inform us the way. Unfortunately only 1 shop ..we try and walk there until there is uncle waving us at junction. The shop is so small. Only 3 tables.. we order combo menu which include Nan + dhall curry and rice.Pakcik ni jual arak gak so takkan kami nak tanya sure ni muslim.. at least we eat vege food and maybe that is how the store survive.. idk..

This where we have our nan
The owner looks like Indian and he received some call, i swore after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fever he is talking in Hindustan. So i ask him when he send our food "is that Hindustan ?" He said he is pakistani so the sound is similar !..and he know a little so after we pay ( we also takeaway the rice the large nan already make us full) i show him the nan and said "buhoot acha" (for me is great) he just laugh and smile hehe..

Finally back to Ikebukero - need to go to cat cafe.. rumors said this this type of cafe is popular because most of working adult stay in apartment where they cant have pet.  The one that i aim from Malaysia Nekorobi is having members day,so we cant go in... but after few step from the block i saw another poster with cat! Nekonomise we just try our luck ..and yes it is cat cafe!
Nekonomise - thank you for opening!
Station : Ikebukero exit 35...few minutes walk.
The cats are relaxing and so do the visitor! they are reading comics and play with the cats! Amazingly the cats seem so natural altho we are new and stranger to them. You can order drinks while you are here.

When we go home my sis want to check another camera store which is Bic and my friend want to go and have Japan spa massage. They can provide female massust ( is this how u spell it?)