Friday, 1 February 2013

Yuk Jakarta !

WTII Jakarta

This is a very very very spontaneous n last minute decision trip.
The budget is below rm500 ( return flight n ticket)
So i bought Lion Air tix  with cik ton,timah n mili.
This flight depart from KLIA. Merasala naik coach train di klia selalu LCCT sajer.
Almost have drama -"run n catch your flight" due to accident happens on the way n stall the traffic. Fuhh we manage to arrive on time.
So basically Lion Air it is still a low fare flight, no free food but they also dont provide us with menu incase we want to buy anything :(
The unique thing i found onboard is the prayer card for all religions.

However we have been disturb by kiddo screaming , crying while their parents sleep??? aduh .... !

We arrive safely in Jakarta, n we have kawan Cik Ton . Mas Joko fetching us to Ancol. Mekasih. U have to pay to enter Ancol. (Mobil is 20,000IDR)
This is my second time at Ancol, went there during hingusan and my memorable experience was at Dufan. Disebabkan naik boat di Dufan , gue baru sadar gue ini gayat juga orangnya.
 Maafin yer bila di sana rasanya mau omong dlm Bahasa Indonesia . After that experience in Dufan which i was 13 years old i never ride that boat again, i ride some rollercoaster tho..but like only 3 times and i already stop riding all that thing.Apa sajer yang ader effect jatuh, enggak mungkin !
Tapi transformer yang hanya laju sahaja di uss tu boleh.

Lunch ! there is a mosque here too.

We wait till the concert start and hang out n buy all cute headband sell there.Mine is handmade ok -Nichkhun in Thai
We also find a cafe to quench our thirst and use wi fi. Disebabkan tiket dibeli dr indomaret, makanya kami juga ada kupon foto bersama gambar 2pm. lol ,Anything gratis we like!! After we take this photo everyone is q'ing for their photo to be taken. n since it is 7 of us, we have 7 shots. Oh and we have 3 of online media rep  interviewing us since we r not local and came to Jakarta for this..fofular u.

I bought the silver tix ( coz i bajet  like dat) n i want to sit (so old). Mekasih Citra who bought the tix n it comes with discount :) .While waiting suddenly everyone is screaming in front of me ( gold section) Oh is  Nichan who also come to watch WTII Jakarta. Hi !
the blue checkered shirt is nichan
my tix

The concert start ! This time every member has their own solo time ! of coz the one i cherish the most is Nichkhun - Let it Rain.He and piano - superb ! Am i his bestest friend or what , fly to Jakarta for this??? lol ( Wtii is his comeback appearance after u know what ). Nichkhun Fighting!
They sang thank you n i really like the video part where they buy flower, balloon, bake cookies n the message on it. I cried... sorry im a drama person ..cried during Let it rain too...

DJ Taec
The other highlight will be Chansung sing the Malay song , satu ,satu saya sayang  never thought maknae will do that. Good Job chanana). Ofcoz we enjoy the concert and Taec took a lot of selca more than ever. Woo 's sexy Lady is full on enthusiasm, Junho drum skill can blow your mind and Jun. K soothing voice ~melt!
 Guys please please come to Malaysia  !

We enjoy the concert,  and after gossip time we went to airport.. Use my 2pm blanket - wait till morning and we fly back to Kul via Tiger Airways. You need to pay airport tax here.

It is short, tiring, but memorable experience to us.

New indonesia word or slang i learn  :
1.  Bebek -- itik --- duck
2.  A & W - awe lol
3. Sabuk pengaman - tali pinggang keledar - seat belt

Pastu baru tau musolla di sini kongsi muslim dan muslimah . ( di ancol) terkejut juga tetiba ader laki dlm bilik wuduk. Its ok now i know.

Anyway this final vid describe my feeling altho it is short trip tapi Ku Bahagia.. yep yep still crazy bout AADC

Da !

All vids credit to the owner

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