Thursday, 21 November 2013

Manila 101 ~Tune Makati

This is my first time at Manila and i bought AA ticket and fly back with MAS. (somehow Mas one way ticket to Kul is cheaper).

Not sure why but i cant prebook the meal and this is the only available option for me(seafood noodle) :

This is the arrival form look like and when you go back u have to fill  the same format form for departure.

Air Asia use Terminal 4. It is a small terminal . Both local and foreigner is on the same q at immigration.
I take airport taxi to the city. 

I stay at Tune Hotel Makati. quite ok . Around rm97 /night (add on wifi + towel)

i can see this building outside

oh the taxi driver was driving in traffic jam due to heavy rain. He ask me additional 100 php coz of this, but i just go out from the cab , so u might also experience the same thing. if u take taxi from shopping mall , they will give u a form with taxi plate number , u can report if u encounter any problem.

Got some experience taking Manila LRT

n saw jeepney !

This is a short trip so i dont experience Manila special cuisine. Anyway i also found this item which is not available in starbucks and mcD menu in Malaysia.

Gingerbread latte

Mcflurry Berry

oh i saw Khun too  Lol for Bench funmeet. darn im not lucky enough to get his sign.

Going back~You need to pay this at the airport. So make sure u put this aside from your shopping money. Mas is located  at Terminal 1.

They are showing gossip girls.. i miss Blair. 

 What i get to eat in Mas.wee

So thats it my short trip to Manila...salamat.

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