Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[Food ] Mr.Dakgalbi Mont Kiara, malaysia

If you go to Seoul, you can see they serve Dakgalbi in  hot pot which u can enjoy with 2 or 4 person per table. Afraid not u can enjoy it here in Malaysia. Last weekend i went to Mr Dakgalbi Mont Kiara.

Don't worry the chicken is from certified Halal slaughter house.

The interior

I come with my sister but we only purchase 1 serving of Dakgalbi  + ramyeon + cheese as the portion it is good enough for us.

The staff will cook for you.
N here is the final touch before u could gulp it down!! Nyam nyam .

They also pay for your parking. They give u RM1 once u show u the parking ticket.
After you  eat this you can go and eat some dessert at CafeBene as it is located  within the same block. 
Feels like you are in Seoul during summer....lol !

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