Thursday, 5 June 2014

Busan Attractions

I'm preparing my itinerary for Busan trip. First place i want to visit is  Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

The village is also known as "Santorini on the South Sea" because of its similarity with village in Santorini. Both are colorful and beautiful. You can also find beautiful mural in between the alley.

Photo from KTO

More photo and info HERE

2. Diamond bridge or Gwangandaegyo Bridge

This is one of Busan landmark. The bridge is more beautiful at night because of its light. In some occasion or celebration event visitors can also view fireworks here.

3. Jagalchi Market
Busan is a port city so it is a heaven for seafood!! This is also the place where you can eat live squid !!
You can buy any seafood at Jagalchi and later ask them to cook for you. Yummy , fresh from the sea.

There are a lots of other attraction and i just highlight my "Top 3"
We can either fly direct to Busan or take KTX ( Fast train ) from Seoul.
Cant wait for the trip...hmm AirAsia still promoting their free seat sales....lets go to Busan !
This video from 2PM ( Nichkhun, Wooyoung ,Junho)  and Choi Ji Woo (narrator) really makes me want to go to Busan.   FYI Wooyoung is  Busan namja.
In this Lotte video they went to Gamcheon village.


  1. Happy Travelling..:) Never been to Busan yet...

  2. Have fun....hope boleh jumpa wooyoung punya bapak sedara kat sana. Hihihi

    1. nak jumpa mak n kakak dia sekali ..hahaha

  3. hopefully busan is not BOSAN

  4. I like reading your blog. I've never been to Korea before, but currently I'm planning to make my first ever trip to Korea. since I've no experience at all in Korea, can you actually recommend the best part of Korea to visit first? if we are planning to visit as many places as possible, is it best to go to busan first then only to seoul or vice versa. Really need your opinion since I'm a newbie.Thank you.

    1. I think this 3 main city is the best to cover Korea. Jeju,Busan, Seoul.Busan is port city, Jeju is more to nature and Seoul is the modern city. If you are from Malaysia, Busan is new route under AAX , so they keep having promotion which means cheaper ticket than Seoul....from Busan you can go to Jeju via ferry or plane (nearer to each other) . You can also go to Seoul via fast train call KTX. It also depends on your preference eg if you are kdrama fan,kpop fan - maybe you should visit Seoul first .

    2. whoahh..thnk you for your helps a lot! we plan to visit korea this autumn but currently having problems with finding proper date and cheaper flight tickets. ~pening mode~.. I hope you dont mind sharing your tips and experience with me. really hope to visit korea soon. I'm a big fan of kdrama (kim soo hyun lee seunggi etc), their kpop(sikit sikit je tau..still very new ;p) and of course the variety show. tqvm btw!

    3. Takdela tips sangat , tapi selalu2 lah check facebook korea plaza kl , selalu mereka akan update promo atau bagi baucer kalau sapa2 nak melawat ke korea. tiket murah mmg kena beli in advance dlm 6 bulan ke atas gitu untuk AA. (paling murah pernah dpt rm700 return)...n duduk pun kat guesthouse je (bajet) tp kalu susah nak plan amik travel package seoul-jeju okgak fr agency ( transport n hotel n trips dorg dah arrange) n for sure travel via mas /korean air