Tuesday, 16 September 2014

HK Mid levels Escalator (Running Man Location)

Running Man also shoot one of their mission here.  The escalator is famous from Chungking Express, a hk Movie starring Faye Wong, Tony Leung.

Running Man

In morning when i was there, the escalator direction is going down. I have to take the stair first before experience the escalator...fuhh such a work out.

Friday, 5 September 2014

[Running Man Location] Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Well i must relate this location with my fav variety show Running Man ! In Episode 73 with Min Jung and Yong Hwa  they have to undergo mission at Ngong Ping Village.
In order to go to that village they have to take the cable car. The unique feature of this cable car is because it
is transparent !! ( they have the normal one too) .It takes 26 minutes to reach the top. In rm they have to look out for clues seen from the cable car.

broccoli broccoli lol

RM Screencap:


the reactions lol

The price for taking return cable car is 210 HKD with ( 1 way w crystal cable -transparent n 1 standard cable)  It is such a thrill and Lantau Island is so beautiful with their blue sea and green forest. You can also see HK Airport here.

There is one halal restaurant at the Ngong Ping village. don't forget to use the discount voucher come with the brochure when  u get  your ticket. I got 3hkd off lol still ok what?

Direction :
MTR : Tung Chung

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Concert in Asia World Expo : JYP Nation One Mic Hong Kong

Well i like all of JYPE singers and Jyp's song in other word i really am JYP Nation supporters. Suddenly AA got tix promo to Hong Kong, so Hong Kong it is !
The Asia World Expo is near to airport , which means u can just go and travel one day only for the concert !
The Airport Express fare from airport to Asia World Expo is only 5hkd.
However if u stay at the city centre hahaha that will be expensive. They have package for  an event special ticket so that you can get discounted fare to Asia World Expo. We choose to to transfer to Asia World via Tsing Yi (no need to exchange ticket as we can use our Octopus) it is 48hkd.

My favorite of course 2PM, n my new interest GOT7 in one stage !!Woots !

We went sightseeing first at Ngong Ping before we go to the Asia World. ( it is just nearby). We exchange the ticket at the box office counter. Please note you need to bring the credit card u used during purchase. The merchandise is open at 3PM, so my fellow Hottest already q earlier to purchase the goods

For me i just roam around and pick up other free goods on behalf from the fansites n take photo with the banner.
Okcat also makes an appearance ! They said it is JB under the okcat suit...

 They have locker to store your bag,or if u get cought bringing your camera ehem... The charge is 30hkd for every 4 hours. There is no convenience store here but you can buy mineral water from the vending machine using your octopus card. Plus u are also allowed to bring mineral water inside ( new one for me as usually the dont allowlor in my country) . There is starbucks and other restaurants, ..no halal food tapi ada subway bolehla pilih tuna tapi saya dah beli kebab kat ngong ping awal2. Disebabkan ini expo, prayer room pun ada juga di sini.

the lockers

I only bring my galaxy camera..yes yes i know it is against rules but i fly to HK for this you know. My small bag has many  compartment so the guard doesnt notice it. tehee.

The concert
They start with JYP of course singing his song and all JYPN family is on stage singing and dancing .They also sang Comeback When You Hear this song together.
Oh well i cant remember the sequence of the performance lol but here are my favorites :
1.Jun. K + Yerin+ Kwon - Suddenly . powerful ballad
2. Bounce - JJProject + Junho + Taec - they have so much fun on stage and they are cute!
3.Aint Nobody Business - Junho + Suzy -  they look so good together n junho is cute saying bitnes ( im not dissing him lol , his wifeu the one start it lol)
4.Game Over - GOTPM ! n all of 2PM + GOT7 performance
5.Be my baby -Hatfelt , Jimin, Ayeon  eh suddeny Khun raps and appear handsomely !
6. Me , In - hatfelt @Yenny (best vocal) and charismatic rocker Jinwoon + Jia.
7. Cant let u go even if i die - 2AM- the whole arena is singing this song!
8.Miss A Fei , Jia and Jackson special stage..Tell me it is Chinese song but i can still can humming to it till today.
9. A good boy - ayeon ,mark,bambam, jackson - lol cute plus of course she gonna pick Jackson 852 homeboy.

maybe i will end up name all of the setlist ok///I really enjoy all of the performance as i knew all the songs.Jyp Nation jjang !! jyp jjang

Here is some of the secret photo taking from 123km of the stage kekeke

my favorites

my fan cam compilation during final stage---nobody is not in zoom mode, but 10 out of 10 and Hands up is in zoom mode.

Getting around Hong Kong : Sim Card and Octopus Card

Data roaming can be expensive and buying local sim card is the best alternative.
We try buying ourselves local sim at the a7e airport...but  they dont have the one that we one which is $88hkd. Instead they offer us the 180hkd...nope not gonna buy it...plus im only gonna stay 3 days.

We bought our sim card at 7e near our hotel . We stay at tsim tsa tsui.It is China Mobile: 80hkd with 78hkd store value. Make sure you inform the cashier if you are iphone user as it is require nano sim.  Just follow the instruction inside to activate the sim. yeay now u can upload all your photo to social medias.

Octopus card is essential in Hong Kong as it is not just a transportation card, you can also use it at 7e and vending machine...best giler Octopus card ni....beli kat airport 150hkd..(50 deposit) so boleh pakai 100hkd bila pulang balik akan dpt deposit n baki yang tak pakai lagi.

Hong Kong Subway and from airport to downtown.
Hong Kong subway is easy to understand. You can also ride the airport express (they also has special packages which includes airport express + the mtr.) Kat Singapore namanye MRT , kat Hong Kong subwaynyer dipanggil MTR,But because our budget, we choose airport bus ,lol 33hkd only to tsim tsa tsui. (Airport express is 60hkd) . Murah sikit naik bas, tap je octopus card!. Bus A21 to tsim tsa tsui.The bus is double decker  Kami berenti depan stop di  Kowloon Mosque untuk ke guesthouse. Kat tsim tsa tsui mmg ada banyak guesthouse. Per night utk bilik 3 org ( kecik je ) 550 hkd tp okla utk tidoje.

Oh you can also download the mtr tourist apps.It has info on transfer, fare , the first and last train, However the apps sometimes crash. You can also try other normal MTR apps ( not the one with HK tourism collaboration) or just browse their website for info.
I tap my octopus to buy mineral water at 7e and the vending machine. senang je takyah duit kecik , syiling or kertas, tolak je dari kad Octopus.

just tap your octopus card