Thursday, 4 September 2014

Getting around Hong Kong : Sim Card and Octopus Card

Data roaming can be expensive and buying local sim card is the best alternative.
We try buying ourselves local sim at the a7e airport...but  they dont have the one that we one which is $88hkd. Instead they offer us the 180hkd...nope not gonna buy im only gonna stay 3 days.

We bought our sim card at 7e near our hotel . We stay at tsim tsa tsui.It is China Mobile: 80hkd with 78hkd store value. Make sure you inform the cashier if you are iphone user as it is require nano sim.  Just follow the instruction inside to activate the sim. yeay now u can upload all your photo to social medias.

Octopus card is essential in Hong Kong as it is not just a transportation card, you can also use it at 7e and vending giler Octopus card ni....beli kat airport 150hkd..(50 deposit) so boleh pakai 100hkd bila pulang balik akan dpt deposit n baki yang tak pakai lagi.

Hong Kong Subway and from airport to downtown.
Hong Kong subway is easy to understand. You can also ride the airport express (they also has special packages which includes airport express + the mtr.) Kat Singapore namanye MRT , kat Hong Kong subwaynyer dipanggil MTR,But because our budget, we choose airport bus ,lol 33hkd only to tsim tsa tsui. (Airport express is 60hkd) . Murah sikit naik bas, tap je octopus card!. Bus A21 to tsim tsa tsui.The bus is double decker  Kami berenti depan stop di  Kowloon Mosque untuk ke guesthouse. Kat tsim tsa tsui mmg ada banyak guesthouse. Per night utk bilik 3 org ( kecik je ) 550 hkd tp okla utk tidoje.

Oh you can also download the mtr tourist apps.It has info on transfer, fare , the first and last train, However the apps sometimes crash. You can also try other normal MTR apps ( not the one with HK tourism collaboration) or just browse their website for info.
I tap my octopus to buy mineral water at 7e and the vending machine. senang je takyah duit kecik , syiling or kertas, tolak je dari kad Octopus.

just tap your octopus card

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