Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jade Garden - That Winter, The Wind Blows location

Yeay finally i stepped into Oh Young 's house( Song Hye Gyo). I think for past 2 years i have been to TWTWB drama location but this is the best one, the main location. As in the drama it is winter, covered with pretty.

2016 kdrama update : this is Moorim school / 무림 학요 location starring Lee hyun woo & hongbin Vixx

the first window is Oh Young's room

the green house which in drama suppose to be Oh Young secret room
souvenir shop

no room inside the building

list of drama shoot at Jade Garden

the cafe

so white

main element for TWTWB

outside jade garden

shuttle bus to Gulbongsan station
We travel via taxi from Nami Island to Jade Garden.  It will cost around 7000+ won. You can also take shuttle bus from gulbongsan station ( which is 1 station after Gapyeong). The garden close at 6pm. Since we in budget mode we opt for the free shuttle at 5:10pm to Gulbongsan.

"* Shuttle Bus Info.
Gulbongsan Station → Jade Garden: 10:45-16:45, 1 hour intervals
(Bus departing at 12:45 available on Weekends & Holidays only)

Jade Garden → Gulbongsan Station: 11:10-17:10, 1 hour intervals
* No bus services at 12:10

Jade garden entrance fee : 8000w for adult. However we got some discount and pay only 4800w per ticket.

more info : KTO

Friday, 30 January 2015

Hwacheon sancheoneo festival - ice fishing

 "The Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Mount Trout) Ice Festival will be taking place in Hwacheon in Gangwon-do. This virtually untouched region is known as the first area in Korea that freezes over in winter, and the river is covered with a thick layer of ice. "
bare-hand fishing urm how? brrrr cold
Sancheoneo Experience
Ice fishing (onsite registration/pre-booking), lure fishing, bare-hand fishing, etc.

- Snow/Ice Experience
Ice fun park (sledding, bobsledding, ice football, rides), snow fun park (snow man zone, rides, snow sledding), eolgomiseong (tunnels, slides), snow sculptures, etc.

For 2015 this festival start from 10 jan 2015 and  gonna end on 1 feb 2015 so hurry up and experience this festival.

Gangwon province prepare bus service to go to this festival from seoul. You can apply HERE. You just need to pay 5000 won one way and  10k won for return trip and earn yourself a seat in the bus. You need to board the bus on  8am and going back around 4pm. u will  reach Seoul 8pm.(inclusive break at rest area)

I reserve my ice fishing spot thru global interpark website. It is 8000won  + 2000 online processing fee.This is because we went on sunday , im worried we have no ice paranoid. But there are plenty , you can pay 8000won on the day itself (save 2000 won)  They already set up foreigner area for the ice fishing spot. The advantages: the ice hole is already prepare in advance.Local need to dig for themselves.

 Emi and i  just pick up the ice hole randomly. We add another 5000won to buy the fishing gear and  stool for another 5000won. Now u just need to catch the trout.

Sebenarnya tak makan ikan pun ...sebabnya dulu dulu duk asrama asyik makan ikan jaket so lepas tak duduk asrama mmg ikan ni kurang ni semata- mata pengalaman kan ..mana nak dapat duduk atas sungai beku...mancing lagi... please don't melt coz i cant swim
For the first 15min fish ....pastu tetiba ada mamat korea datang cakap nak bagi "sanmeol" sebab dia dapat ikan banyak ...mungkin dia tgk ni gaya muka macam tak dapat ikan je kut...hahaha
amikla supaya at least ada sekor dah lunch. thank you

then my omputeh neighbor keep on getting the fish.....
so i ask "any tips ? " he show me the correct way to bounce the rod..."u must make the bait lookslike it is a real fish swimming " buat macam tu barula ada ikan datang ...siap provoke ikan tu lagi..dia nak ngap kita tarik..lagila dia marah,,apa lagi terusla dapat seekor... yeay got 1

yeay after this pose, the fish odour stuck to my glove lol

next i dont even look at the hole...and i just bounce the rod and getting the hang on it and i got another trout yeay! so i just stop there...we cant eat more than there is a rule max 3 fish  at the foreigner section but i dont think they check on it. my fish bait is blue in color but emi's one is pink . We assume trout like blue color and after emi used mine, she also got 2 trouts. total trouts cought : 5 * inclusive 1 bonus gift

trout up close
Post ice fishing --> cooking

choose whether grill or cooked with souce
we met fellow Malaysian there so its a feast ! grilled, cooked with sauce and shasimi

 Altho i don't eat fish that much...but trout's taste is sweet, yummeh! masak pedas lagi sedap.

Lepas kenyang bole solat kat tempat ruang rehat n tempat kaum ibu n baby ( siap ada heater lagi dalam tu)

this is local area - so crowded
other activities

toilet , food stall is available
In the end we just leave the fishing rod there and i dont even bring back the stool to Malaysia lol .( cant fit in my luggage) travel light....

It is a great experience for me ! Barula mengerti perasaan kaki2 mancing ni...seronoknya dpt hasil.

Their rest area is  clean and beautiful.pengaruh 2d1n ngan rm selalu buat mission kat sini.

view from the bus is so beautiful in winter....

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Got7 1st Fan meeting 365+

Its been 1 week of Got7 anniversary . I still remember feeling anxious bout JJP one year ago , (JB and Junior is the best)and suddenly they become 7 members group? ... I follow almost of Got7 activity from start inclusive of ASC (few days after their debut). One new members caught my coz he is so quiet.Markeu

Back then i also could go to their promotion or fan sign(now it will be so competitive)  + rain is promoting the same time...but it is winter.... i really hate cold. Anyway fast forward we keep on following their activity and real got7 that there is no turning back.Noona is  My 1st time seeing them live is during 2pm Arena in Fukuoka , Got7 is their special guest during rehearsal

coz noona is hook lol
1 year with got7
  • The best memory of last year with Got7 of course when they choose to come to Kuala Lumpur !! omg.....Thank you for filming "A" here.  We went to their shooting place and they always been friendly to us. Thank you Junior for your autograph.
  • I also manage to go to their Nagoya showcase ( i redeem my Big points too, tq AA) and Tokyo hitouch. 
  •  Haji Hajima/ Stop stop it comeback -my first music show experience is with Got7 for Mucore .

Their debut is 16 Jan 2014 and the fan meeting is held on 17 Jan 2015. Seriously i don't have any plan to go...but AA and Big points make the path for me...i can redeem flight ticket with my points and pay  rm300 only for return ticket.. Who is in the right mind would reject this offer right? so there i am in  Seoul when i always grumbling bout cold weather . But yeah i got to see snow too ! Thanks to Mili i also got to sit at B2 section for the fm.

It must be sign of ageing or retiring coz last time for 2PM concert we come early to collect fan goods, buy merchandise....but this time , hmm its ok even if we don't get any fan goods.Anyway we still rcvd fangood from Mark fansites altho is only left 1 hour to the fm. Tq. At the same time it is still long q for the MD but i dont have any budget for it and i also cant buy on behalf for other agase since i dont  add any luggage...yepyep must save some $..Its the fan meeting experience it self is the most important...(alasan)

by5pm mark's cushion and banner already sold out
Oh btw always double check the location.. i make a mistake reading it as Olympic stadium ( which is at Sport complex) when the actual location is Olympic Park station. We have to travel from sport complex to Olympic Park.

Summary  of the 365+ event :

1. Seho is the host so there is a lot of Jackson- Seho interaction
2.JB plan another "bullet camera"  saying no holiday for them and ask them to practise. Each member take turn to trick the member..Yugyeom as past victim quickly know it is bullet camera..Mark is getting serious bout it...he cant even sit when Seho want to show the video. BamBam is ok with it but Junior is the best "ok we should practise hahaha" JB startled with his reaction.
3. They performed "She a monster,  Gimme, Turn up the volume , Bounce , Girls3x
4. Special performance , member exchange their part - A and Playground. So funny when JB sang "its not workin' stop frontin" and Mark singing voice in Playground. Thank you for the effort guys.
5. 1 fan (Jackson fan) get the promise ring from the fan memo segment.
6. JR.+ Yugyeom , Mark+Jackson+Youngjae , JB+ BamBam need to decorate a cake for the anniversary,each team must collect item from the fan,
 JB and BamBam put a Got7 light stick in the middle , well hosae Jackson saw that and put a banner on the cake. and name it it as Fake cake.lmao . The most eatable cake left will be Junior and Yugyeom lol. Fan also give them the famous "'Honey butter chips " Junior keep on eating the chips on the cake trolley and still grabbing it even when the staff already pull the trolley out.
7.We got to see Dream Knights snippets...Besides got7 , there is Chansung , Min and Jimin .Premiering on 27 January...After showing the snippets, they ran out with the dolls. BamBam and Youngjae come to my section. but i dont get any..sobs.
8.There is one fanboy at the front stage section who keep on cheering got7 and JB will copy his manly voice..hahaha.
8.The got7 <2 igot7 suprise event. At the end of the fm, agase sang playground ( with change lyrics) , The hall is form with "pink hearteu " in the middle from the card given to us.  Jackson cried and Junior cant stop crying too.
 I also cried...ugly sobbing..

the suprise event card and tq Justmark

tq TuanXingXing

Anyway noona is so proud of u guys. Congrats on GDA and Seoul Music Award Best Newcomer Award. Love you.

Incheon encounter
We have the same morning flight yeay. Got7 depart to Taipei for the showcase.


My shaky fancam lol