Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jade Garden - That Winter, The Wind Blows location

Yeay finally i stepped into Oh Young 's house( Song Hye Gyo). I think for past 2 years i have been to TWTWB drama location but this is the best one, the main location. As in the drama it is winter, covered with pretty.

2016 kdrama update : this is Moorim school / 무림 학요 location starring Lee hyun woo & hongbin Vixx

the first window is Oh Young's room

the green house which in drama suppose to be Oh Young secret room
souvenir shop

no room inside the building

list of drama shoot at Jade Garden

the cafe

so white

main element for TWTWB

outside jade garden

shuttle bus to Gulbongsan station
We travel via taxi from Nami Island to Jade Garden.  It will cost around 7000+ won. You can also take shuttle bus from gulbongsan station ( which is 1 station after Gapyeong). The garden close at 6pm. Since we in budget mode we opt for the free shuttle at 5:10pm to Gulbongsan.

"* Shuttle Bus Info.
Gulbongsan Station → Jade Garden: 10:45-16:45, 1 hour intervals
(Bus departing at 12:45 available on Weekends & Holidays only)

Jade Garden → Gulbongsan Station: 11:10-17:10, 1 hour intervals
* No bus services at 12:10

Jade garden entrance fee : 8000w for adult. However we got some discount and pay only 4800w per ticket.

more info : KTO

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