Saturday, 21 February 2015

SM Town Coex Atrium

This is a must visit for SM Town fan.  They have merchandise, 3d hologram theatre , cafe for all SM lover.
Besides SJ, my knowledge of SM singer is limited. but yeah i know EXO is the IT group nowadays.
Other than that ofcourse will be SNSD, Shinee, F(x)
The coex atrium is at Coex ( Samseong subway station)

yup the whole building

find your oppa, noona, unnie ,hyung group name on the wall

SM collection of their winning awards

the cafe - urm i dont buy any

Oh i also found this signed chair at the cafe. From red velvet member

there is also a palm read machine which can measure whether you are match with your oppa lol
ofcourse i pick Kyuhyun and i got 83% hahaha err sorry khun

sample lol

All this area is free.
i try to go to merchandise store but it seems you need to take a number. i was told next session is like 6pm? I dont plan to buy anything so we just skip the store. although im not a fan of exo , but the exo uyu is quite interesting hahaha i just want to take a look on it

the exo uyu- only from outside

More info, please click HERE

Nami Island 2015 Winter sonata

One of my travel wish is to visit Nami island in winter. Well just because of the Winter sonata 's drama scenery.
i also notice that entrance ticket (8000won) is also change according to the season.
A very memorable visit.
The crunchy sound of ice when u walking through the snow....ah everything is so white. so beautiful.

Take train to Gapyeong and take a taxi to Nami island

frozen lake

Muslim friendly island
Musolla is provided at the library / book cafe. Ablution place is equip inside musolla
Telekung disediakan , walaupun diasingkan laki dan perempuan dengan bidai tapi masih senang kerana tidak perlu ambil wudhu' di tandas.
You can also eat halal fried rice at the Asian food restaurant (left side of Musolla). Other choice will be dosirak ~rice box at drama cafe ( right side of Musolla)

hot lunch

bye nami island

Ofcourse the famous yoojin and junsang statue is still there...only that is it is in my friend's camera...will upload later lol