Saturday, 21 February 2015

SM Town Coex Atrium

This is a must visit for SM Town fan.  They have merchandise, 3d hologram theatre , cafe for all SM lover.
Besides SJ, my knowledge of SM singer is limited. but yeah i know EXO is the IT group nowadays.
Other than that ofcourse will be SNSD, Shinee, F(x)
The coex atrium is at Coex ( Samseong subway station)

yup the whole building

find your oppa, noona, unnie ,hyung group name on the wall

SM collection of their winning awards

the cafe - urm i dont buy any

Oh i also found this signed chair at the cafe. From red velvet member

there is also a palm read machine which can measure whether you are match with your oppa lol
ofcourse i pick Kyuhyun and i got 83% hahaha err sorry khun

sample lol

All this area is free.
i try to go to merchandise store but it seems you need to take a number. i was told next session is like 6pm? I dont plan to buy anything so we just skip the store. although im not a fan of exo , but the exo uyu is quite interesting hahaha i just want to take a look on it

the exo uyu- only from outside

More info, please click HERE

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