Thursday, 23 April 2015

Got7 Fan Meeting In Malaysia #got7inkl

Yeay after shooting their music video, A Got7 is back in Malaysia for fan meeting. The organiser launch a presale ticket and trust me ,it is a battlefield. Nevertheless me n my sister manage to grab the vip+ which the advantage is inclusive hi-5.I am number 21.

20 march - KLIA - i don't have ninja skill lol but i manage to see the boys. it is chaos ! i hope we can apply the same rules during GDA which everyone sit and let them walk peacefully.

21 march - Fan meeting day
I have class so i don't collect any goodies from masternim.
however here is the place where all igot7 exchange / collect got7 goods
Everyone q for hi5 , while q'ing we keep on planning " what should we said to the boys?" hahaha
Finally they let us so shocked when i see the boys is wearing glove #got7gotglove . omg im so touched. Due to past incident involving kpop act and fan, the authority and the public become negative towards kpop...but here they are wearing glove in my hot sunny country ...i mean they can choose to not do any hi5 event ..but they still do it. im almost tear up because they compromise to our rules and choose safer guys is so nice to us... saranghaeyo. <3

bought at kedai kpopmy

They standing so close of each other and im still in shock of that glove, all of my planned script is ruined lol.
The long script went to youngjae because i have plenty time from the stage to Youngjae spot
plan script   ----------------->  real face to face script 
YJ - mori style chuayeyo  ---> mori style chuayeyo ( Yj smile )
Jb - so handsome            ---> so handsome (Jb smile like a boss)
Mark- can i get a heart (during japan hitouch i already got  hearteu from young boys..i want one from mark lol ) mark was taken a back like what ??? so in the end i just hi5 him.
Junior - junior u r a good actor . tq for keeping your promise lol coz in japan hitouch i make him promise to come back to malaysia----> because of that fail hearteu request n people rushing us i only said "thank you"
BamBam -  khobkhunka bambam ----> thanks (from thank you become shorter to thanks
yugyeom - noona wasoyo    -----> thanks
Jackson - saram wasoyo (from roommate ) ----> because he is the last one i got my act straight and  i manage to wish him " happy birthday in advance "

i think they also choose to be careful and only smile during hi5. For the first time i got to be in front of stage thanks to my hi5 number, i went to left side for markeu....yeah got to see him up close but i don't have any personal is good spot coz so many markjin moment hahaha


pretty guys

The fan meeting highlight
  • they  kick of the performance with stop , stop it / haji haji ma. igotmy do know the lyrics and the fan chant yeah..good job
  • mc is jinnyboy lucky fan get to take photo with got7 but still not skin ship allowed. To be in 1 frame is good enough for me..of course im not that lucky
  • got7 pick any question/fan wish and read it out loud. Jb pick ani request to lucky.
  • games session - they need to guess "what is in the box" after watching the video clip....Bambam - terompah baba&nyonya which he wear after that ...yugyeom -sepaktakraw , mark- orang utan which he tease as jyp , junior got muruku and he  keep on eating that muruku...its delicious right ?? shall i pack some to jype ?? jb got ketupat ..he said "ribbon" ribbon "- youngjae got tengkolok , he look so dashing wearing that tengkolok , jackson and his mangoskin ...hahaha its actualy mangosteen...u dont have that in hk kaka ? sorry noona keep on saying it is rambutan...but im not that loud i think lol
  • Jackson bday celebration .he is so happy and so serious when jinny ask him to make a wish 
  • the boys dance to zapin a local traditional dance. they are so good, JJP start copy the dance from the start when the mv is showing...Yugyeom is good too
  • yugyeom directly go to  mark during the fan message segment hahaha maybe ask him to translate. he also said he is from America same as mark during intro . Even mark's sister Tammy tweet and ask to look for the video sweet 
  • junior english is impressive as always ...jackson tease him when he read the fan's message
im writing this now coz i cant go to singapore fan meeting , it is only 40 minute by plane...but sorry noona got class to attend...hope to see u guys in malaysia again... i heard u see u guys again. thanks to got7, jype, erama and all igot7 who help in this fan meeting...nice meeting everyone.

bambam and "terompah"


eating mangosteen together

everyone hush jackson is making a wish

most of my fancam is in instagram....but im lovin this got7 zapin cut

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