Monday, 6 April 2015

Wooyoung 2pm Osaka hitouch & showcase

Once upon a time when i step into this 2pm craziness, i cant choose who is my favourite...either Khun or Woo.  Woo is cute and funny , khun is totally handsome , cute,softspoken ,gentleman eh  lol  I choose to stan Khun.
But Woo always on the upper list lol ....and i even keep my "jang woo young chaego banner " for myself during WTII concert ahahaha.... I bought JWY 23 male single lady , both gold and silver just because i can combine n complete the picture lol. anyway to conclude so  i join the Jjangpa trip to Osaka for JWY solo ( the last stop) . The jjangpa consist of  ~ Tesh , sis Uji, Najwa and Izaura. Plus i also wanna go to Harry Potter park in USJ.

Tesh even offer me 1 hitouch card weee....arigato gozaimas.
The hitouch event is held at Herbis Hall ( nearest subway is umeda/shin umeda) They even organize a new event called "demachi" where u can send off Woo.

one of the rules

bought 3 normal and 1 B
You need to purchase cd of any version at the hitouch location and u will get a coupon to try out for"demachi"  or the normal send off on the 3rd day of concert. I bought 4 cds (coz i m willing to resell later with discounted price) ,i get 4 coupons but im so eager to try out and i thought everyone will win something lol. Nope. u need to exchange your coupon and play game in the tablet by choosing to stop at  Jwy face label with A n D.  Theoretically if u try out 4 coupon in once, more A's will appear. You need A photo to win the demachi..
I just click stop at any photo and it is i just lost all my 4 coupon like that. I should just tryout 1 coupon first and i can have 4 attempts.Tips from Tesh, just click when the A photo is show on the tablet screen. I used everyone coupon leftover, Thai jjangpa also give me one lol but i keep on getting the D photo. no offence JWY u are cute but i really don't like that D photo.
Thankfully Tesh, sis Uji, Izaura and Najwon won demachi pass. They deserve it more than me.

change your hitouch card to hitouch  coupon

Oh and from the 4 cds that i bought , i got another 2 hi touch card. We enter the hall late so when JWY give the intro speech i can only see his hair. After break we got in earlier and now i can see the whole body when he give his speech . There are 2 separate q , one is for hottest who want to redeem all the hi touch one time-  ( for more than 6 cards). The other line is normal one, u use one and q again.
I think everyone know is very hard to get Woo's reaction so i prepare some line to see how is his reaction lol...yea yea i can be shameless...

1st hitouch - My 1st  thought omo so handsome lol ....
                   Me   : Is it my turn already   ( from Dream High)
                   JWY :  Smile 
                   Me   : Jason. never forget..haha
                   JWY : well he is still smiling

2nd hitouch - Woo always hush us during concert, so i decide to hush him first coz i will never ever have a chance to be this close ??? lolol
                   Me : Uyongi ssshhhhh /hush n then i laugh
                   JWY :  Lol the same smile like before  
                   but yes i hush Wooyoung first  !!
                   altho i want some reaction like "huh?" / mwoya ?? lol

3rd hitouch :  Me :  Woo come back to Malaysia
                    JWY : wee besides that default smile he raised his eyebrows hahaha..
                    ok that is enough for me. a different reaction !

Post hitouch Jwy
We went to Sony store ( just next to Herbis hall) where they display the 2pm outfit for  Guilty Love and of course 2pm x Walkman

All 7 of use including Moge and Jae , we went for Okonomiyaki at Dotonbori (the famous Glico man trademark)..n after we went back ..we realise Woo went to Dotonbori too....chehhhh


Junho was here.
Alongside the river next to Takoyaki restaurant , we try the vanilla soft icream just like Junho. Uyoungi why u dont come here??

Wooyoung solo r.o.s. e -Osaka showcase - Day 1
Location  : Namba hatch
Nearest subway : Namba exit 26-b 
Thanks to Jae who find me a ticket to the showcase in short notice. Apparently we both try for the D1 send off event . (Bought another normal version) The tablet can sense Ittppa and Khunppa i guess haha but this time loser got  JWY folder.Tesh,  won the send off with only 1 cd.
Oh we also try out to win the "meet and greet" chance for 550 yen. i bought 2 at hi touch event , ofcourse i don't win lol.What was i thinking? ...i m the person who won a cheese stick during WTII lucky draw.... well i will keep on trying.
I got the same photocard, lucky Tesh buy the other one from me..kkk

the meet n greet chance

You need to prepare 500 yen for  the compulsory drink when you enter the showcase. Jwy kickstart  with  Happy birthday *I'm so happy coz  he dedicate this song to march babies which is me !!
Thankfully i have jae who translate for me so i also  join and raise my hand when Woo asking for any birthday girl among audience. Lol not that he gonna pick me.

Some of the playlist .  Love the special JYP segment and a i like all the songs in 23 male single.
  •  R.O.S.E
  • Cocktail
  • Happy birthday
  • I have a girl
  • Kiss
  •  2Nite
  • sexy lady
  • DJ Got Me Goin' Crazy
  • Be With You
  • Only Girl
  • Merry go round
  •  Orion
  • Give Up

He is a good mc and Osaka audience reaction is the best lol like  he don't expect the reaction at all. like suddenly we sang rose "tatatata" lol. He also hush us few times in the concert but it does not work ahaha now we just laugh at him.Sometimes he do aegyo and suddenly he make a sound "ehet" lol kawaii. Really appreciate when he went to stair set up on the stage coz only then I can see his full body (it is free standing, disadvantage to so short people like me)  nevertheless we can still enjoy the show . Another best moment will be during DJ goin crazy and Superman when Junkay appear on MV. Cool !! JWY was shirtless during that stage.
Overall his voice sound so sincere , dance so perfect ,  so proud of u uyong.. He was accompany by his piano teacher- jaeson ..btw the guitar guy is handsome ahahaa . I have great time and really enjoy the show and thank you for the birthday song ^^


Happy Birthday -  short MV



  1. Please, Can you tell me, how to use 2pm FREE TALK Board. I tried :/ but i cant post anything... i saw your this post.. so, please tell me ^^ ッ ♥

    1. Hi,i dont think there is restriction at free talk... so far as i know if you are not hottest5 , you cant post /reply at 2pm member free talk is allow. at the bottom of the free talk..there is "write" tab (u might miss it ,i miss it too at first) , you can just click there and post anything that u want :)