Thursday, 10 December 2015

DAY6 in Singapore and my drama

When  i went to Day6 fan sign, i got to watch they perform 2 songs...of course i wanna see them performing  live for all the remaining song...however i could not attend their 1st concert in Seoul ...*bummer*, coz i have test on Sunday ( i agree on Young K who invented exam??? duh) my class is on weekend,   plus there is no midnight flight back to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday ( if i were to attend the Friday one)

Then they announce Bangkok FM , yeah that is on weekend too...Singapore...hmm weekend..anyway my sister and friends are going to Singapore i was like...i wanna go so on Saturday morning 3am i have decided to skip class ...bought a flight ticket to is RM80 ...but then the drama start lol i suppose to stay awake..nada i go back to sleep ...and as soon i wake up i only have 1 hour and half to go to airport...i drive as fast as i could but they close the checkin counter already :( already at airport i bought another ticket HAHAHA sobs

Finally reach Singapore,  grab  chicken for lunch coz i will meet CHICKEN..., take MRT to Marina Bays Sands...go to the hall to buy ticket ..OMG they dont have card terminal , i have to walk back to agent counter in the mall, lucky it is just beside the expo but still it is: 3:30pm..the fm is 4pm.....anyway yeay managed to be in hall on time. Its cool that the fm is on Saturday , day6 right ?? lol

Once Day6 appear it is all worth it....1st song is out of my mind...yeah i think im out of my mind too by doing this spontaneous act lol

Setlist :
Out of my mind
Stop and Stare - fancam -->
Like the sun
Bruno Mars medley
Free hage
cant take a lot of photo as im at front need to focus on the performance coz as Jae said they kill it live lol

We celebrate Young K birthday and he goes " u guys are amazing" haha well .Please act suprise again for Bangkok fan meeting lol . His parents also attend this fan meeting.
Junhyeok said no english, only Korean and he'd like to bring his parents to watch his performace too in future...good son.He reminds me so much of Junho.

I was not lucky to be selected for games and photo opportunity plus i have no money to buy Cat 1 for hitouch .well that is expected as i just bought the ticket 30 min before show.. the games was fun ...guessing the voice * which is totally easy if it is Doowon coz of his bass voice, but the fan got it wrong OTL...Jae just give the answer by saying chicken...i think i can guess Sungjin too because of his Satoori...The second game is guessing the drawing- Junhyeok drawing is so good !! The prize is selfie with Day6..the instagram upload by Wonpil and Jae is on the stage during the game coz their team lost..u guys look handsome here and

anyway i finally fulfil my day6 wishlist by
  •  singing together " miss u to damn much " in Like that Sun (taeyang chorom)
  • seeing live performance of The Day 's setlist
  • seeing live cover of my fav singer Bruno Mars 
After fm, we went back to airport and send them off . Thank you Day6 who keep on waving after immigration and Jae for the final bow.

Compilation of short fancam + departure at Changi :

we welcome Got7 arrival after that, and stay at airport till morning coz my flight is 7am...and i went straight to the class... less than 24 hour in Singapore. err sorry got7 no money plus your rookie hoobae need my support eheh (and i have class)

Day6 keep on going forward !! Noona will be waiting till the day you have fanmeeting here in Malaysia.

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