Monday, 1 February 2016

Ewha University ( running man location)

Stunning Ewha

pelajar uitm di Ewha , agak2 org korea nak tak lawat kampus uitm haha
Ewha or Edae as pronounce by local  is a famous and top woman university in Korea.
The university is also popular as shopping street with all item such as backpack/ shoes / hand bag and clothes sell  at 10,000 won each.

We stay at Philstay ewha so this university is just few minutes from the guest house.

This university is always been the famous mission location for running man. The episode i remember the most will be episode 176 - popular men race. Guest : jang Ki ha , Hyun Moo, Kim kwang kyu They are required to bring any student with different family name.

Edae shopping street on snowy day

a special memorial in remebrance of woman  slave during Japanese invasion infront of university

if i dont  live in tropical country i would have bought this Mickey's winter boot lol....

Direction : Ewha University Exit 2

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